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Part 29: The Adventures of the Masked Man, Volume 1

Chapter 25: The Adventures of the Masked Man, Volume 1

In times of darkness and despair...

: Man, I guess Ghaleon is more powerful than we thought! I knew Leo was a no-good traitor! He's working for that evil Althena! We've got to find a way to get out of here... wherever 'here' is... our darkest moments...

: ...Lucia? I don't know what happened to Lucia. The last time I saw her, she was laid out on the floor of Althena's audience chamber. Hiro... I hope she's all right! If the Goddess really is a fake like Lucia said, we're all in big trouble!
: ...
: We've got to find a way out of here and then find the others! ...uh, any ideas?

Hope springs eternal.

Like a flash of lightning in the night, their salvation had arrived.

: I've come to rescue you. Do as I say and we'll all get out of here alive! Now then, follow me!

The boy and his strange, mouthy feline companion stared at this dashing masked man. They simply couldn't believe their unbelievable streak of luck. But who was this handsome, daring masked crusader?

: Le... Leo! What are you doing here? I thought you were the servant of that no-good phoney Althena?! What are you doing trying to help us?

Due to her recent plight, the poor creature's mind seemed to be a bit scrambled. However, her confusion did lead to a good question: what was this masked man's name?!

: Uh... er... I am not White Knight Leo. I... am... I am... uh...

: Hurry! You must follow me or your lives will be lost!
: ...
: Come on Leo! Knock off the party games and tell us what's really happening!
: Silence, cat! I am Mystere. I know not the 'Leo' of which you speak!
: Okay... right. Mystere. I get it. Whatever...
: My true identity shall remain a secret, but I have knowledge to impart to you. Listen very carefully... There are four towers in Pentagulia, each with a prison on the top floor. They are connected by an underground network of passages. You are in the white tower. Your friends lie in the other towers. But I have no information on the girl you call Lucia. Since she tried to murder the Goddess, her fate is probably execution. I will help you release Ronfar and the two girls from their cells. What you do after that is your own business. Come quickly! Time rapidly escapes us!

Even Ruby finally understood that time was of the essence, and the three of them set off. The journey promised to be an arduous one.

Fortunately for them, the masked man was a powerful ally. Not only was he a capable fighter, Mystere came prepared with a full suite of high end armor. Even his mask had been enchanted! Although it seemed odd he had neglected to bring any restoratives... in fact, Mystere swore he had...

The first leg of their escape involved merely getting out of the tower. While the tower itself was easy enough to descend, swarms of guards stood in our heroes' way.

Despite their ominous names, both Hiro and Mystere could fell them quickly with their sword skills. Mystere was almost disappointed.

Not to say that these knights were completely defenseless.

In an amazing stroke of luck, the makers of the tower had hidden a mystical ring in the tower's depths. Whoever bore this ring gained a priest's ability to heal. Sadly, the wearer of the ring could only heal the wounds of one person at a time, but any aid the fugitives could receive was welcome. Much to Mystere's surprise, Hiro volunteered to wear the ring.

While finding some healing statues was quite a stroke of luck, they found it both baffling and galling that it required money to use. While no one was eager to give money to the cult, they needed all the help they could get.

For their grand escape had just started.

The underground tunnels were even more heavily guarded. In addition to the heavy armed knights that roamed the White Knight Leo's tower, there were also the fearsome magicians, Flash Lords.

Even those mages paled next to the strange mechanical monstrosities dubbed Flyboys and the deadly Assassins. The Assassins could land multiple devastating blows in a matter of seconds.

The freakish Flyboys, however, were no less intimidating.

There were some... set-backs.

Thankfully, another pair of statues sat right in the middle of the underground complex. At this point, the party threw away their reservations. Whatever aided their survival.

From here, they decided to go directly right, to the Blue Dragon tower.

Unfortunately, none of the other towers had statues installed in them.

Moreover, those deadly Assassins protected this tower. Luckily for our heroes, these Assassins didn't appear in such large numbers.

Soon, they reached the top and freed the dancer girl, Jean.

