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Part 6: Episode 6: I told the witch doctor I was in love with you. He didn't care because he's a total misogynist.

Page five? That won't do at all! I suppose it's time to post Episode 6: I told the witch doctor I was in love with you. He didn't care because he's a total misogynist.

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED: Doralice recovered Yoruba's pendant, which she recognized as the one she received from her own father. This was evidence that Yoruba was her ancestor. Melkior transported the three of them to St. Cristobald Island, where he reluctantly sent Doralice to find the healer, Makandal, to treat Yoruba's injuries. Yoruba told Doralice that she would need the help of Delia to talk to Velvet, and that Serapion would be able to help her if she found herself inside the plantation grounds. However, before she could reach the plantation, she had to help Makandal's abandoned son, Amilcar, take care of a baby manicou. Having done that, she asked Makandal for help, but he told her to bring him an article of Delia's clothing first.

I really don't like this part of the game much. I don't think the puzzles make much more sense, but you're kind of railroaded into most of the solutions. Your inventory has been whittled down to almost nothing, so it's a pretty simple matter to frob every frob with all of your frobs until you find something that works. The biggest problem with this is that it's hard to understand what anyone's saying, so you're really just groping blindly (or using your jokers) to figure out what you have to do. Aside from a couple of puzzles that can end your game if you don't solve them in time (one of which is so simple, they might just as well have made it a cutscene, except that it's the big climax), there's really nothing worth thinking about for the rest of the game, particularly the plot. With the revelation about Doralice's connection with the other characters, there's nothing left to explain. Jarlath's got a big monologue coming up where he just rehashes what you'd have put together for yourself if it made any sense in the first place.