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Part 17: Turn 14: Almost there...

Update 14: Almost there...

We begin with the Countess raising an army after I end my turn.

She autoattacks whatever army is currently sitting on her capital.

Same results as last time.

She does the same thing from her other county.

My peasants broke and ran, so my 'lost troops' are higher than normal. My swordsmen showed no such sign of weakness.

Operation: 'Kill the mutineers' begins.

And they took the castle!

Countess is down to one county with a little triangle castle I think.

Yep, I was right!

He means 4. One Countess, two Baron, and one county of free men. No idea where the fuck he gets 2 from.

I'm still popular!

What kind of stupid peasants revolt and BURN THEIR OWN VILLAGE?

The Baron moves one army to the right to help his castle, and the other army down to block my path.

Weeeellll he sort of slows me down for a moment. More of a small speedbump if anything.

Trying to block me from moving through his county.

I had to deal with the revolting peasants.

No mercy is given. The people who did not revolt got 20 casks of ale and triple rations.

This is the layout of the Baron on the left.

And the Countess.

She picks another fight.


Throwing rocks at her castle again.

I completed a castle that I didnt even know I was making!

Baron is such a nice guy, maybe we should just call off the dogs.

My sieging army isn't happy again.

But I set up more trebuchets to hit his walls anyway. If that wall comes down, we're going in hard and fast. We'll be like Seal Team Six, except with peasants and dysentery.

See my carts? When I hit end turn my carts get to move. It takes a solid 2 minutes for all of them to move around the map.

The Baron finally let me leave his lands to take over the top-left free county.

Or maybe he was just too busy to stop me.

He's not too busy to stop raising armies and throwing them at me.

This is a new army of mine and is mostly the reason that county is revolting. I drafted 300 of them into my army.

Those archers will be annoying, so we go for them.

And the fight quickly turns into three small independent fights.

Each unit of mine comes out on top easily.

He spits out another army up top here.

It's my 2nd oldest army! Go buddy go!

God damnit. This army never even got to fight and they're already going to mutiny. I grabbed a few mercenary armies to stand next to them just in case.

The Barons castle on the far left isn't complete, so it won't be a siege.


This is down bottom (3rd from the boot) where I initially took down the Earls super-huge castle-keep thing. My oldest army needs a place to retire.

Countess attacks again.

Even numbers.

But not even asskickability.

There are 30-something men in this thing I think.

The flattery stops.

Baron tries to do something, anything.

My oldest army are seasoned vets, they have no problem slaughtering peasants.

Bad morale :sad:

More trebs!

They are at half rations inside, I am at double outside.


...oh. Needs: 244 stone.

Well, my oldest army that took out the Earl and the Bishop can finally retire. They'll just have to do without a few walls for a bit. AND NO ONE BETTER GO IN MY POOL

I demolished every castle (except the biggest one I built a while back on my first county) and sold whatever I didnt need and STILL came up short. I forgot to sell the extra weapons, that would have let me do it I think.

May as well take that pesky county up top.

Anyone else feeling deja vu?


And I forgot to get a map. Let me paint you a word picture: I own everything. The Countess' castle will fall soon, then it will be the Barons turn.