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Part 34: Coming to Terms

Chapter 29: Coming to Terms

Now that we've freed Nall, we're moving on to get the Blue Dragon Aura from Lunn. Once we clear the ice, we just need to go a little further south-

And we're at our next town!

: South of here lies the Marius zone. I'd say away from there if I were you. Why don't you stay here and learn karate?

Hey, thanks for throwing in the geographic information that I keep forgetting to include! Also, Lunn did mention a karate tournament and a place called Horam, so we're in the right place.

: This is going to be a tough decision. I wish there weren't so many choices. Maybe I should find out which dojo won the competition last year....

This town's gimmick is, well, obviously karate, but also silly comedy dojos. Let's meet our wacky martial artists.

: Well, since he's sick, why don't you fight Lunn?
: Me? Oh, I'm sick, too... <hack> <hack> ...can't you tell?

First off, we have the, uh, Sick Dojo?

: Pretty much everyone in this dojo is sick just about all the time... I'm not lying! We are! It's so sad. We could really kick butt if we were well..

The Lazy Excuse Dojo?

: The meals here are just so tasty!

The Mary Mallon Dojo?

: I wonder if it's our food that's making everyone sick?

Yeah, let's go with that one.

: Some say he's the toughest one of them. I just think he's so dreamy...

So she heard about the tongue thing too, huh?

: I think I'm going to puke.
: Some say I'm too infatuated with Lunn. I think they're all jealous of what Lunn and I have.

Which is half-open blinds and binoculars, respectively.

: The karate that he was teaching has no place in this world...
: I'm on Lunn's side. We don't need to learn this sissy karate that you like.

Yeah, that sissy karate that doesn't involve kidnapping children... buncha scrubs.

Horam has these odd little secret tunnels-


...sorry. Anyway, Horam has a bunch of tunnels that transport you to various points in town. It's... there. It's not particularly useful.

Oh, Wind Karate? I think Hiro might dig this.

: If you want to fight me, come on! Charge at me! ...ha ha! Our motto is 'he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.' See, I won by running away! Cool, huh?

Oh. Uh, Hiro doesn't need to learn that. ...any more.

: Do you know what kind of money they give to new business owners? I'm going to be rich!

I think we might have found a perfect match for Lemina.

: And then they'll all come to me for training, and I'll charge them mega-bucks.

I stand corrected.

: Of course, one day I'll have to fight Lunn. But that doesn't mean I have to fight fairly. I'm going to buy me some spiked brass knuckles!

I'd go for spiked toed boots and a series of crotch kicks myself. To each their own.

: I just like walking into these dojos and watching these studs work out. The constant bending over and stretching... oh man! I just don't know which man is the best...

Ma'am, I think you're the only one here for love.

: You're looking at the best man in this town, honey!

Well, maybe not the only one, but he's not really a physical culture fan.

: I've been to the Bunny Karate dojo, but they just don't appeal to me... Say, you look like you're tough. Whaddaya say, sweetheart?
: Sorry. Not interested. And don't call me sweet-heart.

...yeah, I laughed. What can I say?

:This is the motto of our drunken dojo. Admission is 500S and a bottle of hooch.

Oh, and of course we have to have a drunk dojo.

: I wanted to go to Fat Boy dojo and eat cake all day. But my father said this was much better... he... was wrong... urp... blaaaah!

According to Wikipedia, the whole "drunken karate" thing comes from a style called Zui Quan. Although, as you can imagine, you don't actually get drunk. I imagine it's pretty impossible to do while drunk.

: I'm uh mastaa uv drunkenn kaarate, fooolks! Yew don' stan' uh chance!
: Yeah, we don't stand a chance of forgetting how bad your breath smells!

Of course, still one of the best known example of "drunken" martial arts comes from Drunken Master. I've never seen it. Maybe I should.

...I didn't feel like transcribing that. Sorry.

: You are seriously pathetic! Don't you guys have an 'AA' chapter around here?

I'm pretty sure the entire idea of substance abuse counseling is foreign to this world. Which would explain a lot...

: Hiro, this guy's eyes are all glazed over.
: ...
: I think we oughtta come back to this one later.


Uh.... yes?

: Liar! I was nowhere near the Bunny Karate dojo. There's no proof that I was in the showers taking pictures... none! Say, you're not the coppers, are you?

Definitely yes.

: We don't have time to wage war with anybody. We're too busy practicing karate to fight with anyone.

And yet you all still sell weapons and armor?

Second from the left is the Blazing Robe for Ronfar and Lemina. There's also the Seal Wrap pictured, Thunder Shield at the end of the first row, and the Wisdom Tiara for Lemina and the Gold Clip for Jean on the bottom row. Oddly enough, no one can equip the Seal Wrap... huh. Everyone except Jean gets new equipment.

Another piece of equipment we can't use. Huh. other than the Atomic Punch, we've got the Platinum Blade and Thor's Hammer. The Platinum Blade "blasts enemy" which just means they push them back. Not great, but it's stronger than what he's got. There's also Thor's Hammer for Ronfar, and sadly it's not as awesome as the name suggests. Although it "flips enemy" which is actually just "blast enemy" with a different name for some reason.

