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Part 9: A Very Boring Daring Rescue

Chapter 7: A Very Boring Daring Rescue

So Lucia's got herself into a major pickle and faces possible execution.

And we're in a new town! Let's go talk to everyone!

Dalton's theme.

There's a sight that says "welcome to Dalton motherfucker."

: I can't imagine what kind of deviant would have the gall to do this!

Normally I would care, I like being able to restore my HP and all that...

: Well, there is a statue just like it in the Shrine of the Althena cult. It's kinda weird in there, but their statue does work.

And not paying money for it. Hm.

But since I know what's coming up and where I can get to a free statue, I kind of don't give a shit.

: This is exactly the kind of apathetic reaction that I'm talking about! Is nothing sacred to you anymore? Does your life have no meaning? Heretic!

Hey, not my fault I've played this game before!

Well, I played the first game, so I recognize the Four Heroes... but you're not talking about the same Four Heroes, are you? Guess we could humor the kid.

: Oh goodie! I was hoping you'd say that! I love reciting them! The first of the Four Heroes is White Knight Leo, lord of Althena's Guard. Second is Saint Lunn, master of Blue Dragon Karate. Third is Grand Black Wizard Borgan. And last is... is... hm... oh yeah! The last hero is Red Priest Mauri. I learned all about them at the school of the Althena Cult. Memorized them myself. Aren'cha proud of me?

One would think the people wouldn't call themselves a cult, but what do I know. Anyway, this a lot of information to take in. Leo's an even bigger deal than we thought, Ronfar apparently dated a celebrity, and the cult of Althena allowed the leader of the KKK to join- oh, wait, wrong type of wizard.

Also, if you talk to the kid again right after he tells you about the new Four Heroes, the dialogue changes to reflect that you talked to him before. Of course, that goes away the second you enter and leave a building, but that's still neat.

: He had on the complete hunk duds. Tight white pants and a cool red cape. I'm in heaven!

First the thread(s) start fawning over Leo, now the NPCs are. I think I'm the only person who doesn't really like Leo all that much

: It's some sorta Dragon Tower thingamabob. They say it's mighty keen...

Huh. That's interesting. We'll have to keep an eye out for that.

Also, you may have spotted a bar. The cult of Althena is super strong in this town yet a bar remains... well, let's check it out.

: I keep tellin' the owner he should make an espresso bar outta this place. He'd make a mint on steamed milk and coffee...

Ha! That was a call-back I wasn't expecting this game to make...

: She's so cute, though. I have a hard time buying the fact she's a destroyer. I dunno. I'm just glad I'm not Leo. But, I guess he's got his orders from Althena.

It seems like Leo's men are starting to suspect what's blatantly obvious. So they have working brain stems; good for them.

: If that girl's a destroyer, I'm June Cleaver.

I can't believe Working Designs had the balls to put the words "balls" into this game, and we're not talking about basketballs. Although Sega was a lot less stringent on questionable content then say, Nintendo, Working Designs did have problems with censorship in the Sega-CD games. Although this game has naked anime chicks and blood and somehow still got away with a K-A rating, so someone fell asleep at the wheel.

Oh yeah, this game has a K-A rating, which the ESRB used instead of the E rating back in the day. Well, there is no smoking in Lunar Eternal Blue, despite Ronfar's odd affinity for that twig, so I guess it's okay.

Anywho, I guess we can leave Leo's men to wallow in drunken indecision. Before we see the rest of the town, let's check out the item shop.

They have most of the same stuff Larpa had, but there are two new items. Pictured above is the Mace, Ronfar's first weapon exclusive to him. He'll be down to one attack, but that one attack will be mundo powerful. There's also the Scale Armor, which is a bit pricey at 600 silver, but provides plus seven to defense. There isn't going to be a weapon or armor shop for a while, so you might as well spend your money. I pick up a Mace for Ronfar and some Scale Armor for Hiro, although I'm not going to need it right now.

So the rest of the Dalton is kind of odd.

The rest of Dalton connects through this tunnel. If I kept going right from here I'd hit the Destiny, but if I go down there's some more people.

Make sure, at least, you check this place out. If I keep going right and exit out the front...

Now in Lunar 1, there weren't many accessories, and by and large they didn't do much of anything. The Angel Ring, on the other hand...

Is quite nice. I'm hopefully not going to need it for a long time, but it's always nice to have for a tough boss fight.

If we go back in and then all the way down, that'll lead us to two residences. In that same tunnel, the flight of stairs all the way to the top leads to the sanctuary.

