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Lords of the Realm

by Spermy Smurf

Part 5: Turn 5: Fuck.

Update 5: Fuck.

The Knight has a large army (mostly peasants likely) that he turned around and moved toward me immediately after this screenshot.

Luck would have it that I got some archers, and threw in 50 meat-shields to hold off the enemy.

I moved my Swordsmen north to take over a county that was set up pretty well with cows. I hate taking over starving countries.

The worst happened, we were surrounded.

We lost a bit more troops than I had hoped, but still won the county.

I began "operation kill everything" with some archers that I had bought.

But it soon looked like I was going to be in trouble.

I took the county to buy myself some time, then shipped everything useful from it to my other county. Fuck those peasants.

The Knight said "nuh uh, that's my county"

My men fought valiantly. I should have taken more meat-shields.

They weren't enough to stem the tide.

Then something glorious happened. His troops spent like 20 seconds trying to regroup into individual units. My archers fired as fast as they could.

It wasn't enough, and there were no swamps to hide behind.

On the other side of the map, the Earl and Bishop meet face to face. Also there are revolting peasants (starving) or an army gone rogue (also starving).

The Countess came down to say hi. I have 200 archers with 50 swords and 50 peasants just below this. I also have the remaining 70ish swordsmen just above this.

Current map. Countess has 3 armies marching down toward me. Knight has 2 marching up toward me. Fuck.

Suggestions, ideas, want me to just do something dumb and reload the save? Alliance with Countess? Edit: I can hire 200 xbows in the middle county, and have 50 bows I can equip too. Maybe throw in a hundred peasants as meat-shields and we can take anything that comes at us early-game.