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Part 52: Saying Our Goodbyes

Chapter 45: Saying Our Goodbyes

Unlike the original game, we don't immediately cut to credits once we've beaten the big bad and saved the girl. Instead we get a chance to walk around, unwind, talk to everyone... just enjoy our victory. So let's!

: Well, now that I am back, I'll show my pride and power every day!

: Just think, if I hadn't met you in the forest that day, I never would have learned what I'm really made of. Hiro, you helped me discover the best part of myself, the strength and inner resolve. I'm going back to being a dancer, but I'll never forget you.

: And I'll tell you, Hiro, even when I was trying to capture you, I liked you. You carry with you a sense of justice... of power. When we first met, I had lost my sense of justice. You helped me find it again. Thank you, Hiro.

: I think that defeating Zophar has made me the world's first playboy/hero! Pretty funny, huh? One of the saviors of the world, and I have a major vice!

...Kyle? History, not one of Ronfar's strong points, apparently.

: Well, anyway, I guess we have to part ways here. Stay in touch, you two!

For now, we'll skip Nall and instead walk around town.

: I can't believe that you were able to stop Zophar! Just think, if you had listened to me, we'd all be history by now!
: Well then, it's a good thing we just watched your lips flap and didn't listen... like we're doing right now...

: Maybe it's people like you that made the goddess want to come to us as human. She may have been impressed by the good qualities of humanity...

Well, not Ruby. (How would you even fit it on her neck?)

: Hey! Maybe I'll write a book about it! I'll call it 'Interview with the Maniac!'

I'm not sure how you'd get that kinda book from what just happened. You'd really have to interrogate the events from the wrong perspective.

: Is it because Zophar has been stopped, or is it just my imagination?


Probably not your imagination. I mean, step one of becoming a video game villain is constant stormy weather.

: Oh well! I don't care... I'm off to play!

: And I only had to sacrifice 10 Barneys on the burning altar of rage! That was definitely purple well-spent!


You know, in the midst of this big celebrations, even the smaller victories are-

: I mean, what else can we do? We don't have the money to move elsewhere...

Regardless of the reasons, still, good things are happening!

: Times have certainly changed! The whole world's bein' run by kids now!

You see, this lady starting to see the stark reality of the JRPG dystopia in which she lives.

...good things.

: In fact, tell you what I'm gonna do! I'm closing the shop early today! Maybe I'll go out and get rip-roaring drunk to celebrate! Ha ha!

For a good reason, none of the shops are open.

: You have proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Well done, Hiro!

: Now that this world is at peace, perhaps she will see me for what I am... a great big, huggable super daddy who's sweet on her.

And who says romance is dead.

Yeah, let's go talk to Nall.

: At least peace has come back to our world for a while. Now I guess it's time to jam. Say Ruby, why don't you come to Taben's Peak with me?
: Taben's Peak? You mean you want me to hang out with the Lostest Boys?
: Sure, why not? You're free now. You'd fit right in! But, I'm not forcing you...
: No... No, I want to go. Sounds like a lot of fun. Hey, Hiro, is it okay if I head to Taben's Peak with Nall? I promise I'll come visit you soon.

Oh how could we say no?

: Well then, I guess I'm off to Taben's Peak! I promise I'll come back to see you soon, Hiro!

: We're going to have a blast together, Ruby! Just wait 'til the Lostest Boys find out you've come to play! ...Oh, and Hiro, I have this for you. