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Part 7: Episode VI.5: The Fluffy

So, the solution to the dilemma of crossing this rickety, rotting bridge is to take the coffin lid we collected at the beginning of the chapter...

...and to just toss that sonuvabitch down on the bridge. Turns out the perspective of the thing was screwed up earlier, as the lid is massive enough to be placed on a coffin that housed Frankenstein's monster. Despite this, the thing only reaches maybe a third of the way across the bridge.

Now, it stands to reason that if one part of a wooden rope bridge is in dire disrepair - the entire thing is probably going to be a wreck. And so tossing a huge slab of heavy wood on one side of the bridge, at best, cause the thing to collapse due to the weight. But, that would be logical and we've no place for that. Briggs is free to tap dance back and forth with the coffin lid in place as 1/3 of a safe bridge.

We also are greeted with some horrendous voice acting by an unknown third party below the bridge upon crossing. That long "aggggggh" is less a shrill scream and more like someone going "aww" from jumping down a pit in Super Mario Brothers. It's included in the bonus video, if you're interested in it Oscar winning performance.

Yeah, Benny... This doesn't look like a dungeon at all. I think I'll bring the wife and the kids here on vacation next spring. You don't want to go in the summer. The commute across the dilapidated bridge gets so congested in the during tourist season.

In the next room we find a warning sight (pointing in the direction we just came) informing visitors not to feed the dogs. Do you hear that, Briggs? No hacking up any more parts off inmates to feed the animals.

While the sign warns not to feed the dogs, it says nothing about refraining from being an asshole to them. Which is just what Captain Benjamin Briggs aims to do!

The dog bowl has a pentagram at its base? Really...?

Scratch that... A bowl with a pentagram and magically appearing font between frames. Gee, how much do you want to bet this "Fluffy" dog is not at all fluffy or cute and is actually some ferocious Cerberus like hellhound? Since, you see that would take that name and COMPLETELY toss it on its head! It'll be so zany!

Benny decides the best course of action is to antagonize the yet to be seen animal for no reason other than he is a tremendous dick.

This, of course, does not work to his advantage...


Welp, I guess that's the end of our adventure! Thanks for playing along, folks.

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Meeting Fluffy