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Part 23: Episode XXII: The End

Sadly, we cannot just stop there and call it a day. I mean, we could. I wish we had... But, let us soldier on. I just looked up the solution to the room order because fuck this game at this point. I actually had to work to get the game over screen. The hour glass device doesn't actually empty realistically with each room. It just suddenly dumps a ton all at once and then suddenly you're dead.

So the order is Pride, Sloth, Lust, Envy, Greed, Gluttony, and Wrath. Just as arbitrarily placed as everything else in the game.

Upon activating the final glyph the arcane symbols transform into a word jumble. What could it MEAN?!

Returning to the central room causes the Nazgul's eyes to light up and a worm hole down what appears to be the inside of an anus. That seems fitting, somehow.

We're now tossed to the pit and the pendulum that is somehow leaving Briggs in dire peril despite the lack of restraints on the good Cap'n. The Ouija Board menu I have seen sixteen hundred times across the course of this LP opens one final time and demands we spell out a password. Well, we have:

Y T N I S D E work with. Now...what could that be used to sp-

Oh fuck it! It's DESTINY. I'm sick of being coy about the kindergarten level horse shit in this game.

Solving that word jumble causes Briggs to fucking explode.

And so the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are defeated. Well that was...surprisingly simple. I hope God wasn't planning on that whole end of days thing anytime soon...

Footage from the Bonus DVD intro movie is recycled for this grand occasion.

Footage of Briggs stealing the Seal of Sufferance is played in reverse and thus it is restored to its rightful place in...wherever the hell we are right now...

And there was much rejoicing.

A door opens leading somewhere or other and so it fades to black and Benjamin Spooner Briggs' adventure comes to its conclusion...

And then something happens... Something... Something...

Didn't you just get your shit nearly ruined for stumbling about in the dark like an imbecile? Have you learned not...

...thin...g... Mother of God...

"Go on Rita baby!! Now that sounds really groovy!!"


The rest is unaltered... There are no words...

"Oooooooooooooo!! Woop-woop-wa doooooo!! Oooooooooooo!! Woop-woop-wa doooooooo!"

"Take it away Rita baby!!"

"Oooooooooooooo!! Woop-woop-wa doooooo!! Oooooooooooo!! Woop-woop-wa doooooooo!"



That was the worst thing ever. The bottom has been found. The next time you think about going on about how shitty some game is, slap yourself and remember the lesson learned from Limbo of the Lost and mend your ways. Well folks, it's been a godawful ride and I think I need a drink. Feel free to show your graciousness by sending drinking money to my Paypal account. It's my username

Welp, it's been a godawful ride but at least it is fi--

Oh for fuck sake!

Hey, remember how in the intro movie that was on a bonus DVD they mentioned some shit about FATE and DESTINY having some sort of battle for...I guess the correct terminology in regards to a pre-determined path through one's life...? I think one of them grumbled something about Not-Spawn Briggs' arrival too. Well, here's those two chowderheads now!

"Double or nothing my Brother?"
"I accept. Hahahahahahah."

Book...? What book...? The hell are you talking about?

Oh. So it's something not found in this game. That clears it up.

What's that supposed to me-


Fuck you ya stupid motherfucker you could research your goddamn way through a third grader's book report your untalented shit!

And fuck you and your smug douchebag Briggs voice and your mumbling mush-mouth Nilmates voice and that was the only two shitty voices you had you cunt!

And you! Hope I never meet you. Fucking pray I never meet you. I don't know what a Bovis sounds like but I'll bludgeon your lumpy head in until the mush it makes causes that sound.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! BWAHAHAHA!!! Thanks for following along with this train wreck, kids!

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The End of Limbo of the Lost (WATCH ME!)