Item shop has nothing we haven't seen before (although they still sell Dragonfly Wings, and I have no idea why) but one thing you'll notice is that no store outside of Vane and Azado sell Angel Tears. Starlights can only be bought in Meribia and Vane, and only Vane sells Silverlights. The lack of Star and Silverlights aren't so bad, as dungeons tend to give you them anyway, but the inability to buy Angel Tears is annoying.

: What are you laughing at?! After I kick Lunn's butt, I'm going to come and pay you a little visit.

Anyway, there's a large, mostly non-comedic dojo at the back of the city. So I think we can guess where the plot's hiding.

: Why are you bothering me? Don't you know there's a martial arts tournament to prepare for? Lunn? You're looking for Lunn? There's no one here by that name. Go ask Wong-Lee in the back room if he knows anyone by that name. You might get lucky. Now leave me alone!

Everyone in Horam is a bit touchy about the Lunn issue, but these guys have a particular reason to be.

: Everyone in the dojo used to want to be as good a pupil as he was. But now, we spit on the ground he walked on! He has betrayed us all...

Because this is the dojo Lunn started out in.

: He called it to find someone who is strong enough to beat Lunn. Wong-Lee was his master, but now he fears Lunn's power.

I see. Interesting how-

Oh fuck you.

Oh and they have another Heal Ring. That'll certainly be useful as it takes up space in my inventory as I waffle about whether or not to sell it.

: Please, Sensei, I must find Lunn and gain entry to the tournament.
: I've not seen clothes like yours before. What discipline did you study?
: Blue Dragon Karate, Sensei. My knowledge comes from a master of long ago.
: Hm... why do you want to enter the tournament? Fame? Fortune? ...revenge?
: No. I tried once to deny the power instilled in me by my master. But now, I can escape my destiny no longer. I must fight to know... the time has come for me to own up to my past. It's the only way.
: Um, excuse me? What is she talking about?

This is what she's talking about

: Once I buried the past...

: But it will not be buried.

: The knowledge haunts me. I will deny it no more.

: And so it has come to this. I must now embrace what I once despised.

: My past... my sins... my life will never be the same again.

: The circle has closed. This is my destiny.

Say hello to the new Jean everyone.

: Hmm... I sense that all doubt has been cleared from your mind, grasshopper. Remember, you must control your power in confidence, never in fear. If you are fearful of your power, you will die a fool's death. Lunn is powerful, but he has also forgotten the true meaning of karate. I sense that you will show him that power comes in many forms.
: I understand, sensei. I am ready to take my place.
: Ah, yes, little one. The tournament. Here... take this. You cannot enter the tournament without it.

So... Jean's now embraced her karate heritage. The game replaces her equipment for us; if you kept her equipment on, the old stuff is just gone, with the exception of her accessories. (This includes if you bought her the Gold Pin earlier; the game replaces it with the inferior Pink Bow. You'd have to buy the Gold Pin again) I took her equipment off before entering the dojo, sold it, and bought her a Gold Pin. Jean can no longer equip her old dresses or her fans. The dresses aren't a big deal, but the fans are.

Jean now has a second skill set, this one tied to her level. Her karate skills are far more straightforward damage skills, which finally gives her something to do in boss battles.

: If you have trouble finding it, I will send a guide with you, grasshopper.
: Thank you, sensei. I know the way. It was my home, long ago...
: I am counting on you, little one. Lunn's misuse of power is a disgrace to his teacher's dojo. You must show him the true meaning of karate.

-by kicking him in the face. A lot. Hey, works for me!

: He claims only the weak cannot see this. I think he's nuts. Bonkers. Cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

...well said.

: Are you the girl that knows Blue Dragon karate? You are probably the only on that stands a chance against Lunn. Your heart is pure, and your skills refined. If you show him your way, maybe he will return from working evil.

It's nice to get a vote of confidence.

: So you've come to fight in the tournament, have you? Good luck... frog licker! The dancer takes a self-defense course, and now she's a karate whiz... that's the best joke I've heard all day.
: We'll see who the joke's on when I finish the tournament, pinhead.

Or not. Dick.

: Well... no... not with my hand. But I almost chopped it in two with this axe! I'm getting stronger each and every day. I've rented all the 'Rocky' movies and I think I'm going to win!

...good for you, buddy.

So let's hop in the Destiny and get to this tournament.

And we have to walk almost immediately. Great.

There's not a lot of new enemies. We still have the Ice Pups and the flies from the White Dragon Cave Area, plus one new enemy.

Urgh, unpleasant memories of the first game... Thankfully, there's no non-optional item drop grinding in this game.

However, since Jean's undergone a class change, let's check this out.

The only (slight) negative of her change is that her attacks aren't long ranged any more. Thankfully, she always had the best Range stat anyway, but even with her Range stat, she still will run out occasionally.

What about her new abilities? We'll look at Haduken later, but for now...

Jean's Aura Wave targets enemies in a line based on where Jean is standing. Since the skill's range is based on Jean's location, its use is a bit situational.

Comet Tail's range, however, is based around the enemies' location. A little more useful. At least Jean has the MP to use these skills, although they're still quite pricey.

But Jean will have to a wait for her time to truly shine. 'till next time!