: I've been counting the minutes since they locked me in that cell! I was hoping you were all okay! Say, what's Leo doing with you? Isn't he working for the Goddess?
: Uh, well, yes and no. Near as we can tell, this is some sort of party game Leo's playing. He's dressed up and calls himself 'Mystere.' He's the one that rescued Hiro and me from the cell first!

Despite the cat's obvious lies, she good-naturedly humored the creature's babbling nonsense.

: All right, then. Mystere it is! Listen, some really bad stuff is going on here. When I went to see Master Lunn to report on the Blue Dragon Cult, I discovered something very interesting...

: What bring you all the way to Pentagulia?
:'s this mask. I took it from the leader of the Blue Dragon Cult.
: But... what good is this mask? Didn't you get a good look at the leader?
: No, he covered his face before I could get a look at it. He was in such a hurry to get away, though, that he dropped the mask. His voice seemed so very familiar... but I can't put my finger on it...

Suddenly, she paused, and grimaced.

: Ha, ha, ha... Jean, you always were my best student. But you never knew when to give up... to leave well enough alone...
: ...your best student? What... are you talking ab...

: I'm surprised it took you so long to put it together. But then again, you were bred to fight, not to think. And fight you did! Under my watchful eye, your fighting skill increased a hundred-fold!
: Yes, but you forced me to use that skill for death and destruction. I was nothing more than an assassin for your corrupt cause! You stole my childhood, Lunn. I'll never forgive you for that!
: 'Never' is such a strong word. Think about it, Jean! I molded you into what you are today! You should thank me.
: You molded me into what? An emotional wreck who is always running from a past I don't understand? Or, maybe a trained killer who can never live a normal life? You took everything I had, and gave me nothing in return. You never cared about me. I was simply another child whose soul you would blacken for your own evil purpose. A trusting child whose innocence you would tear away with no remorse.
: Jean, Jean... you make it sound so... harsh. I did care about you. Your skill was beyond anything I had encountered. You were special. ... We could have gone far together. But your rebellion has made us adversaries.
: I will always be the adversary of evil. You must be stopped.
: Well then, Jean. The time has come for your final lesson. And a hard lesson it will be...

As Jean described it, Lunn took her out with naught but one, swift punch.

: ...I don't believe... your karate has grown... so... strong... Lunn... you... you can't...

: We have to find a way to stop Lunn! He can't be allowed to continue stealing the innocence of children. His newer, stronger black karate of death cannot be allowed to spread.

Despite the shocking news about the newly discovered depravities of Lunn, this was no time for reflection. Now that they were one person stronger, the descent through the tower was swift.

Right below the statue, the path diverged in two. They elected to go to the left first, to the tower of Red Dragon.

Flash Lord defended this tower. After bearing the blows of the terrible Assassins, the Flash Lords were no trouble at all.

What luck! Who knew that a Tri-Ring, which protected the user from all sorts of maladies, could be found within this tower? Not much in the underground compound inflicted ailments, so it wasn't useful at the moment, but one never knows.

Soon enough, they found Ronfar.

: I can't tell ya how glad I am to see you guys! ...uh, hey Leo, what's with the mask?
: He's pretending to be some kind of supernut called 'Mystere.' Go figure...
: Ha ha ha! Okay, then, Mystere it is... Now then, get a load of this... I'm in a serious load of poo poo.

: There is nothing left to discuss. Our love has grown cold.
: Oh Mauri! Don't say that! I've been running from my true self. I realized some things when I last saw you. I realized that I can't live without you... that I need you in my life. But we have to find a way to free you from this evil spell you're under.
: But Ronfar... I am this way because of you. Don't you see? We can never go back... Love me the way I am, and embrace the way of Goddess Althena.
: Mauri, I know that you're this way because of me, but I want to fix that! I had no choice back then. It was the only way you could survive! Every time I think about that day, it drives a knife through my heart! But I can't join you here! Don't you see that the Goddess is a fraud? She's imprisoned you in some kind of eternal darkness. I'm here to get you out. To find the real Mauri once again!
: Oh Ronfar, let's not talk about that right now... Let's talk about the times we used to have, the games that we played together, and let's forget about this crazy mess that both of us are in.
: Mauri, I wish I could. But more is at stake here than us... You've got to give me some straight answers before I can help you. Tell me, what's going on in this terrible city? Why is it you never show the sweet smile of innocence I fell in love with? All I see now when you smile is the fire of hate in your eyes. Mauri, you have to tell me before I can help you!
: Enough of this nonsense, Ronfar! Nothing has changed except you. I'm the same person you fell in love with.
: But Mauri... you have changed!
: If you cannot accept me for who I am and join me in Althena's glorious service, then I'm afraid I will have to end your pathetic life along with the others. At least once I've taken your life, you will be mine forever... and that is what I've...

