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Part 7: God Damn it Lucia

Chapter 6: God Damn it Lucia

As soon as we exit out the back of Ronfar's house, the game immediately us taunts with a treasure far out of reach. That bitch.

Whatever, we'll get it in time. For now, let's make our way to the sanc-

BROWN CAVES I thought I left you behind in Lunar 1! Damn it!

Thankfully we don't have to look at these brown caves for too long; this area is clearly added just so we'd have a little bit of gameplay in-between all the plot. There's only two enemies in here.

Oh! I recognize you guys, too! I wonder if they sti-

Oh. Yeah, they didn't hide in their shells in the first game. While they're hiding, you can't really do much damage to them; Ruby will only hit 'em for 1 HP. Actually, I have no idea what they do if they aren't hiding; they almost always hide in the shell, and when they weren't, I killed them before they could attack me.

Also, enjoy this gif of Ronfar punching a snail. I will never have the opportunity to type that sentence again.

These are the other enemies here. They hit for a fair bit more, but they don't defend or anything, so it's a wash. Also, they have a tendency to run away, which is too bad because they give a surprisingly nice amount of experience.

So I guess I'll walk you through this area, even though there is nothing to walk through. There's a hole. Go in it.

Then you're in here. At least they're some plank and holes and something visually in here.

Anyway, go through, and then right. Then you're out.

We're not actually done; they just stuck an outdoor bit here. Hell if I know why. Oh, but there is something to note here. Remember that treasure chest at the beginning?

While we haven't needed Star Lights yet, it really pays to collect as many as you can early on. We're going to need them.

So there's a teeny tiny bit more to this, but do you care? I don't. Let's skip to the end.

I didn't mention it earlier, but the Sanctuary has two backdoors, but at first we couldn't really do anything with them. The side exit to the right, as a matter of fact, has no point whatsoever. We're going to enter through the left.

Oh come on. Fuuuck-

Nevermind, he's kinda wrapped up in his own little world. Maybe if we're extra quiet we can get out of here without a problem. Does de-cursing normally involve much noise? The priests in Dragon Quest seem to do it pretty easily.

: Goddess Althena, hear my plea... take your holy light and cleanse this girl. Loose the bonds that now bind the mind and heart of this tortured soul. Shatter the darkness with rays of holy light!

All right, let's see if that-

: Ronfar! What's wrong? Lucia's in agony!
: This is impossible! The spell she's under is stronger than... ... I... I've never failed to break a spell, except once when.... Mauri was sick...

Flaskback time!

: Leo? Ronfar? I'm in pain! Oooh! Help me!
: I just need a little more power... hold on, Mauri!
: Fight, Mauri, fight! Stay with us! I won't let you give up!

...and she... didn't die from this? Ronfar failed, as is quite clear, but she didn't die... well this has illuminated nothing.

: I played that moment back in my mind over and over. I won't go through something like that again. I'll save Lucia, or die trying.

: Sweet success at the hands of Ronfar!

You see, the difference is that this time, he sparkled.

: It's not complete, but the main spell is broken. She'll just have to...

: Oh! I didn't know anyone was still in here. Yes, well, the sanctuary is closed for the day. Come back tomorrow...
: No thanks, old man. I don't have any need to come back to this place. Lucia, you can rest at my house with your friends. Let's go.

You know, that sounds like a good idea.

: But, only Althena's pure power can restore what Lucia lost to the spell.

Translation: We're not getting our over-powered murder cannon back.

: Whew! I forgot how hard this priest stuff was! I need to get some sleep. I'd suggest that you guys do the same. There's a long road ahead. Lucia, you can take my bed, and the rest of you can sleep where you want.

AKA: The floor. Well, Lucia did just shake off a curse on her soul, which I don't have much experience with, but it sounds draining.

So, the next morning we wake up an- oh fuck me, really?

: Oh no! Do you think that Leo stole in during the night and took her? We've got to get her back!

I really doubt Leo's ability for stealth, myself, but regardless we probably shouldn't let her roam free. All right, wake up Ronfar, we're movin' out!

: Mmmm.... Maauuri! Please... nooooo!
: He tried so hard to break the spell... he must have loved her very much. I wonder what happened? Maybe I'll ask him he wakes up... One thing's for sure. He's got a heart of gold under that thick skin...

Yeah, you know, I think this guy is all right. Now I'd hate to break up his nightmare, but we need to search for-

Okay, we're doing it ourselves.

We could just ask around. Hopefully someone saw something.

: Some girl came by here singing to herself and staring into the sky. She seemed so innocent... and yet, no one knew who she was.

: She's wandering around here talking about the Blue Star and some crisis... The babe's completely out of touch with reality. Says some 'Hiro' guy knows her.

: I think she was the one I saw caressing the grass and flowers. The girl was staring at the flowers like she'd never seen one! What a kook...

Nevermind, this is going to be quite easy.

: Can you believe that? She just sat there staring! I was totally embarrassed!
: That's what you get for leaking the lizard outside in a city, idiot! Didn't anyone ever show you how to use a toilet? ...sheesh!

Especially if she keeps up the peeping tom act. (Peeping... Cathy?) But it doesn't seem like anyone knows where she currently is. Well, if she's trying to get to Pentagulia, she'd do well to ask the folks at the Sanctuary. Maybe they'll help?

: If you pray to Althena, and your heart is true, she will show you the way, I'm sure. The best way to show that your heart is true is to donate freely.

Of course not.

: But, rather than chasing skirts, why not repent from your sins and serve Althena?

Ronfar is so disgusted by the shamelessness of Althena's Cult that he telepathically zinged this priestess.

(Ha ha, oops. Someone missed this...)

