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Lords of the Realm

by Spermy Smurf

Part 19: Turn 16: Buy One Get One

Update 16: Buy One Get One

I hit end turn and got to watch the sieges!

The right-most county never even fired the trebuchets. I took over the county!

The left-most county begins. My men scale the walls and wreak havoc.

Wait. Didn't he only have 45 men in the castle?

He's congratulating me for killing Countess last turn.

Countess saying Farewell

What the fuck. He doesn't have any men left in the castle. I took that fucking thing. GIVE ME MY COUNTY. He also raised an army just before dying (which is odd because his turn to play is BEFORE ME so he couldn't have done that).

Oh, there it goes. I knew I could do it!


I'm gonna pincer move this guy again!

I circled around and snapped the trap shut. This was actually a perfect entrapment.

Not one of his men can run away, I will slaughter them all to the last man.



And that's the end of that!

He may have fighting spirit, but I have retard strength!

It takes me 3 more END TURNS before the ending thing shows up.


That's better!

Blow those horns!

And that's the end of that.

I have 1093 screenshots in the folder I have been using. Incredible.