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Part 12: Turn 10: Backstabbing bitch!

Update 10: Backstabbing bitch!

This isnt fair, I wasn't ready to backstab her yet!

I had a couple oooold armies that were sitting by her borders. She attacked them unprovoked. Yay for 3-front wars.

45 archers against my 112 swords.

She ran away, but the army was too small and disbanded on it's own.

Never fear, she moved another army into an unprotected county. I'm scrambling to cover this, but all I have in the area is 50 knights.

Next to my starting county is this impressive castle. I am attacking it with 150 swordsmen. It's all I had handy.

Oh, this is why she attacked me.

The Baron is indignant that I would dare attack!

Then he attacks me immediately after. 50 Peasants, 50 archers.

Evasive Maneuvers activated! Dodge the peasants, close with the archers.

He immediately turned and closed with me, but the swords proved hardier than peasants.

Okay, time to take a deep breath. Here's the big battle.

I actually missed the opening of the battle. He sent knights at me perfectly staggered. My archers killed almost 1/4 before they closed with me.

My morale was at 13 hearts when the battle started. His was at 19.

The minute we came to grips (after him losing 1/3 of his knights already) he lost all heart for the fight. His units ran like bitches. This was the absolute best thing that could have happened for me. I am unable to explain why it happened, they must have been starving.

Holy fucking shit. That was nothing short of luck.

Now it's just a matter of time before the Earl goes down.

This is what is left of the army.

I realized Morale might be a problem, so I started checking my armies. I had 82 swordsmen that was my first army ever. They were not happy, and I didn't want to deal with 82 swordsmen bandits, so I disbanded them.

Those 200 Crossbows down south that I ran like a bitch with got the same treatment.

And here we are. Apparently I took the county on the left by the river/harbor/inlet thing. It was Barons old county and didn't take any screenshots. It was 150 swords vs 100 peasants. Same old shit.