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Part 27: Questionable Dating History

curiousCat posted:

So you fight him again, but with Leo this time?

...has it been powered up?


Chapter 23: Questionable Dating History

Since this boss was so great the first time, we're fighting him again! This time, we've only got Leo... although that should be enough. Let's take a little peek at his skills.

If you recall, Leo did use earth magic earlier to wreak the Magic Arrow, so that's a neat bit of continuity.

Mainly, though, he has sword skills. Including this intriguing mystery spell. What does it do?

So it's a sword based skill that does a large amount of damage to a single target... that seems familiar somehow...

Despite having two heavy hitters, this is what makes the rematch hard. With only two characters, Be Vine incapacitates half your party. Nasty! It actually wouldn't be a bad idea to kill off the vines right away, and the two of them do enough damage to take one of 'em out in the first round.

I didn't, obviously. This led to great things!

Pulsinator plus damage from the vines equals dead. Leo even healed himself before the Pulsinator!

Thank goodness I at least bought one of these fucking things.

Well, I learned my lesson. Kill the damn vines!

I didn't learn shit.

Fortunately, the Corpse Crusher followed it with Nightmare instead. It's a thoroughly unimpressive looking spell that inflicts Daze, at least according to a FAQ I saw. Regardless, Leo's immune to it, so it doesn't matter.

Still, if it did Pulsinator again I could be in for some shit, as Hiro doesn't have any more Dover Nuts left. At least Leo came with some, bu-

Nevermind it's dead.

It still only has 1800 HP, and Hiro and Leo combined do well over 500 damage a round. If it never did the Be Vine thing, you could feasibly win a damage race. I'm not really sure what to recommend as a strategy, though. Other than "don't do what I did."

Its EXP rewards are far more impressive with only two characters. If Hiro hasn't caught up to everyone else, he will shortly.

: The members of Althena's Cult seem to have gone wild! I cannot believe Althena is involved, but maybe Ronfar is right...

: In fact, your time has run out. Now that you know of our secret scheme, we cannot let you live. I have commanded hordes of monsters into this tower to eliminate you! I'm sure that even with all this power you will not survive! Our secret died with you!

Look at this ballsy motherfucker! We just killed his pet eldritch horror and he's still all "mwa ha ha." I would not taunt the two men with swords. I'd say regardless of your life circumstances that's a good rule to live by.

Speaking of men with swords, let's take a look at this guy.

Other than Leo's fancy sword, his equipment is pretty standard. It's actually a little worse than Hiro's, as Leo has a Steel Shield while Hiro has the slighter better Platinum Shield. Otherwise it's all stuff you can buy in Azado, including a Refresher Ring, which is why the Nightmare attack missed. Handy.

Also a Silverlight! Sweet.

Stat-wise, Leo is your heavy hitting du- wait a tick. His stats seems awfully similar to Hiro's.

Scratch that, they're exactly the same. Leo is literally a copy of Hiro with a slightly different skillset.

Now the remake did differentiate them slightly. In that version, Leo is stronger and tankier, but he's also slower. The remake also has him at a higher level, which only makes sense.

: If we work together, we may be able to escape this death trap.
: ...
: Know that it was not my intention to drag you into this mess. Pray that the Goddess is with us, Hiro. Let's go...
: Here goes nothing!

And we're not done with Leo yet! We'll be descending the tower with him... which, frankly, wasn't interesting the first time.

This entire section is completely different in the remake. After Hiro and co. blunder their way onto the Destiny and get captured, Leo decided to let Hiro and Ron go with him to investigate the shenanigans going about. Azado Tower is replaced with a statue, and you never run through it with your full party. The boss at the end is also different.

Anyway, since the descent back through the tower isn't interesting, let's look at gifs!

This is Hiro's new skill, Battalion Sword. Pretty good! Unfortunately, perhaps it was a little too good, as he killed all the cyclopes.

Meaning that Leo's Buzz Blade was a little... underwhelming. Although most skills that hit the area around your character are always going to be dicey.

Speaking of which, this is Soul Blade. It's a HP draining skill, and I suppose it does decent damage, but it's 45 MP! Unless things are really dire I don't ever see the reason to use it.

Leo's earth spell, Rock Viper, is also kind of a dud. For more MP than Flash Blade it does less.

