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Part 5: Episode V: The Adventuring

Alright, that is it for meeting new folks during the prologue. Time for some good old fashion adventure gameplay! This means gluing together a bunch of unlikely shit and hoping for the best. First up:

A torch...well, more accurately a stick...


Slathering human fat over the end of it


Sticking it into Cranny Faggot's fire pit...that didn't come out right...


An eternally burning torch! Really. This thing never, ever burns out and will be a constant companion in our travels. It can also be safely stored in our pocket with neither fuss nor complaint about the constant odor of scorched bodily material.

I left the game running for a minute or so to go grab a drink and returned to Briggs' smarmy ass knocking on my screen and telling me this. It takes about ten seconds total for the animation of him knocking on the screen up to the end of the mini-cutscene before you can start playing again. Majestic, you are doing idle animations the wrong way. You might want to take note. That would mean you came together to make another game.

On the opposite side of the library we find some stairs upward and a corridor with a couple different paths to travel. There were also a handful of filler rooms with absolutely no purpose in-between. In any case, we can either travel northward (which is the bottom of the screen) or south (to the upper part.) Oh well, downward north sounds good.

Does the Wicked Witch of the West hang out in Limbo or something? Or is bathing just frowned upon by the development staff? Oh well, what's the worst that could happen?

I was apparently drunk enough the other night to mistake this for a dragon. But, to be fair it's easy to make such a mistake through booze goggles. You know why?

It vanishes within five seconds of entering the room, never to be seen again. No, it's not some monster that has to be subdued to collect the water or face instant death or any old Sierra adventure tropes.

Old Briggsy can just waltz right up to the fountain and stick that empty glass from Grunger's pad to clench his thirst.

Captain Briggs has yet to obtain the scan visor. Now kids, are you ready for the first huge leap of logic Limbo of the Lost has to offer us? Now, to make this sleeping potion we need:

For now, let us focus on the booze. You see this raw sewage run-off we have bottled up?

What do you think might happen if we add that worm out of our old ceiling dwelling chum Arach's ear to its scummy contents?

Why, it transmogrifies into high proof tequila, of course!

Wait, what?!

I think some Mexicans may have been having some fun with whoever wrote this puzzle if that's what they believe tequila to be composed out of.

With questionable booze obtained, we can now check out the uppermost southern room in the opposite direction.

Time for a real mind bender of a puzzle. In this room we can hear the chatty caged zombie from earlier rambling to himself. Time to free him with the great equalizer of justice:

Lighting shit on fire.

A crash and screaming rises from below.

"Oh no!,what have you done!"

Zombie Bill is quite upset we've murdered the only friend he had in his insane, slowly rotting mind. Apparently, just burning down the ropes suspending the cages leads to a rather violent fall. You might have noticed that lever in the background but path no attention to that. It is a lever from another game realm and is just a red herring.

With little regard for the safety of somewhat annoying, yet mostly harmless prisoners, Benny continues his immolation of the ropes with a certain bit of unsettling glee.

"Uh oh!!"
"Hang on a minute.....this is Terra Firma!!"

And that is the last we ever hear of the ghoul: a flickering hope of freedom before he fades to his final death. You're a swell fellow, Benjamin.

Returning the way we came.

On the way back we can drop of the "tequila" with Cranny Faggot for her brew. She happily swigs a shot out of it, decaying fecal matter and all.

Luckily, Mrs. Faggot is such a booze hound all sense of basic taste, smell, and sight has long ago abandoned her, so it passes the test.

Back tracking several utterly empty rooms to the prison cages...

Post-postmortem we learn that the ghoul in the cage brutally re-murdered by our hero was named "William Nilmates". Rest in Pieces, I suppose. Hur huh. Get it? Pieces. Because he...oh nevermind... I guess he won't miss his dismembered limb.

My sure has nothing to do with this nonsense! You're the one that crushed the poor bastard to death.

I am sorry, but this arm...

...did not belong to this rotting corpse. Nevermind that a gangrenous appendage wouldn't start bleeding like that when severed, it doesn't at all resemble the same skin color, discoloration, or even shape as the newly departed Bill Nilmates. Just how many people are you murdering when I'm not around, Briggs? I'm beginning to see why you're down here...

