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Lords of the Realm

by Spermy Smurf

Part 1: Turn 1: It's learnin time, kids!

It's learnin time, kids!

One thing I should probably mention: Your counties need to touch. You cannot own a county that is not touching one of your current ones. That's not to say we can't attack them (and we will) but we just can't rule it once we win a fight away from our counties.

Clicking into any of your counties brings you to the overview page.

Wonderful, rain. There are baby booms, wolves, rain, droughts maybe? I forget. Anyway, it's pretty useless.

This is the top screen we on the navigation pane on the right. It's a high level overview. Here we can fatten up our peasants (good for immigration, immigration means more workers and more army people), and is also good for bring up morale. The green bar up top is a slider bar where I can pick what we eat. We usually want to eat Grain, and leave the cows/sheep alive for their other resources (wool and milk). We are eating 8 grain this turn.

This screenshot is the 2nd one down that looks like a field of wheat sort of. We currently have cows in multiple fields, one field of sheep, and a bunch of fields that are rock. Here we can create new fields of wheat, move cows, and probably unfuck crop rotation when it goes to shit (and it will).

This is the working screen, pictured by the person working on the navigation pane. The middle column of numbers is how many people we need doing the job, and the number on the left is how many we have. The red 1 on the Serf row says we'll be losing a field to shit. Since we have like 5x more cow-people than we need, I'll be taking from that one.

Edit: The only other useful screen right now is this one, it's the bunch of coins on the main screen. From here we can change tax rates and send messages. I've turned down the tax rate in order to bring in some peasants because without them it's sort of a quick game.

So: What do we focus on? Happy, healthy, numerous peasants? A strong trade presence? Get some quick cash to get an army and go raiding?