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Part 47: We're Gonna Need a New Fan

Chapter 40: We're Gonna Need a New Fan

Let's follow her inside.

: Master Zophar! Ma...master Zophar! Come to the aid of your loyal servant! Master Zophar, help me! You promised me eternal beauty and youth when I agreed to your plan! I need your help now! The opposers seek to destroy me with their burning light! Master Zophar, please! Master Zophar... help me!

: Ha ha ha! You need not worry, my child. Your diligence in my service has been remarkable. The malice in your heart and those you ensnared has been nearly enough to restore me to power. I do not abandon those with such obvious talent until I have fully exploited it. Yes, my sweet. The curtain is rising on your finest performance. Rise up now and destroy the opposers!

Now the Fake Althe-

Fuck you too. Sometimes bosses will get the jump on you, and they'll use that advantage to hit you with their worst attack. That's just bullshit.

Fake Althena, like Borgan, is composed of multiple parts. She has the rod, which you saw, two tentacles on top, her left arm, and the main body. Unlike Borgan, we don't have to take out any other part to start damaging the main body, but you want to take out the rod first for reasons I hope are obvious.

The left tentacle can steal MP, and the right steals HP. Annoying, but honestly not worth bothering with. I'm kind of unclear whether the left arm actually does anything (I had thought that the tail was a target, but upon further inspection it selects the arm, not the tail. The tail does attack you, but it's still not worth worrying about.)

To be honest, I wasn't sure if I was going to survive, since I started the fight as such a disadvantage. Fortunately, Fake Althena gave me a breather in the second round.

According to the guidebook, Heavy Magic drains MP, but it's clearly not doing that. It looks like it's draining a stat. It seems to me like it's Wisdom.

Her other parts won't always attack every round, and thankfully for us the rod decided to sit this one out. (Basically, if the tentacles or the rod are sparkling, they're going to attack that round.) This gave me a chance to let Ronfar heal and throw up a White Dragon Protect.

Now I can start striking back. Each part has 3300 HP, while the main body has over 6000, so we've got our work cut out for us. Fortunately, the rod takes a lot of damage from Poe Sword, and decent enough damage from Jean's attacks. Two Poe Swords and one Blue Dragon Vigor rampage brought the rod down.

With the rod out, this fight gets muuuuch easier.

The body has another attack, which I'm guessing does Stone, Mute, or Confusion. However, with the Tri-Rings and the stupid amount of Refresher Rings the game showers on you, this is not even a problem.

So, how does the rest of the fight go?

Hiro does shit damage with Poe Sword, surprisingly.

However, our MVP for the battle is Jean, by far. Apparently, Fake Althena is weak to Jean's Thunder Claw, because a critical does nearly 500 damage. Even a regular attack does over 150, which is nothing to sneeze at. I had Jean pop another Blue Dragon Vigor, and this one did 2300, and only two of those are criticals. She's out of MP, but she doesn't need it. This fight's in the bag.

But you know, Lucia's helping

By the way, Pressure Cooker is glitched on this boss. You can use it on any of the other parts without a problem, but if you use it on the main body her stats mess up in weird ways. What I saw is she suddenly gained a weakness to Hiro's Poe Sword and astronomical magic endurance, and I think other weird stuff can happen. Don't use Pressure Cooker in this fight.

Also, Fake Althena actually has a lot of MP, and she's generous with it, so Magic Swiper is really useful in this fight. You can pretty much keep up a steady stream of White Dragon Protects. Since there are so many parts, that doesn't make you invincible (especially when the rod is there) but it's certainly nice.

You know, someone in the thread mentioned that the bosses in this game seem easy. And they're definitely not. While this fight is nowhere near as hard as Borgan, it can be a brutal fight.

It can be, but it wasn't for me.

I'm not making my case very well, am I?

Alternatively, ignore everything I just wrote and pretend this happens instead:

I'm going to, anyway.

: He will use anyone and anything to gain what he desires. We must hurry to Althena's chamber so she can help us stop him!

While you don't have to run back to the Destiny for a heal, it doesn't hurt. Might as well make the trip up as smooth as possible.

Once again, we find ourselves in the Goddess Tower. It remains much the same, at least in structure.

