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Part 28: Pentagulia

Chapter 24: Pentagulia

: The Holy City of Pentagulia stands before you! This is the crown jewel of Althena's Cult.

Hey gang, we're finally here. It's been a bumpy road, but we've finally made it to Althena's city. Before we go to face our destiny, let's say good-bye to a very special friend.

: Uh, it's been real swell eating all your fish, but I'm not gonna be your pet!
: Duh, huh, huh... well, why not, purdy kitty?
: He he, yeah, Ruby, why not?
: Hiro! Don't even joke about leaving me with this, this... thing!

Goodbye weird cat-obsessed guard. You will live on in our hearts.

: However, I cannot promise you I will succeed.


: Oh no! Ghaleon!

Oh no! Cutscene!

: Ha ha ha! Welcome to Pentagulia. I'm impressed with your cunning and resolve. Unfortunately, the sands have nearly run from the hourglass.

I have no idea why they needed a cutscene for this, other than an excuse for more Ghaleon hamminess.

: Althena's power should have prevented this!

Good tactic Leo! Pretend to be a subordinate! That'll throw him off!


: ...!?
: Master Ghaleon? You mean to say that he is welcome here? Althena has sanctioned your actions?

Yeah, she was getting sick of Leo too.

: Master Ghaleon, I was ordered to bring Lucia to justice. I have brought her to Pentagulia so that Althena may decide her fate.
: Ah, but I know all that. For you see, at Althena's behest I have been following Lucia's progress.
: ...following?!
: I have noted that your dedication to the Goddess has become... er... questionable.
: How can you say that! I have done everything asked of me by the Goddess!
: Ah, yes. Well then, I'm sure you'll do your best to take the girl to the Goddess. ...and then the real show will begin... hm, hm, hm... hm, hm, hm, hm...

How in the hell did Ghaleon get hammier? How is that physically possible?

: Something is terribly wrong!

Like you being a lapdog to Fantasy Space Hitler!

Wait, since he's a beastman, is that racist?

No come back I didn't mean it like that!

: Leo! ...wait! Where are you going? How are we supposed to find Althena's Sanctuary?!

Guess we have to search for it. So let-

Wait, where's my conga line?

: I've got to have a few words with that creep Borgan! If you do happen to see the Goddess, would you ask her if she would like to donate some money or luck to the guild? After all, she was the one that destroyed Vane in the first place.
: But wasn't she under Ghaleon's control?
: Yeah, yeah, yeah.. okay, so she was under Ghaleon's control... same diff. Point is, it'd be nice if she helped rebuild it. Anyway, whether you get the goods or not, you have to come back to Vane. I want you in my Magic Guild for mega-sure!
: But Lemina, I don't think that will be possible, you see...
: Yes, yes, don't worry! We'll figure something out, Lucia. Anyway, I'd better go. Wish me luck!

So I guess we're breaking up the gang, at least for now.

: I saw you through to Pentagulia. Now, I've got some business of my own. Don't worry, Leo will see you to it that you find the Goddess. I've got to see Mauri. Hate to say it, but good-bye Hiro... good-bye Lucia.
: How rude! Aren't you goin' to say good-bye to me too?
: Ha ha ha... oh yes, how could I forget? Good-bye Ruby! Make sure you keep a rein on that fire of yours!
: I'll save all fire for you!
: ...don't ever change, squirt! I guess this is adios!

Huh, that's... surprisingly sweet, really.

: I sure hope Ronfar knows what he's doing. I think that girl is baaad news...

Although, yeah, I have to share that concern Ruby... guess we can just hope being in this holy city puts her on her best behavior.

: ...maybe he can shed some light on my encounter with the Blue Dragon Cult leader. I must find out who he really is. ... I'm going to miss all of you very much. Once you've finished everything, come to the Carnival and see me again!
: ...okay! I just can't wait to see you dance again!
: When you come, Ruby, I'll do a special dance for you!

: It's as if there's a deep hole inside me...
: Lucia, everyone has that feeling when someone you care about leaves. It's called loneliness, or even sadness.
:, this hole in my heart... this empty space... is sadness?

That or a Mortal Kombat Fatality. Unpleasant either way.

: ...then, yes... I feel sad that everyone has left.

As soon as we leave the docks and enter Pentagulia, the game gives up a long pan over the city.

It's a swanky joint.

: Althena must be nearby, but I do not yet sense her presence... it's so... strange... Hopefully it is not too late to stop Zophar and save both our worlds. But... that means...
: ...

Honey, even Hiro can see the load of foreshadowing you're lugging around.

Putting aside Lucia's angst, let's take a look around this most holy and forbidden of cities. I'm certain the residents are only the most pious and not the cavalcade of goons that populate the towns of all Lunar games. Yes.

: Althena has chosen us from amongst many, and we all take this responsibility very seriously. The only thing that keeps me going is the hope that one day, if I'm good enough, she will bless my work and grant me immortality.

Uh... no, Althena doesn't do that, at least not from what we saw in the first game. Yeah, promising immortality isn't suspicious at all.

There are actually two "houses" in Pentagulia, and man they certainly get the most out their real estate.