: I saw the priests from the Althena cult breaking the statue in front of the city! But, since my mom and dad like the cult priests, they'll never believe me. What should I do?

I'm not surprised, but it's still quite galling. They really don't want you to like the Althena-ites, do they?

: I was thinking I should also join so I won't be lonely.

: If I were ten years younger, I'd enlist to serve under him in a heartbeat!

Although her parents don't seem to agree.

: It can be maneuvered on both land and sea!

That would explain how Leo was able to catch up with us so easily. And will continue to do so.

: Lord Leo is so cool! He must be the greatest guy to work under!

Okay, okay, I get it, everyone likes Leo. Tear down all the statues of Althena and erect ones of Leo instead... his followers would probably be less sleazy, at least.

: I do not know who broke the statue, but it was good for our shrine. Donations are up 1000% over last month. It's wonderful!

Speaking of which! Yeah, I wonder who could have broken the statue.

: Supposedly, a terrible evil has been sealed there that could destroy our world.

That's... not ominous or suspicious at all. Or does Althena really suck at picking out real estate or something?

: I mean, this is just a statue, but man! It's so lifelike... I could stare at that form all day long and never get tired of it! I hate to say it, but that statue has got me entertaining impure thoughts!

What is with all the people who want to bone god? That is not a sentence I'd ever thought I'd type.

: Can I put you down for 10s a lap? It's for the Goddess, you know.
: You don't look like you're hobbling to me! Forget it, buster!

I have no idea.

I think Lucia might be getting antsy. Let's go bust her out, shall we! Inflintrating music, please.

All right, we're on the Destiny... and it was completely unguarded. I'd wonder if we were walking into a trap, if not for the fact that Leo wouldn't really need to trap us. Well, let's poke around.

Ha ha! It's mine now. See ya later suckas!

Nah, you can't do that. I wish you could.

Anyway, that door you see below is an actual door, so what's behind door number one?

Oh crap! Shit, what do we do? Guess we'll have to fight our wa-

Oh. Uh, okay. You have absolutely no problem with the strangers stomping around on your super-elite military vessel?

And that's a lot of books in the background. Wonder what kinda literature they keep aboard the Destiny.


Moving on.

: Excuse me, lint-brain, but I think you had better...
: Uh, ahem, Ruby. I think he's talking about keeping you away from the gunpowder. You know... fire plus gunpowder equals monster explosion?

Wait, this is where you keep the gunpowder?! And worse you'll do to us is just... suggest we leave? I don't think it's gonna be hard to rescue Lucia.

: No one in their right mind would try to storm the weapons room on the Destiny!

...that is such a stupid statement on so many levels I can't even begin to deconstruct it.

All right, no Lucia here. Fortunately, there's another door on the deck. Let's check it out.

This was why I wasn't concerned about the statue, by the way. Rather handy thing for the Destiny to have, ain't it?

Wait, I was just in the weapon room and they were cool wi- you people are confusing!

These guys are a bit tough; they like to defend a lot, and it will often take two Poe Swords to take them down.

Unless you use Ronfar's Herbal Breeze, which will knock the Guards out without any difficulty.

Enemies that are asleep take double damage or quadruple damage(I'm not 100% sure) so Hiro can easily one-shot 'em at that point. Have Hiro defend the first round while Ronfar casts Herbal Breeze, then have Hiro take the Guard out. That's it.

And we're gonna be fighting a lot more of 'em.

A lot more.

As you can imagine, it gets pretty tedious. It's not even remotely difficult, and the kicker? If you're still somehow having problems, you can just go and touch up at the Althena statue. The enemies won't respawn.

At least the rewards are pretty decent. Ronfar went up two levels and Hiro went up one.

And I finally got Ronfar's Health up to level 8, netting him Calm Litany! Calm Litany is the all party heal spell, and Ronfar's most useful spell.

By the way, Ronfar is going to need 1383 Magic Experience to reach level 9. Level 8 only required 853 MExp. You see what I mean about the cost sky-rocketing?

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention some of the things the guards say once you beat the tar outta them can be kinda funny.

All right, this looks like an engine room... or we've accidentally stumbled into Phantasy Star 4. Either way is cool with me. Let's take a peek aro-

There we go.

: I must see Althena in person! Your world hangs in the balance!
: Hold on there, Miss. First, I want to know why you came to our world. What's your real plan?
: ...
: Answer me!
: I... I can't. You wouldn't understand. You're only... human.

