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Lords of the Realm

by Spermy Smurf

Part 7: Turn 7a: Attack everything!

Update 7a: Attack everything!

The Countess finished a castle, and the Bishop and Earl both did as well.

The Knight tries to stem the tide of our armies.

But he uses peasants.

That didn't work, so he attacks my other army.

Archers and knights vs peasants and swords.

Some quick maneuvering and he misses me, then I continue archering the hell out of him.

He finally attacks.

But I only lost 2 knights.

With no army to stand in my way, I took over one of his counties.

Back on the home front, this fucking county grows by 250-400 every god damn turn. I use this county to equip and raise armies of swords/axes/maces/whatever. I simply can't make weapons fast enough to keep the population in check, so I have to buy weapons.

And this is the kind of shit that the Knight leaves me. It's no wonder he cant afford anything other than peasants. I start sending shipments to the counties I take over.

His last army is a measly 50 peasants.

No quarter is offered.

I move to strike at his last county.

Suck it, Knight.

The Countess moves west, razing villages as she passes.

Now people notice I beat the Knight.

4 years have passed.