: I think it's because the Goddess has blessed me.
: More like it's because of the Prozac injections they give you at dinner.

And of course Ruby immediately starts to work on getting us kicked out.

: I'm sorry, but I can't speak to people who don't appreciate the Goddess.
: I appreciate the Goddess. You stupid wench!

That was the saddest comeback, Ruby.

: She still relies on the power of the Dragonmaster for protection.
: Althena does not need the power of humans. Her power is the only way to stop Zophar!

Hm, I wonder if this will be thematic in some way.

: We are sworn to keep the good name of Althena free from reproach. That's why our manners are always impeccable.
: Whew! All the time? That would suck!

: As a true believer, I will not bring any reproach on the name of Althena.
: And you will not attract any women...

As a priest, I don't think he'd care that much.

: Since I've joined the cult, look at all the good things I've received! You know, it pays to worship the Goddess Althena!
: Yeah, yeah, we know... don't leave home without her.

Does American Express still use that catchphrase? I don't watch a whole lotta TV. All I know about American Express commercials is Carrie Brownstein is in them now and that makes me sad.

: He lives only to insure that the Goddess stays free from harm.

Yeah, I'm sure.

Moving on to the next house...

: I hope Master Ghaleon kills it before it gets close to Althena. does word travel that fast, anyway?

: How long do you plan on staying our city? Did you bring everything that you need? Is there anything I can do for you?
: Yeah! You can shut up for a brief second and let me get a word in edgewise!

First nice person we see and Ruby tell 'em to stuff it. Never change, Ruby.

: Don't these people remember that he once tried to destroy our world?

You, lady, are the new proud recipient of the ONLY SANE NPC IN THE ENTIRE WORLD reward!

: Pentagulia's getting that 'last week' sorta feel to it, lately. It used to be so nice here. But then they started letting common trash in. And that was it. There went the cachet.

Oh of course there are Pentagulia hipsters!

: I'm thinking he's just the dreamiest man that's ever walked on the face of Lunar!
: I'm thinking just two words. Hard. Up.


: Do ya think a gal like me and a guy like Ghaleon can ever get together?

No, but keep working on your fanfiction sweetie.

In addition to the two houses and the huge cathedral there are four towers all throughout town, each dedicated to one of the four heroes.

And Ronfar's already made it inside. Wonder how his conversation is going.

: There is nothing left to discuss. Our love has grown cold.
: Oh Mauri! Don't say that! I've been running from my true self. I realized some things when I last saw you. I realized that I can't live without you... that I need you in my life. But we have to find a way to free you from this evil spell you're under.
: But Ronfar... I am this way because of you. Don't you see? We can never go back...

And it cuts off at the good part!

Still he's not on fire (yet) so it's seems to be going well. So far.

: In the past, she used to be so carefree, but now she's just so... so... empty.

: But ever since Lord Leo was granted the Destiny, he never sees Mauri anymore.

: It seems that she's being haunted by strange dreams during the night. She keeps saying that it feels as if she's dying inside. I'm worried...

And the game continues to teases us with interesting bit of the plot thread that they're not going reveal quite yet.

: That's why she can throw fire at will.
: Ha! That's nothing compared to what I can do!

You're right, she can't breath tiny puffs of fire. Good for you, Ruby.

On to the next tower.

: It was constructed in honor of Grand Black Wizard Borgan. We hate it when he comes to Pentagulia to inspect his tower... because we have to grease the door frame to get him inside. The guy's a fat pig... no two ways about it.

No. Really?

well, let's see if Lemina's gonna kill him or not.

: You're the last person I would have expected to see in Pentagulia.
: Shut up, you overweight toad! I'm tired of listening to your trite speeches. I have two reasons for being here: the first is to rescue my mother. And the second is to make sure you never again set foot in Vane.

Aw, that's all we get? Oh well...

: He's more interested in Vane than that money-grubbing Lemina.

Oh, that would hurt if Lemina could hear that. Not as badly as this, though:

: Even though Borgan is as ugly as a festering boil, Lady Miria has fallen in love with him.

: Honestly... I don't know how she does it...


: He's created an entirely new magic city that is far better than Vane!

"I'll make a new Vane. A better Vane! And it'll have blackjack and hookers..."

: Wait... aren't you...? Yes! Yes! We met in Vane. Don't you remember me? You must remember me. I was walking around, and we made eye contact... I even said 'hi' to you! Come on! You must remember me!

I don't think... unless you were one of the dudes with the weird helmets- no, let's not entertain this desperate fellow. Let's go see how Jean is doing.

: What bring you all the way to Pentagulia?

: But... what good is this mask? Didn't you get a good look at the leader?
: No, he covered his face before I could get a look at it. He was in such a hurry to get away, though, that he dropped the mask. His voice seemed so very familiar... but I can't put my finger on it...

Again, they cut off once it gets interesting!

: Yet he lost interest once he became one of the Four Heroes. I wonder what kind of fighting technique he was going to invent?

: Lunn says that to be truly effective during combat, one must know everything about their enemy. If you learn your enemy's weaknesses, you can attack them mercilessly.

