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Part 10: Turn 8: Annoyed at micromanaging. Also siege and battles.

Update 8: Annoyed at micromanaging. Also siege and battles.

First of all: Oh my god I hate the stupid "county happiness randomly dropping from 40 to 5 stars in less than 2 years" bullshit. They are perfectly healthy, fed properly, and I hadn't been taking them from that county to make an army so I have no idea what the fuck happened. That being said: Here are like 100 more fucking pictures.

The siege continues of the Bishop.

I guess I'll just start taking out his walls and do this old-school with raiders and shit since I've never done it that way before.

I decided to build a castle! It's the biggest one they had a blueprint for.

After I took that last castle (middle), Bishop continued to send troops down the road against me (top-ish). Yay more peasants to kill.

Oh god they aren't peasants and I'm going to get spanked.

I managed to kill all but 2 of the macemen by just running like a bitch from the spears.

The 9 trebs launched, killing 26 defenders. That only leaves something like 62 left.

And now that spear/mace army attacks my sieging army, trying to break the siege.

None of his troops even get close. I lose 0 men.

Setting up new trebs for the attack at the end of the season.

And now my army up top moves toward his last un-sieged castle and is met with this.

The other castle is annoying me, so I decide to go for it.

My troops never even got to attack, they surrendered to the trebuchet bombardment.

My newly drafted/bought army is ready to siege the last county the Bishop owns.

But the Baron beats me to the siege.

The Earl moves into my newly-taken county and attacks.

It does not go well for him.

The Bishop vainly tries to lift the siege.

Not his best showing.

The Baron gave up the siege of the Bishops last castle, so I am more than happy to take over.

The Earl (white) attacked me, and that will not stand.

This is the layout of the Earls castle, and I think there is something funny like "take down the tower with the flag and auto-win"

I honestly forget what castle this is. Maybe the Bishops last one? It looks it.

Steward time:

And then the Bishop tries AGAIN to break the siege.

At least he brought spearmen this time. Same result as last time though.

Planning my attack for the end-of-season-siege-attack thing.

The Bishops men disliked getting pounded by big rocks, so they begged for mercy. If I had an option to "murder them all anyway" I would have. Bishop is gone!

Trying to take over the Earls castle isn't going as fast as I thought. Taking out the flag-tower did nothing.

But next season should be better...

While all this was happening, I was moving a new army from my first county all the way across the map to the bottom left-ish area where the Earl is.

And now I'm going to siege this thing. Fuck. That big thing in the middle is a keep and it's a complete whore to siege. It will probably kill half my men, if not a few different armies worth of men.

So immediately after I took out the Bishop, before I could even move, the Baron moved ONTO THE CASTLE. The castle is destroyed, he cannot garrison it, he cannot attack it, and I am 100% unable to attack him where he stands. Never had that glitch before.

Here are the Earls castles I am sieging. The one on the top left is the super-ultra-huge-keep thing which is going to fuck me over.

The lower castle still holds out.

Between these messages and the flattery ones from all 3 remaining people, I am getting annoyed at having 2x per person to click through every turn.

But here is a new one! Fuck you, churchy churcherton.

I have 4 unhappy counties, 2 of which are my strongest two. Somehow they still love me.

Next season should do it!

And I'm pretty sure I am fucked here. In hindsight I should have attacked the top towers, since then I'd be farther away from the big ultra-huge-tower which is likely going to destroy half my shit. I am open to suggestions on how the fuck to take this thing out.

And that's where we are. I have the Earl bottled up, 2 castles being sieged. You can see the green dudes glitched unit almost dead center of the map, next to my left-most flag. Countess has been doing much better than I thought, but I still see her get regularly destroyed by peasants when trying to take over counties. I am hoping she puts some pressure on the Baron for me while I finish Earl.

Here is the castle I built in the top-right county next to the Countess. I spent all of my tax money on wood/stone for an entire year and then finished it quickly. I have also repaired and fixed up all of the castles that you saw me take over. I usually park the almost-dead armies in them, like my very first army of swordsmen that only have 40 men left.

Simply moving an army from one end of the map to the other (and then combining 3 or 4 armies) takes like 8-10 turns.

I am about to start my project, so discuss amongst yourselves and I'll likely ignore it and just sort of play however the shit I want.

Too many screenshots? Not enough detail? Too much detail? Suggestions?

Edit: Forgot to mention that the Bishops county I took over had over 200 sheep. And about 1000 wool. The next turn a merchant came so I sold all the wool and sheep and cow'd it up. Also now we have like 600 weapons and a bunch of iron I think.