Also in this room we find another trinket.

Remember how two updates ago Benny refused to desecrate the dead back at the coffin with the skeleton warrior? He now has a torch bathed in human tissue, an arm he personally helped cut off an undead man, and now a human skull all shoved in his britches' pockets. It seems less that Captain Briggs respected the dead and more that he just lacked the slightest provocation to fuck around with human remains before.

Backtracking all the way back to Cranny's Kitchen...

Benjamin can now drop off Willy N's arm to complete the stew. Unfortunately, Ms. Faggot lacks any sort of bowls, plates, mugs, or really anything at all a kitchen might have in order to serve food. But fear not: this is where Old Bony's skull comes into play.

Now...don't ask me how in the blue hell a cracked human skull can contain anything without it oozing out the eye sockets, nostrils, and every other orifice. But, Grunger's alcoholic cannibal gruel is now ready for serving.

Mama faggot has no qualms with just shoving it into the hands of the escaping inmate of Limbo to serve as an impromptu waiter. You'd think we'd have to construct a mustache out of cat hair or at least obtain a silly hat before gaining access to the meal.

And I think we may have discovered Benjamin Briggs cannot smell for shit if a broth of boiled human flesh, sewer filth, and ear worms along with god knows what else smells akin to chicken. Just saying...

Backtracking to Grunger's throne...

Edd the Head has this hilaaaaaaarious comment when we enter the room. So hilarious, in fact, that he says it every fucking ten seconds we're in the room. Also, every single time any action at all is done in this room. Which means I saw this mini-cutscene about five times in the two times I ventured into this room.

It's worth noting that the whole "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahaa" is...not actually said at all. Indeed, there is no laughter after the line whatsoever... But, whatever. Time to finish off this scheme.

The last item we need is a sedative. Remember that flask of "sleeping snot" we got back in the library? turns out Grunger's running nose produces a powerful tranquilizer narcotic. Using the bottle on his snot will fill up the entire flask with the gunk. All the while somehow not waking up the sleeping brute... Seriously, the fuck were these people waking him up by doing before? Testing artillery platforms out the window?

Huh...who'd have known that gross weird kid that ate his boogers back in Kindergarten was actually trying to trip balls?

Anyhow, finally combing the snot with Grunger's meal will produce the sleeping potion to make the sleeping Grunger err...stay asleep.

Giving the brew to Edd will finally end this series of bizarre mixtures and lead us to our goal.

Briggs wanders out of the room.


"Grubs Up!!"

I'd point out that a sedative introduced to the same thing that produces it would likely be immune to its effects. Or at least greatly resistant..

But vile logic has no place in Limbo of the Lost. Grunger appears to have a stroke and proceeds to fall forward unconscious within seconds.

Of course, they don't bother animating him lying on the floor, so he's back to sleeping comfortably in his default position, complete with leg resting on poor Edd's head. I love those little touches that make you know the developer cares.

I somehow don't think "I drugged the man, stole the keys to his house, and looted all his positions: finders keepers, losers weepers" holds up in a court of law, Benny.

Now for the hardest puzzle of this entire chapter:

Finding out where in the fuck we're supposed to use this key. I spent about ten minutes wandering around aimlessly trying to find a door that this key might be used on or pixel hunt for a path I might have missed. I first thought maybe one of those many empty rooms had a mystery side path. Or maybe the exit was back at Arthur I. Tis's cell. There is no map and each and every room has a different orientation, so there's no good way to keep track of what might have been missed. So the answer:

It turns out back in the water room with the tentacle Cyclops and questionable tequila brewing actually had another pathway at the bottom part of the screen. There is no indication whatsoever there was a path there and indeed at no point earlier is there an exit at the bottom part of a room that isn't a corridor. It's pretty much just dumb blind luck your cursor touches the bottom of the screen before exiting to reveal the path.

Finally, using the skeleton key on the door marked No Way Out will, contrary to the signage, leads us out of this shithole.

And so concludes the prologue. Our *heroic* deeds thus far:

I think we're off to a smashing start.

Bonus Content:

Grunger K.O.