I think you answered your own question, buddy. Sheesh. Sounds nasty.

Also Hi Working Designs.

There is one more tower. However-

But since Leo's out, there's not much going on here.

: He will not rest until he has seen it through to completion... and help the poor soul that gets in his way!
: Uh, we sorta had a first hand demonstration of that already...

: But I guess that's how Lord Leo likes it. He only enlisted me because I'm an awesome swordsman.

Anywho, it's time to go finally meet Althena.

: The thought that the Goddess herself resides here sends chills down my spine.
: This place sends chills down my spine, too. But I think it's because this joint's so spooky! I mean... listen to that music... where the hell is that coming from? Do they pipe it in? I mean, I'm just waiting for Lon Chaney to pop up any minute!

Okay, we'll screw around a bit more.

: I believe that Althena will find pleasure in the cat you brought to sacrifice. You wouldn't consider selling it to me, would you?
: Stop laughing Hiro! This is serious! This moron wants to kill me! It's not a laughing matter!

I respectfully disagree.

: Its presence will not be tolerated!
: I am not an animal. I'm a Red Dragon, idiot!
: Mauri does not serve pathetic little cats with delusions of gradeur. When she finds out what you're saying, she'll kill you!
: Oh yeah... well I got something to say about that! ...bite me!

I dunno, I think Mauri is just a step away from being crazy enough to do just that.

: Thank Althena there is no concept of civil liberties in Lunar...

Yeah, I had to include this line because I giggled at it. So what?

: I just hope I can get one glimpse of her before I die...

Speaking of which...

Something about this joint reminds me of Lunar 1... it's probably the muted color.

: That's the rule, love it or leave it.

But we can't take in too much of the beige glory, at least right now. So let's just go and complete our mission!

: Shall I guide you inside?

They give you a yes/no prompt here, and while we have no reason to hit "no," let's do it anyway.

You're not looking for the bathroom, Hiro!

: Are you nuts, Hiro? Half the time you can't find the way outta your bedroom!
: Don't worry Ruby, I believe that I can assist Hiro in finding the Goddess. Besides, I would like to see more of Pentagulia anyway. Once I've seen the Goddess, I may not be able to come back...
: ...Lucia?

Curiouser and curiouser...

Anyway, let's get on with it.

: Lucia, aren't you happy? Your quest is nearly at an end!
: ... But, if I do see... then Hiro and... no! I must go... ... This is the moment I have sought since I came to your world. The time is upon us. Let's go...
: Hiro, Lucia, please follow me.

: And I have brought Lucia back with me. She wishes to speak with you on a matter of great importance., this is Althena?

: Ah! Lucia from the Blue Star! I know you have traveled very far to visit me! Your journey was difficult - more than it had to be! For you see, much of your trouble was caused by my subordinate Ghaleon, who misunderstood my orders regarding you. Accept my apology, as I welcome you to Pentagulia.

Holy shit Althena needs to get off the valium.

: Lucia! Why is your face clouded with concern? Do you yet worry about the treat to our world made by Zophar return? Do not trouble yourself. I have already sealed away Zophar's power. He is a threat to this world no more.
: You-
: What? Speak up my dear.
: You are not Althena! Who are you?

: Hm, hm, hm... my, my! Seems that we have quite the firebrand in our presence! Your mother obviously never taught you the benefit of proper manners. Perhaps a little... er... creative redirection is in order... Hold on, dear Lucia. I'm afraid it's going to be a bumpy ride... hm hm hm...

And then he just knocks her ass on the ground. Kinda anti-climatic.

But wait!

: Ha! Come to me, then, show me what power lurks beneath your worthless skin.

Oh. Uh... wow. We... we are not prepared for this. Well, uh, let's give it our best. Eat Poe Sword!

That's not going to work. Then... how about some Boomerang action?

Especially doesn't work. After one more round of useless flailing...

: Ha ha ha! Watch carefully...

: My, my, child. You never should have challenged me. With power such as yours, you are better suited to bathe cattle than fight. You can't save yourself, let alone your dear Lucia!
: Ghaleon! I will lay down my life before I give up! You cannot win!

You tell 'em Hiro!

Damn! Nice. His other hit isn't a crit, but it still does more than 1 hp.

: Pity that...

I just noticed they forget an "l" there... oops.

But now it's a proper duel. Well, if it's a duel this guy wants, then a duel he'll get!

Nevermind. Yeah, he gets two of those, by the way.

: Your superb work is an honor to my name!
: Hrmph! Perhaps soon you will give me a challenge worthy of my skill. These humans are about as dangerous as raindrops.
: ...Ghaleon! What... what just happened?
: Ah, Leo! I am beginning to question your motivation. This Destroyer was clearly brought here as an assassin. Perhaps you knew of her intent?
: No... I...!
: Perhaps our good Lord Leo is a bit too... er... good for his own welfare. Question is... where exactly does his loyalty lie?

: How dare you question my loyalty! There is no one living that can turn me away from serving the Goddess! Just wait... I will prove my worth!
: Hm hm hm... Oh, I can't wait to see this.