So that's Leo in battle. He's a Hiro with a better weapon. Finally, this is kind of an odd thing to add but I figure someone is going to ask: no, this Leo does not ask you to "sample his goods." There are no voice clips for special attacks or using items in this version. I'm sorry.

Oh oops Leo tripped and all of his stuff landed in Ruby's inventory. Clumsy man!

: Your combat skills are most impressive.
: Yeah Hiro! I think you are even as good as Leo now!

Suspiciously so, even. I mean, is Hiro that awesome or are the standards of the Althena's Cult that damned low?


: Soldier, what happened?
: Sir... they... they took... her... Lucia is... gone! We fought... but... it... wasn't... sir... forgive me...
: What?!
: Just what we need!
: Damn it, I knew something was, but I didn't know just what... this situation is grave indeed...

: Mauri... she's... she's... gonna... kill...
: Shh! Rest! I will take care of this. Conserve your strength until help arrives.

Did that guy say...

: Oh my God... I don't believe it... it's... it's Mauri!

: Mauri... oh Mauri... why? Why have you done this? These people were innocent... and you slaughtered them! What's happened to you?
: Ha ha ha ha ha! Mauri giveth and Mauri taketh away...
: I... I know that the ritual changed you, but you can't continue like this! Has your heart turned as black as night? Please! If you have any love for me left in your heart... let us pass.
Oh... Ronfar... that's... that's so... pathetic! Do you think I can forgive you for leaving me after the plague? My service is to Althena now. I have no room in my heart for you. She has ordered Lucia's execution, and I will not fail her.
: But Mauri... you're simply being used...
: Silence! Hand over Lucia or forever regret your actions!
: ...but... Ma... Mauri?!
: Pooh! Enough of this talk! Come on, sister! Time to put up or shut up!
: We will never surrender Lucia to agents of evil! She's our only hope!
: But...

: Enough of this foolishness! I have been given authority to eradicate the destroyer, not you! Report back to Althena at once and leave this to me! I think I have found a better way... and you're only making things more complicated.

But it seems like nothing will get through to Mauri.

: Well, well, brother. It appears you've become soft in your old age. Althena gave a direct order to destroy Lucia, yet for some unknown reason you've chosen to ignore it. I guess it's up to me now. Bend to your executioner, Lucia! The game is up!

: I'll have no more talk of this sort! Leave... now! Until Althena informs me to the contrary, I and I alone shall bring Lucia to her. You have no part in this, Mauri. Leave it to me.
: you wish, my brother. But you have already proven your spine is as jelly. The Goddess will judge your actions once you reach Pentagulia. ...oh... and good-bye dear Ronfar. You haven't seen the last of me...

I really want to know where all the villains go to get their teleportation abilities.

: I don't know why she's become as she has. Somehow, Althena has changed her, and not for the better. But enough of that. We've wasted too much time here. Lucia, I will take you to Pentagulia on the Destiny. Then we can finally get to the bottom of this.

And now we're on the Destiny.

That was quick.

Leo's Bitchin' Theme.

So, well... we've got a bit of downtime. It'll be nice to explore the Destiny without having to stab everyone we meet. I do wonder if it'd be a bit rude to ask Ronfar how the hell he ended up dating Azula.

: Hrmph! I never thought I'd see the inside of that joint again! It's been so long since I've been there. I've got a lot of catching up to do...

And I see you're conspicuously avoiding the subject. Not sure why I expected any different...

: I don't know where she went. I wish I did, though. Those guards as so ga-ga over her, they'd pay just to oogle!
: Pay... oogle? What are you? Some sort of greedy little profiteer in a dress?

Why are you asking stupid questions Ruby?

: I'm simply a good business woman!

Yeah sure whatever.

: We're almost to Pentagulia! I'm going to show that no-good toad Borgan my true power! Oh, mother! Hold on just a little longer... I'll find a way to release you!

Just a... try to contain your bloodshed a bit, Lem. 'kay?

: Too bad you've always got Ruby hanging around...
: What do you mean, Jean? Are you saying I'm a pain in Hiro's butt? You take that back!
: Sheesh, Ruby! You sure do yelp when Jean yanks your chain. Calm down. She's just joking... I think.

Oh Jean can be such a bitch sometimes. It's great.

: Oh... Pentagulia! Look at me! I'm quivering in anticipation of what's going to happen. I wonder if Lunn is still there?