Those of you who had played the remake may have noticed that something seems missing; indeed, there is no Althena's Fortess in this game. In the remake of Lunar 1, they put something called Althena's Fortress before the Goddess Tower, which in that game was the final dungeon. They carried that over to the Lunar 2 remake. But in the original games Althena's Fortress didn't exist.

Althena's Fortress fucking sucks, so I get the better end of that deal.

That means that as a dungeon, this is definitely a breather. There's absolutely no point in talking about the layout, and there's only one enemy type.

Reflectors are quite average. They have no particular weakness, and their defense is rather high, but they less than 200 HP. They are immune to Dark Sword, though, so groups of them can be annoying.

Their special attack does suck, though. They telegraph this one by spinning faster. Other than that, though, none of their attacks are particularly dangerous.

What the Goddess Tower lacks in mazes and monsters, it makes up for in buttloads of treasure, and most of it is damned good. So let's run through the list.

The Fury Bow is for Ronfar. It has an insta-kill ability, although said ability has a pretty low chances of triggering, at least from what I saw. If you absolutely need a bow on Ronfar, this is as good as any, I guess.

The Safety Helm has the same defense as the Studly Bandana Ronfar has on, but it has a bonus to attack rather than magic endurance. Also it can trigger counters. Eh.

And we've got the Immortal Bow for Lemina. Again, if you want a bow on Lemina, it has good attack power and gives her an extra attack. I guess it's decent for random encounters.

More JUSTICE. Not only is it an improvement to his current bandanna, and gives a luck bonus, it also allows him to cast Pressure Cooker. You'll only ever use Pressure Cooker once in a boss fight, but why not. I choose this over the Safety Helm.

This is a bracelet for Jean. It increases range (nice!) and teaches her Black Storm, which is the highest level of Hiro's AoE Wind Spell (not so great.)

Aptly, this is for Lemina. It increases magic endurance and allows her to cast Loki Magic. I never use that spell anyway, but... you know. Whatever.

Kaiser Knuckle is the only weapon of Jean's that does not give her an extra attack. But it's such a massive improvement of her attack score that we'll have to give up that bonus. She's still got that Wind Pendant, so she's got at least three attacks. Still, I'll miss her four hit rampage. Kaiser Knuckle is her best weapon, too, so we won't be seeing another for her.


The Dragon Staff is for Lemina. It does not has a wisdom bonus. Trash. (Okay it can cast Super Cyclone if used as an item but whoooo caaaares item based spells always suck)

And that's all there is to say about the Goddess Tower. Now then, we finally meet her.

(By the way, this a small voiced part before the rest of the cutscene; I just cut out the non-talky part in the video, so that's why it jumps. If you wanna skip the first small voiced part just click on the next link. Oh, and the other jump cut is due to me being dumb.)

Oh. Huh, hi?

: Nall? Where is Althena? Are you certain this is the Goddess Tower?

: I'm afraid there is no mistake. This is the Goddess Tower, the sanctuary of the Goddess Althena. Lucia, there is something I must show you. It's been waiting for you all these years.

: Soon, all your questions will be answered.

: Please, listen carefully. You must never forget what you are about to hear. Althena knows how to defeat Zophar, if you only heed her words! Just know that I'll always believe in you. I've waited for this day for so long! The day that my promise to Luna is finally fulfilled. Seeing her brings back so many memories... Memories of Alex, Nash, Mia, Jessica, and... ...look at me! I've turned into a driveling idiot doing the 'remember when?' number! All that matters now is that you've got a job to do, and Althena can help you. I'm sorry, but I can't stay any longer. I don't want Ruby to see me like this. She would never let me live it down. So long! ...Remember Althena's words! That's the key to stopping Zophar forever! I'm counting on you!
: Wait! ...Nall?!

Well, let's see what the "Goddess" has to say.

: Welcome at last, Lucia! I have much knowledge to impart to you!

: But... this is merely a recording... Where is Althena? What's going on?
: My name is Luna. I once ruled the Silver Star as the Goddess Althena. But I laid aside my immortality to become human.
: *gasp* No...

: Yes... The Althena you seek no longer exists in this world, Lucia.

: Long ago Zophar, the god of destruction and darkness, came to the Blue Star. Feeding on the hatred and the dark desires of the people there, his power grew exponentially.

