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Lunar: Eternal Blue

by Camel Pimp

Part 48: The Confrontation

Chapter 41: The Confrontation

Last ti-

Yeah, that.

: It... it looks like some sort of...
: I've got a really bad feeling about this! I... I bet it's Zophar!
: Whatever it is, it looks like it's gonna destroy Pentagulia! We'd better get out of here, and pronto!

Yeah, that's probably a good-

Hey, who's up for the longest cutscene in the game?

Before the cutscene really starts, can I mention that I really dislike what they did to Zophar in the remake? CGI, especially late 90's, is just not a good look for him. Anyway, on with the show.

: Aaaaaah!

: Hey, what in the world happened?
: The water... it's gone!
: Oh no... we're in mega big trouble!

Zophar is not fucking around anymore.

Wait, that's-

: *gasp* Oh no! Lucia!

: The time has come.

: You don't belong in this dimension, Zophar.
: It was not by my hand-

Okay, okay, I won't.

: Your evil corrupts everything! I'm sending you back to where you belong... permanently.

: Ha ha ha ha! If you're certain you've mastered Althena's power, go right ahead.

: What's wrong, my dear? Your mission is to restore the Blue Star. Why do you hesitate to abolish me and complete it?

: The goal is within your feeble grasp. Take it!

: Just as I foretold... you are not fit to carry out your assigned task!

: Liar! That's not true!

: Then destroy me and accomplish your mission.

: Lucia...

: Ha ha ha ha! Or do you believe in the power of humanity after all, as Althena did?

: Before you bet on them, remember: they enabled my return with the power of their dark side. Face it. Althena's power is your only hope.

: Ha ha ha ha!

Goddamn, will you stop your angsting girl and just get rid of this stupid eldritch horror al-

: Yes... destroy me with Althena's power and decimate this miserable world in the process!

: The power of Althena... will destroy our world?!


: Mwa ha ha ha ha! You fools don't understand anything. Althena's power is the power of creation. There can be no new creation without destroying the old. Unleashing Althena's power on me will reduce this world to ash.

Wait a second, Lucia's clearly been contemplating this sin- that was her plan from the beginning.

: Lucia...

: Come, my pet. Why do you hesitate? There is no need. Destroy everything you've come to love. Complete your mission!

She hesitates for a while, but eventually she realizes she can't-

: Althena's light, shine forth!

Nevermind, they're all boned.

: I must remain focused!

The light from her hand starts to flicker.

: Ah, what's wrong, Lucia? Do you still doubt? Are you torn?

: Dear Lucia, you seem to be distracted. But I have the solution. Allow me to remove the source of your hesitation.

: Ah!

This looks like the end of our heroes, when...

: Lucia... you stopped it!

: Hi- ro...

: Mwha ha ha ha ha!

: Lucia!

: Ah, now all the pieces have fallen into place. My plan has worked perfectly. You are a weak fool Lucia, worrying about the fate of insignificant humans will cost you dearly! Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! HA HA HA HA!

: Uh... aah... Hiro!

: Get away!

In a flash, the Destiny teleports away.

Just in time, too.

: At last, it's finally mine! Ha ha ha ha!

Wait, now Zophar's fucked up David Bowie?

Okay, thanks game, we don't need to see his face.

: Althena's power has made my return complete! The time has come to put my plan into action. Creation will start anew, but this time it will be the creation of my design. Worlds will rise to a glory or wither to dust at my whim!

: And the best part is that no one can stop me.

No game, zoom out! OUT!

: Ha ha ha ha!


: Ha ha ha ha! AHA HA HA HA!