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Part 30: Blowing This Popsicle Stand

Chapter 26: Blowing This Popsicle Stand

: ...I can't believe Leo thinks he's really fooling us with that mask.
: Ruby, if Leo helped us without using some sort of disguise, it could very well have cost and others their lives. Leo has pledged his allegiance to the Althena cult. For now, this is probably the only way he can help us.

Last time... stuff happened. Who knows if we'll ever met our mysterious benefactor agai-

Leo! My, what a coinci-dink!

: Something very sinister is going on around here, and I don't like it. I'm beginning to think I have been duped into being part of some evil plan! I must find out what the true intentions of Althena are. Perhaps if we work together, we can solve this mystery. In any case, we must first find Lucia and hear her story. She's being held in the shrine on the second floor of Althena's tower. We can get to the shrine by means of a secret passage below these towers. Let's go!
: ...did you tire of the mask, friend?
: What are you talking about? I know nothing of a mask, Ronfar. I have no time for games. Your precious Lucia's life hangs in the balance.

Anyway, Leo's back!

And he somehow managed to replace all the equipment I stole from him! Twice.

So we make it back down the tower and-

: The secret exit from this room is somewhere along these walls. We must find it!

All right, let's get on it. Of course, we fight some battles along the way-

I know Leo, you don't have to remind me-

I know!

There now shut up.

And we're in the cathedral! All right, so we don't know exactly where Lucia is, but the general adage, "go wherever you couldn't before" never steers me wrong, let's do just that.

No, not there. I guess this fake Althena must be related to Xenobia because they both have the same propensity to hide in closets to make grand entrances.

There we go.

One more goodie for the road.

Finally, we come across where they're keeping Lucia captive.

: Your sick plan can never succeed! No matter how hard you try, you cannot stop me from finding Althena and halting Zophar's return!
: Ha ha ha! Why, Lucia, you're delirious! Althena herself stands before you! Don't you recognize me?
: I recognize only the face of evil! You are not Althena! You are nothing more than a human puppet dancing for the amusement of Zophar.

: Do you not know that I control the Four Dragons, the Four Heroes, and the Dragonmaster? I have proven to all the people that I'm Althena. I have youth and beauty. I am the Goddess!
: Your actions are not those of a true goddess!
: Ha ha ha, you fool! How do know how a goddess is to act?[sic] The fact that I stand before you should be proof enough.
: ... ...I won't believe it!
: Oh, but darling... you have no choice! And the time has come for me to show you how truly powerful I've become! Even Ghaleon has been reborn to protect and to serve the goddess.
: Yes, but by whose authority? Certainly not yours!
: Oh, the little princess has copped an attitude... how endearing.

The first thing Ghaleon says in this entire scene is a supervillain line. Never change.

: Silence Ghaleon! I can handle this. ...Well, Lucia. The time has come for you to give of yourself for the honor of Althena. Soon, we will extract your power, and I will finally achieve eternal youth! Unfortunately, your life will also end. Enjoy this time, Lucia. It's all you have left...

: Her desire has blinded her to the truth of what's really happening here. Lucia, soon everything we know will change...
: ...but... wasn't Zophar the one that brought you back? I know that this fake Althena did not, but I cannot think of a reason why Zophar would!

Well thanks for that interjection Leo. Now let's, Oh, more cutscene?

Why have those really small bits of spoken dialogue punctuated by text, and then put more voice acting later? Urgh, make my life harder why don't you?!

: Don't you realize Zophar's only ambition is to take revenge on Althena? He brought me back from the netherworld knowing that I too have score to settle with her, and would sell my eternal soul for a chance to take revenge on the world that ruined me!
: But... how can he hope to...?
: Ha ha ha! Because he has a secret weapon. The true purpose of Athena's Cult is aid Zophar's in his return to power. And once he is restored, my revenge will be complete!
: I won't let you do that!
: Hm, such big words from such a... small lady.
: The real Althena must be imprisoned somewhere within Pentagulia! I will find her, and destroy Zophar once in for all.

: You are delirious. Your power has been drained. Face it: you've already lost.

: But, Ghaleon, you forget. Humans have an undeniable power too.

: Ha ha ha! You mean to say that you're counting on the power of
humans to save Althena and fuel your offense against Zophar?! That plan is even more pathetic than I had hoped. You might as well kiss your precious Blue Star good-bye right now, Lucia.
: Do not underestimate humanity's power.

: So tell me, what will become of this world once you've used the humans and cast them aside?

: *Gasp* They'll- they'll be...

...fine? 100% okay?