: He preyed on mankind's greed for wealth and power, creating anarchy and chaos where there once was peace and love. In the end, he succeeded in laying the Blue Star to waste. But, before he could destroy all of humanity, I was able to seal him away.

: The Blue Star was damaged terribly, so I transformed the dead world of Lunar into a thriving land of wonder, and moved the surviving humans there to live in peace, while the Blue Star recovered from Zophar's assault.

: Though I was reborn many times as a human to lead people in the ways of peace, conflict never completely disappeared from Lunar. Because of the evil festering in the hearts of a few, the very power structure that sustained me was again threatened.

: Most inhabitants of Lunar still looked to me for protection and sustenance throughout their lives. However, my role gradually changed from one who protects absolutely, to one who needed protection by Four Heroes to safeguard the source of my power.

: But during my life as Luna, something extraordinary happened!

: I discovered true love!

: It was to by my final rebirth.

: As Luna, I learned much. About love, about friendship, and about the immense power of the human spirit. I discovered it can strong enough overcome almost any obstacle. In fact, I now believe it is the only thing strong enough to actually destroy Zophar.

: Oh Lucia... I know that you've come here with good friends. You wouldn't be here without them! They are the key. Think back on your journey, think of the battles you've fought. Think of the obstacles you've overcome. Think of what it took to get this far.

: Lucia... look to your friends. Believe in the tremendous power of the human spirit! Only then will you have a chance. Don't be afraid. You see, Zophar has made a grave miscalculation, and that miscalculation is your hope. Seize it!

: Althena, you can't leave me like this! I can't do this on my own! How can you be gone? *sigh* Oh, what am I to do now?

Uh wow. There's a lot to take in and a lot to discuss. But for now, let's concentrate on trying to help poor Lucia's spinning head.

: Lucia, what's the matter?


: My first priority is to protect the Blue Star. If I fail in that, this world will be destroyed, and the Blue Star will be sealed in eternal darkness!
: What are you talking about? Lucia, you're not making any sense.

All right, Hiro, just admit it. You weren't paying attention this entire time.

: I want to believe in the power of humanity. There is so much to be admired in your world. And yet... so much as gone wrong... It cannot be the entire key. I'm left with only one choice! I must claim Althena's power!
: Oh no! Lucia! NO!

: From beyond the ages, I, Lucia of the Blue Star, call to thee! Unlock the power of Althena and place it at my command!

...why are we in the battle screen?

What is she doing?

...that's my MP.

Why are you stealing our MP?

: Zophar will not be able to stand in the face of this power! ...but, neither will this wor... oh, forgive me, Hiro.

Now that we've got a second to breathe, let's talk about this scene. In the remake, Althena/Luna is an old woman, which makes a good deal of sense. Luna's lines about the backstory of Zophar and Lunar are given to Lucia, instead. Also, her reasons for becoming mortal are different. In the remake, she mentions humanity losing their pride and self-reliance, while here it's a case where's she's clearly not needed.

Also, keep in mind the original Lunar 1 Althena's reincarnation as a human was a relatively normal occurrence. Moreover, there was never any discussion of whether or not the world needed the Goddess. Althena no longer existing isn't as shocking if you played the remakes, but in the original games it's a bit more of a surprise.

: My magic has disappeared, too! Why would Lucia do this to us?!
: We'll figure that out later! Right now, we'd better get out of this tower!
: Count me in on that plan! Let's get outta this place, Hiro!
: ...oh Lucia... why?! Didn't you hear what Althena said?

And as a little kick in the pants we've got to descend with no magic and no Lucia. (And no White Dragon Wings, obviously) Fortunately, I only get into two battles on the way down.

: Dang! ...why did Lucia take our magic?
: Pooh! This is a fine fix! Now the Junior Premier of the Vane Magic Guild doesn't even have any magic! Thanks a lot, Lucia!
: ...
: Why did Lucia do this? Althena herself said that humanity's power is the key...
: ...and we've got that in spades!
: But she's going to try to face down Zophar on her own. But what will happen when she tries to use the power of Althena herself? ...oh man! This is just getting too confusing! Lucia! What are you doing? What's your plan?!

I'm not sure, but I have a hunch she's planning something big.

In any case we need to skedaddle be-

Oh shit.