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Part 4: Turn 4: We finally get an army

Alright, I lied. Bishop is purple. Baron is green. Both need to die, but Knight first.

Update #4 is below, but I want you to know that I never saw any mercenaries offered to me until some people had 3 armies and 3 counties. Argh.

Update #4: We finally get an army.

The Knight begins moving an army north. North is where we are. Uh oh.

The Countess (blue) and I dont have an army yet. Everyone else does. White's is hard to see, but it's there.

The turn finishes and Knight has taken over another town. He's coming right for us!

A turn or two later the best thing ever happens. Well, second best. I'd rather have spearmen for half the price.

This is how you move an army. You can move cross country which sucks, you can raze villages (the little houses) or you can go into another county and kill their cows/sheep/crops.

I finally crossed the border and got this notice. I dont know if anyone in the history of the game has ever paid the money.

Bishop finished a castle. Chances are it's a tiny wood thing that sucks.

We finally get to fight! We need to take another town so we can get more chances for another army.

Our 200 Danish Swordsmen against 633 peasants. If you don't take control of the army, you basically lose regardless of how awesome your troops are.

They immediately charge.

Cycling through the "above the head" options you can see that they are peasants.

They have decent levels of hearts, courage, whatever. If that gets to 0 they run away.

Our armies clash, and this shows the number of people within the unit. Their total is 633, ours is 200.

They are trying to wrap me up on the right flank! Notice the hearts have changed during initial contact. They have already lost 110, I've lost 7.

It takes about 20 seconds for the first unit of theirs to break with 0 hearts. I let them run, and offer quarter. Peasants that aren't killed can work for me, so I usually at least offer.

Another 30 seconds pass, the swordsmen dominate the field.

46 of the swordsmen died, their enemy ran or died.

Woooo Essex!

And they are a straight-up cowtown. Hell yeah.

Hmmmm, what's next?

The map as it stands now.

Do we consolidate, try to gain some more counties with the swordsmen, or do we try to kill the knight with 150 swordsmen that we have left? Sooner or later we'll get a bigger army, but my armorers can only work so fast.