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Part 8: Turn 7b: Attack everything!

Update 7b: Attack everything!

So I took 4 or 5 turns to move my armies and attack the non-taken counties in the middle of the map. They were all piles of shit, and I am still trying to get them happy. I've tripled rations, but they still hate me.

The Bishop decided he wanted a county that I took over, and his troops were on my land so...

Here we get to see swamps on the battlefield! Swamps inhibit movement (and makes the dudes 'fall in' and appear shorter) incredible amounts. If I had archers, none of them would have made it out of there.

Instead, they fall in, and I stood around the outside edge punching them in the face as they stepped out.

No quarter was given.

Next I took over the last available town (which may have already been taken on the map above)

Archers, maces, and 100 axes made short work of them.

And this is the shit I got. Maybe if half the county didn't just get killed by me they could have been harvesting grain.

And the Bishop is angry.

Edit: One more update of me attacking his castle that is right next to me and we're up to speed.