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Part 15: Turn 12b: Finishing that huge update

Update 12b: Finishing that huge update

We start off with sieges!


Countess again

You are god damn right.

This is where things went to shit for a bit. Moving armies halfway across the map takes a lot of time, so I've got no backup at the Bishops side yet.

I tried to lure them into the swamp, but got my ass kicked anyway.

But at least he didn't break the siege... yet!

I think this is one of the Countess' I am unsure at this point. It was a haze of sieges.

Around this time I realized I can screenshot the above image and know exactly where everything is! This is dead center. Also I realized my morale is complete shit and I'm probably going to start losing armies.

On a side note, I checked this army after the siege and they have GREAT morale. Except when they siege, then it turns to shit.

Setting it up.

Here you can see the army movement of mine. I've been making armies and hiring mercenaries, combining them, and then marching for the top. I don't need half this many armies, but it's fun to win by a lot.

Invincible Knight time!

This will be tricky. 200 peasants against 20? I will really need good hit and run tactics, or a mud pit to survive.

God damnit. It's crossbows and axes. I'm fucked. Say goodbye to the Knights

They still had better than a 1:1 kill ratio! They will be avenged.

Trying to break the Baron.

And the Countess in the middle.

The Earl's farewell message.

I'm popular!

The large army from the Baron that just took out my 200 archers attempts to break the siege.

He has archers below this screenshot that are hammering my swordsmen.

Operation "kill the archers" commences. Notice how close his army is from reaching my archers. I really screwed that up. I should have pushed forward some more.

He closes with my archers in some spots.

My swordsmen finally reach the enemy archers and make short work of them.

This will set the siege back some....

Maybe not! The castle comes down!

I prepare more engines for the Countess.

See what I mean? The men are terribly pissed off when they siege, but have GREAT morale otherwise. Except for that "the men are uneasy" comment... Damnit.

Black team go!

Remember these assholes? My knights will be avenged!

The axes never reach me, and now it's a war of archers vs xbows.

Archers have more range, I need to get closer.

And now it begins in earnest. Note that his men are twice as happy as mine.

Go crossbows, go!

Oh god damnit.

Wait! Yay!

Vengence is barely mine!

Best of all? The siege wasn't touched. That was a bullshit army of crossbows I'd been running up the map with.

Countess, top left of the map. Her starting county I believe. I storm an unfinished castle and see 25 troops.

They broke and ran immediately after the archers opened up on them.

The map as it stands now. You can see I just took top right from Countess, and there are two counties that don't have masters a Lord yet. The top left of the map is one, and just to the right of blue's top flag is another one. You can see my army cutting across the woods to get there just to the right of it.

Go go gadget armies!