"Help! I... am awash in a sea... of darkness... I... am... right here.... please... hurry... release me... before I... I... disappear forever..."

: Are you in there, Mauri? Wait! Come back!

Suddenly, there was a flash of blinding light!

: That's one way to shut you up! ...hrmph! I can't believe those memories still exist. I will soon wash them from this wretched mind.

: I can't believe that I could have been such a fool. Mauri is obviously under some kind of black spell from the Goddess... and has been ever since the day I cured her of the disease. The fake Goddess will pay for what she's done to Mauri... believe me... she will pay!

Mystere had known that Mauri was... deteriorating, but he didn't... or perhaps, couldn't, believe it could have gotten so bad. If there was any of the sweet girl she used to be- no, Mystere could not lose himself to doubt.

With Ronfar in tow, they made it to the final tower.

The wretched Flyboys protected this tower. By now, however, Mystere and the rest had enough manpower to deal with the machines easily.

Near the top, they found a strange staff. Like most mage staffs, this was enchanted, but it was not enchanted with a offensive spell. How odd.

Finally, they released the last captive.

: I didn't know if you guys were even still alive! ...hey! Who's the party dude in the mask?
: Funny you should ask... We're playing a little game. Lord Leo has decided to play this part called 'Mystere' and we're playing along. We're not supposed to know who he is... but he's helping us... I think.
: Whatever floats his boat. Anyway, I can't believe what that stupid Borgan did. I'll never forgive him! I hope he chokes on all the food he eats! Get a load of this...

: You're the last person I would have expected to see in Pentagulia.
: Shut up, you overweight toad! I'm tired of listening to your trite speeches. I have two reasons for being here: the first is to rescue my mother. And the second is to make sure you never again set foot in Vane.
: I find your manner so... I don't know... delicious. You're always hell-bent on changing others. Perhaps you should consider changing yourself! Besides, your mother is no longer in Pentagulia. She's busy making a new home for us in Neo-Vane, my illustrious magic city.
: Neo-Vane?!
: Yes that's right, Neo-Vane, cupcake! And, surprise of surprises, she loves it! But why shouldn't she? Her surroundings are that of a queen. I have given her the finest of everything in this world! And all I ask is that she grow to love me. Despite what you think, it can be done. If you try hard enough, I'm certain you can do the same. I'll think of you as the daughter I never had.
: ...daughter?!
: Yes! Soon Miria will agree to be my wife. I can feel it! After Miria and I are united, your ability to revive the Magic Guild of Vane will be forever sealed. I'm afraid you don't stand a chance of stopping me, cream-puff.
: I won't allow you to do this!
: I'd suggest you get a handle on your emotion, sweetie. Soon, the only words you'll utter will be those of a loyal daughter.

: ...oops. I almost let the cat out of the bag. I can't let you in on that little secret until we're back in Neo-Vane. Believe me, poopsie, you'll feel right at home... But since you seem a little adverse to the idea right now, I'd better put you in a holding cell. Sweet dreams... daughter!

Mystere.... had to admit he wasn't particularly surprised to learn of Borgan's evil. Although this talk of Zophar was distressing...

: We've got to find a way out of here so I can rescue my mother!

Despite her unassuming, diminutive appearance, the blonde magic user blazed with a raging fury. A... lot of fury.

Now that he had reunited the four, Mystere knew what had to be done.

Just as soon as the strange masked man entered their lives, he was gone. Could they ever count on seeing their anonymous savior again? Who knows. There is one thing they could be certain of: whenever an innocent suffers injustice, there is one man you can always count on to right wrongs.


But they will always have something to remember him by.