Anywho, let's go wonder around this ship. Although first we might wanna have a chat with Leo.

: If she dares to harm the Goddess Althena, she will be executed on the spot. Count on it.

I suppose that is the best we can ask for.

: I'll let Althena decide the nature of Lucia's true intentions and her fate, instead of executing her on the spot, as I was ordered. That is the limit of my generosity.

: Lately, the mess hall's been serving up some pretty rancid slop. I'm kinda afraid to even check the daily menu!

Oh it can't be that bad.

"Breakfast: Rocky mountain oyster omelets, toast, toad juice, and milk.
Lunch: Baked seagull beak and pork lips casserole, hargle beans, and milk.
Dinner: Barnacle bean stew, roast tuna tail, snail rolls, and chocolate milk."

Nevermind, I see your point. What's with all the milk?

: Calm down, Jim. You just need to switch to Sanka brand decaffeinated coffee. Try it! You'll be glad you did.

Wha- how you know his name and- did you cut a sponsorship deal or something? I have so many questions from only three sentences!

: ...could hold the power to ruin our world forever. But that's what the Goddess Althena once said...

I wouldn't think on that any longer, or you're gonna owe Lemina 500 silver.

: One of the guards below is nuts about animals. When he sees your flying cat there, he'll go off his rocker to pet it.
: Geez! I am not a cat! Are all of Leo's men complete idiots? Man!

Again, Ruby, with the stupid questions.

: Only the chosen can enter, so you don't stand a chance of getting in. Have you heard the legend of the sauced boys? Ho, ho, ho! Ya gotta hear it some time!

No, seriously, he just brings that up out of nowhere. And he won't elaborate on said legend if you talk to him again. I'm guessing that's a misplaced line or some other form of scripting error.

: She's plotting the ruin of our world right now! I just know it!

Wow, this is the only guy on here who's still wary of Lucia.

: I love animals! Can I hold the kitty? I promise not to hurt it.
: Hey dingle-breath, I am not a 'kitty,' okay?
: Oh, it's a talking kitty! I like talking kitties! Want some fishies to eat?
: Fish? You have fish? Uh, that sounds kinda... tasty. Uh, I could really go for a fish for two. Is it okay, Hiro?

So you're asking if we're cool with leaving you with this weird dude who seems way too eager to befriend you? ...yeah, sure, knock yourself out.

: Sure, Ruby, go ahead. Just remember to catch up to us later, okay?
: Gotcha, thanks! See ya after I bleed this hick of all the fish he's got!

: Whare did it go? Here... kitty kitty kitty...
: Hey! Stop trying to tickle me you brainless dork! I... do... not... like... being... tickled!!!

I'm glad she's making friends.

Hiro goes onto the deck to find Lucia singing to herself.

: ...

: When I was alone as one,
my heart was like ice, so cold

: Wind whispering sweet melodies...

"Oh crap did he just catch me singing?"

: That was beautiful, Lucia! Althena herself couldn't have sung it any better!

For those of you not watching the videos, it, uh, wasn't that good. In case you're curious, no, she's not much of a better singer in Japanese.

: But... you seem so sad. Once we reach Pentagulia, you can can meet with the goddess Althena and your mission will be complete! You should be happy!
: You don't understand anything.
: Lucia-

: You don't have a glimpse what's really at stake here!

: What's wrong Lucia? I thought that you were...

Interesting how he chooses not to finish that thought.

: Oh Hiro... I came from the Blue Star to find Althena. That's my only mission. Zophar can not be allowed to return to full power.We must find a way to prevent his return, even if it...

: No. I will not allow my emotions to cloud my judgement. Even if Zophar does return fully, perhaps we can block his power with help from Althena. Once that's done, my mission will finally be complete.

: Then, won't everything be okay?

: *sigh* If I am forced to release Althena's power, it might mean...
: Lucia...

Oh dear, she's getting foreshadowy on us...

: I can't stop thinking about what will happen if... oh, what's happening to me? Why does my heart feel so heavy and my mind spin with possibilities? Why can't I accomplish the task I've set out to do?

: Lucia... I don't understand.
: Oh Hiro... you couldn't possibly understand!

: Just leave me alone!

Guys, I'm starting to think that Lucia may not be telling us something.

: Hiro, what's wrong with Lucia? Why is she crying? Hiro...?

Unfortunately, that question will have to wait.

We're finally here.