Christ Lucia, you are not helping your case here! What would be so hard to understand about "there's this really smug faceless guy coming to fuck up your shit and I'm trying to prevent that"?

: Excuses, excuses! You are a miserable liar. And I now have no choice but to carry out my orders. Engage the force field, and let no one open it without me personally present!
: Yes sir!

: Your crime is treason. Your sentence: execution. You will be hanged tomorrow at noon.

See Lucia, if you had just tried to explain yourself to him...

: She looks so... so normal. I can't believe that she has that kind of power.
: Ah, never let the curve of a hip or the charm in a woman's eyes sway you. Many a man has made that mistake, to their eternal damnation. I just hope Althena's right about this one...

Leo doesn't seem as sure of himself as usual. Hm. Kinda wanna check up on something.

Back in a sec, Lucia!

If we try and follow Leo, we'll find he went to his quarters.

: Hmm... that is one possibility. Perhaps she would be of use to us. I'll talk to her. If she cooperates, I may be able to stay her execution.

Huh. You know, that may not be a bad idea. If Leo lets Lucia see the Goddess in return, she'll gladly cooperate. And Lucia gets a pretty direct line to Althena, helped by one of Althena's head honchos no less! And if Althena still wants her dead then Lucia was faking the whole time. It's a pretty solid idea...

Nah, let's just break her out of jail.

: What are you doing here? Don't you know you'll be killed if they catch you?
: Duh! We didn't think they were going to throw us a huge party!
: Then hurry! We must get out of here before Leo returns!

: Why does Leo want to kill me? Who has ordered my death? I just don't understand. He said that he's working for Althena.
: I don't understand his mission either. But he is in Althena's Guard....
: If I don't make it to see Althena before Zophar comes, we're all in danger. But, in my current form, I cannot protect even myself. In this form, meeting the Goddess Althena will be very... Oh, Hiro, what should I do?

All right guys, this is a big choice, so we'll need to take a vote. You'll have by-

Ah. Oh of those "yes/yes" choices. I chose number 1, if case you wanted to know.

: I want to see Althena, too. If she really is here, she'll help us.

I'm pretty sure all it changes is that one line.

: Lucia, I'll help you until we get to see the Goddess. This will be the start of a great adventure. I can feel it...
: But Hiro, my task is very dangerous. It is one that you cannot fully understand.

It's savin' the world! That's the only thing an RPG hero does understand!

: Yeah, Hiro! Are you sure you want to help her? I mean, Lord Leo wants to kill her, and now he wants us, too! Besides, I think she's crowdin' our little party.
: I'm sorry if I've offended you, Ruby. I meant you no harm. Perhaps it would be better if I left.
: Hey! Pipe down, you guys... someone's coming! Get outta sight!

: I bet her little friends have something to do with this! Guards! Guards! Come quickly! The destroyer has escaped!

Oh Leo. Leo Leo Leo.... at this point you're making it too easy. You know, I'm actually starting to pity the guy. Let's not lock him i-

Or Ronfar will just up and do it. Thought Leo was your best buddy! That is cold, man.

: Damn! What are you doing Ronfar?! Why are you with these criminals?! Do you idiots know what you've done? That girl will be the end of us all!

Not moments earlier, you were willing to entertain her request to see Althena!

: Hey there, Leo! We've got our reasons, old bud! Trust me on this one!

Not going to explain those reasons... actually, Ronfar really doesn't know why Hiro is helping Lucia, does he? I mean, he could reasonably guess, but still I'd want a more concrete explanation before I betrayed my best friend.

: I just wanted to say that I'm going with Hiro to Pentagulia. Thought you'd like to know...
: Don't you know that girl will be the end of our world! She's insane!
: I don't think so, old bud. I believe that she holds the key to something we don't yet understand. I'm going to help her to accomplish her mission, and if that means going to Pentagulia, so be it. Besides, I can use the opportunity to see Mauri.

: If we head out from Dalton and go north, we can get to Pentagulia by crossing through the forest of illusion.

He's... making that seem more straightforward that it actually is. No, getting to Pentagulia will not be that easy... not that easy at all...

But the journey of a million miles begins with a single step, so let's get to stepping.


After we taunt Leo for a bit.

: Don't think you'll get away with this! I won't rest until you're found! You idiots don't have a prayer of success!
: Nee ner, nee ner, nee ner! Seems like Leo is running on about half a brain. Looks like he's the idiot! Hee hee. Let's get out of here, Hiro!

Next time... I think you all will enjoy it. It will involve pain. My pain.