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Part 4: Episode IV: The Name

Sadly, the quit menu does not exit the game, erase it from my hard drive, and burn its existence from my here we are. There are a couple of things of interest in old Grunger's room.

First up: this little trinket. I am not even going to hazard a guess what a glass container at the feet of a guy who only sleeps and eats might be used for...

We can also take a look at Grunger's ugly mug which...puzzlingly...allows us to highlight the snot dripping from his nose. There's nothing that can be done with it, or any of his face for that matter. This is going somewhere dumb, isn't it?

Exiting Grunger's room...

Heading the opposite direction in the previous room leads us to a "Cranny's Kitchen". I really hope it isn't a granny who has a thing for including cranberry sauce with her meals. I'm still getting over the arthritis pun.

So, I took some acid when starting to write this update, right? No...? Well, fuck...

"Cranny" has an accent akin too... too... Err... The nearest that springs to mind is a black woman from a racist 1950s Looney Tunes short.

As your legal counsel, I'd advise you to n...

...oh that's not really a question. You're just going to do whatever the fuck with no input from me. I see how it goes, Briggs.

Prepare yourselves, kids...




Cranny Faggot...


As silly as a name Spooner may be, you have shit, good captain, on a name like Cranny Faggot. Indeed, I'd be hard pressed to find any character with a more absurd name than Cranny Faggot. Hell, I just played a game with a man named "Hot Coldman" and it might as well be John Smith in comparison.

I do not at all like the implications of that sentence.

Pictured: Ben Briggs' ass clenching in response.

"Look at this, you donut! It's STONE COLD! I was eating this!"

"Well it's my job you see! ...any of you Lost Souls that should happen in to my kitchen are fair game for Grunger's Gruel."

That who falling into Hell via stock footage from Spawn would suggest otherwise. Or Limbo... Whichever... My point is that this isn't exactly a summer vacation spot.


He seems to feel so utterly awful about not being deceased so as to provide meat for the meal. Granted, I can't imagine gangrenous flesh to be that appetizing. But, I also think pickles are an abomination to my taste buds, so who am I to judge?

I think one must employ some fava beans and a nice chlantl to enhance the flavor.

Wait...this is Grunger's mother? So he is Grunger Faggot?! How much drugs were used while writing this script?

Benny takes the opportunity to aide in the completion of the gruel in order to get this whole drugging up the big nearly naked warden man. At least, that's his motive now. When I first played I skipped Grunger and this scene just made Briggs sound fucking insane to assist.

That subtitle is just atrocious all around. That said, why do I get the feeling our old chatty undead buddy in the cell is probably best off left hanging in that cage?

It sure is lucky the cannibalistic brood running the limbo jail has never come across the concept of a freezer to store its meat in abundance. Adventure game logic shines through.

Didn't need that mental image... Didn't need that mental image at all.

Moving further into Cranny Faggot's kitchen reveals a back room...

The next room over is some manner of study which contains a whole stockpile of items to collect.

Limbo of the Lost is actually an allegory of alcohol abuse with parents from the perspective of a child.

Look game...I don't want to hear about Cranny Faggot and the word "naked" in any context in the same sentence.

Way to not remotely create the illusion the text on the book is anything other than plain text overlaid on a stock image.

I wonder if Jesus had alcoholic snot...? I can't believe I just typed that sentence.

The window in this room periodically flashes with lightening. We can take a gander out the window to check out our surroundings.

A flying Tibetan temple, eh...? Well, that makes about as much sense as anything else so far - so why not?

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