So she doesn't seem to have come here. And she's obviously not going to make a social call-

: We shared a bit of tea together, me and her, then she left. She kinda looks like my wife when she was young and purdy.

Huh. Man, she's had an eventful morning. Unfortunately, the old man doesn't know where she went off to. The bar?

: I'll tell you, I wanted to deck her! I had a royal flush! What kind of a nitwit would do something like that?

Yeap she's been here.

I was wondering because she asked me how to get to the holy city of Pentagulia. I told her that the mayor knew how to get there.

Oh finally, some concrete direction! To the mayor's house!

: In fact, I thought she was lookin' for a cook's job and let her have it. But, she broke nearly every dish in the house, so I fired her. What a nut!

Wow. She got hired and fired in a morning? Man, I feel accomplished if I manage to summon the energy to make coffee before 8.

: The girl can't lose!

And she picked up a new skill! Did Hiro just wake up at 3 pm, or did Lucia not sleep? I'd believe either.

Did she actually get to asking the mayor about Pentagulia?

: Don't try to deny it, I saw you with her! Anyway, she wanted some information, so I told her how to get to Pentagulia by way of a ship in Dalton. Then the crazy girl split without paying my information fee! But, now that you're here, I'll get it from you! I was 500S. So pay up!

He- hey! You better no-

: Thanks. Now get outta here...

He did, didn't he?

: What? Where did that girl go? She said she wanted to see a sandship and headed to the harbor.

Yeah, he did take the 500s. By the way, this is not optional. You have to let him rip you off. What a pile of crap.

By the way, the remake adds a small scene during the hunt for red Lucia. It... changes very little to be honest, and I really don't see why they added it, but they did.

All right, let's go see if we can catch up to her.

Were you here the whole fucking time?!

: Hiro and I were worried sick! ...but you do look much better.

Better enough to monologue about it!

: Yes, much of the affliction is gone. It's so strange; I did not humans possessed such wondrous powers. That shouldn't be possible, unless Althena was the source.

: What a strange world I've come to. Its beauty is unsurpassed, and yet it remains filled with such mystery and emotion. Why is the flowers so soft, and snakes so deadly? Why do some love, while others hate? Is this land of contrast the one Althena created? The one Zophar rises to...
: Lucia...

: I must go now. Hiro, I will never forget you.

: Where do you think you're going, missy?
: Pentagulia. The holy city. I've learned that I can get to Althena's city by means of Dalton. So that is where my task will lead me... Good-bye, Hiro and Ruby. Thank Gwyn and Ronfar for me.
: B... b... but Lucia!

And she just jumps down there and walks away. And again, we can't jump down there. Ah well, if she's jumping around, she's definitely feeling better.

: ...
: C'mon. At least we know she's okay. Let's go back to Grandpa's house. He must be worried by now.

Any of you at home never played this game, or the remake? Okay, for the one person who doesn't know anything about this game: are you buying this? Well, now that I mentioned it, no you're not buying this. But even before I said anything you were probably rolling your eyes.

: The villagers are all talking 'bout her, so she must be around here somewhere.
: She went to Dalton.
: Dalton?! Now, why'd she go and do a dumb thing like that? The Destiny's anchored there!

And who was surprised? Put your hand down; no one appreciates sarcasm.

: Leo's gottta be waiting for her to walk into his trap!
: oh no! Hiro, what are we gonna do now? Lucia's in danger for sure!
: I guess I'm part of this little mess now. Tell you what. I'll go with you to Dalton to see if I can't straighten this out.

Yeap, we gotta go save Lucia's ass. Again. Then again, if she's been cured, if she's got only a fraction of her old power then she might fi- no I can't even pretend. All right. To Dalton.

All right, so how do we get to Dalton? Well, that one lady said Dalton was to the west. So let's go as far west as we can.

And from here, we just head north. Easy-peasy!

Along the way, we run across scorpions. While they will not rock you like a hurricane, the one will their tail raised up will poison you. They're a bit hardy, but Hiro can take 'em out with little difficulty.

Now, poison in the first game was a joke. And at first, it seems like that hasn't changed. At first, all it takes is 1 HP from you. But that number gets higher, and unlike Lunar 1, battles will get long enough that poison becomes a problem. For right now, though, it's not threatening. There is no need to blow money on Purity Herbs yet. Or ever, really. It's scarier, but still not much of a threat.

Otherwise, the journey to Dalton was pretty uneventful. Hopefully, we can catch Lucia before she's gotten herself into trouble.

: Hey chief, take a look: isn't that Lucia?

Oh god damn it Lucia.

: But you must believe me! My story is true! I have no reason to lie! If I do not find Althena before Zophar returns to power, he will destroy your world!
: Ha! You expect me to believe that, Destroyer? Althena's only order was to eradicate you, not to listen to your evil lies.

: Soldiers! Take this... this... destroyer below!

: Althena and I are one in purpose. She would never command that I be destroyed. You must have misunderstood your orders.
: My orders were crystal-clear! Men! Seize her!

Making weak barriers that harmlessly push people away... such sinister power!

: I will not let you escape! You will bend to the power of my sword!


I'm kinda surprised you guys could see all that from here. You all must have great eyesight.

: Leo is trained in the ways of Althena's guard. If we don't get Lucia back right now, there's no telling what could happen... except that it won't be good for Lucia's health. So chief, the gameplan's to sneak onto the Destiny and try to rescue her, right?

Yes, Ronfar, of course it is. Hiro couldn't just decide this girl just isn't worth it; there's a reason I named the thread what I did. Ah well, that's JRPGs for ya. Next time, we're gonna bail Lucia out of trouble.


This going to be a trend, isn't it?