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Part 9: Turn 7c: Attack everything

Update 7c: Attack everything

I basically moved to stop the Bishop from sending armies after my counties that I was still trying to get stabilized. He sent 5 or 6 in a row, and I expected peasants.

He took out 40 knights with spearmen, I barely scratched him.

I killed 22 spears, he killed 40 or so knights.

That would not stand, especially since he started throwing armies at me. From the newly taken bottom county I moved up to siege his castle and stop his bullshit shenanigans. A little bit before this happened there were merchants with very very very low cost of weapons and iron, as well as 3 groups of mercenaries to hire. Combine that with that county that will not stop growing, and I was able to field 3 pretty diverse armies that were a good size.

Notice in the center-ish of the map there are 2 Bishop armies already marching toward the middle? My armies are on the way.

Siege time. I always try to park another army on the county capital while besieging with another army. This auto-attacks the armies that he creates to try to break the siege. Usually the armies are just peasant armies so I parked some knights there.

This is what that looks like. The right army is attacking the castle, the left army standing on the capital is just waiting for them to try to break the siege.

Building screen of the siege. Here you can add men to 3 groups: Foragers, fighters, and builders. Trebuchets were the order, so I built trebs.

Once I have trebs I will use this map to let them attack walls or towers.

Here is the Bishop being a dick, and some peasants had revolted from the county here. You see a shipment of grain/cows about to get there, so next turn they will be able to be fed.

I doubled the ration, hoping to get them happy and stop revolting.

I need to mop up the Bishops bullshit armies that are invading, and this is how I do it.

I have nothing to seige with yet, so this is what happens.

Yeah, fuck you.

The siege begins in earnest.

Not pictured: Cleaning up 3 all-peasant armies from the Bishop that tried to break the siege. Also cleaning up the second army in the middle-area.

I hate sieging, so I attacked before the other castle was completed and conquered the middle of his counties.

The peasants are not happy with being conscripted like he always does, so I tripled their ration to make them happy.

Results of the first season of siege. 10 men killed.

He threatens me as if he can do anything about it.

Next season of the siege I made a couple towers because I had never tried it this way.

I cleaned up the bandits, and the people still hate me so I'm tripling rations in 2 counties.

The map as it stands:

There, all caught up. That all happened pretty fast, so I just went.

I am open to suggestions now.