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Part 6: Turn 6: Crazy attack plan

Update 6: Crazy attack plan

I grabbed the archers, loaded them with meat-shields, and moved to intercept the knight.

I buttered her up with some flattery.

Then asked about an alliance. She accepted, leaving my northern borders safe.

I proceeded to get my ass handed to me by 400 peasants. Crossbowmen aren't as awesome as I remember.

I hired more men, equipped more peasants from the county that grows by 200 every fucking season, and moved to engage.

His 342. Only 42 swords, the rest peasants.

I win, but lost a bunch as I overestimated archers/crossbows for the second time.

He immediately got 50 more peasants and the same army smacked him back down.

I was able to buy and equip yet more units.

Let the assault begin. He has unhappy peasants and no money, so the most he can throw against me is peasants maybe mixed with 50 spearmen or something.

The Countess held to her word and began moving across country so she wouldn't step into my territory. Phew.

I knew the Knight had precisely dick of an army, so I grabbed some knights to beat up the Knight.

Knights destroy peasants. They seem to suck against spearsmen (which you will see later).


I get these messages every season until he dies. What a whiney little prick.

I have an army going east into his county, and another going south into his only other county. An army of most likely peasants blocks my way.

Map as it stood before I went hog wild. I couldn't help it, things just sort of fell into my lap so I attacked like half the map.