: Ha ha ha. Don't worry. I doubt your precious Hiro will be able to save you now. So the question is, shall we say, moot. And even if he did, you don't stand a chance of unlocking Pentagulia's secrets. So long, sweet pea. Ha ha ha...

: ...Hiro will come! I will escape, Ghaleon!

: The cult is working to revive Zophar, and I've been helping! But this doesn't make any sense whatsoever! I can't believe that all we heard was true! I've got to find a way out of this mess!

Thank goodness I remembered to steal his equipment for a third second time.

In any case, let's go rescue Lucia!

Oh hey there's a treasure on the other side! Have to go the long way around, though.

Lynx Tails increase Range. Noooot that great.

Anyway, Lucia.

: All of you are such good friends!

"That I would never use and then cast aside. Nope. Never."

: Lucia...
: Hiro, the Althena in this sanctuary is a fake. We must find the real Althena and put a stop to this madness! Every second we waste puts more power in the hands of Zophar! Oh, this is terrible! I don't know what to do!

Where's she going?

: Some clue that can lead us to where she's being held! She simply must be around here somewhere... if only I could see!
: Are you sure, Lucia?
: Yes, the Goddess is in the fifth tower! Ghaleon mentioned it earlier, but he did not say where it was. ...there must be a way to find it... ...wait! The pool! It must be a fountain of transport! Ah, yes! This has to be the fountain of transport that leads to the Goddess! It was before me the entire time, and yet I could not see! I must go... before Zophar returns fully!

Yep that's water. couldn't have just jumped over the railing?

: ...Lucia?! ...I can't believe she jumped. I hope she's right! ...because I have a feeling we're going in after her... right Hiro?

If she's wrong, then we're just going to land in water, so... no big deal, really.

Unless there are people here who can't swim.


Now that looks like a Goddess Tower!

: But... where's the lake? It was..
: The lake was simply the transport fountain, a doorway to this place. We must hurry. The real Althena must be locked inside this tower.

However, if we try to get inside, we discover that-

: I've never felt magic this powerful before. I'm certain it is not of human origin. In fact, I'm fairly certain it is the work of Zophar.
: My Lucia! You do have a keen sense of the obvious! Of course this is Zophar's seal! It was created to keep tripe like you out!

: Ah, the Goddess Tower! It seems like such a pure, tranquil place... And that's why the city of Pentagulia was erected in front of it. Its power and purity could not be allowed to escape into this world. Fortunately, the power of the Four Dragons was easy to mold to Zophar's will. ...funny, the one thing Althena depended on most for protection was what helped create this seal on the Goddess Tower. ...oh, and one last confession before you... um... go. I must admit that I did not create this seal for Zophar alone. I had a little help from dear friends...

What is this, Villainous Warp Appreciation Day?

: You know, you should look upon it as a great hon... what?! Ghaleon? What is wrong with you? I did not order you to appear! Leave at once!
: Oh great... just... super! Ghaleon! Our chances for survival just took a dive into the crapper!

I'm not actually sure what the name of this song is, and I had to get from the game audio itself because I can't find it elsewhere, but here you go.


This is the song from the remake, although they sound quite different... but I'm pretty this is the song.

: Althena... is... is that you? I don't understand...
: Look Hiro! The Dragon Wings are beginning to glow! But what's causing it? ...whoa!

Ha ha! How does it feel to be on the end of the bullshit warp, huh?

: I demand to know what is going on this minute!

: Ghaleon?! Show yourself!

All right, I'm not showing warps anymore. Just trust me when I say he did, okay?

: I will hold you personally accountable to Zophar!
: What a poor imitation of Althena you are, goddess. You don't even have the power to capture a little girl without my power. But you let parlor tricks and tired magic ease her through your grasp. They escaped from help from one of their friends. But don't worry your empty little head about it. I will go and retrieve the girl and her simple minded associates. Just wait he...

Hey, guys... guess who we haven't heard from in a long time!

: Wait, Ghaleon!
: Zophar...
: Use what's left of your head. It is not necessary to roam the land chasing Lucia and her rag-tag party of misfits. They will return to this very spot, on their own free will. Lucia must return to this tower, to meet Althena and complete her mission.
: Yes, Zophar, but I'm certain Lucia will try to free the Four Dragons you have sealed to save Althena. She must-
: Ha ha ha! Well, then, you must work to strengthen the seal and make certain she does not succeed! For the moment, I will just watch and relish the way she worms her way into the hearts of the humans who foolishly befriended her. She is so misguided to even try to harness the power of humankind to complete her mission. But her attachment will be her undoing. Mark my words... Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! HA HA HA!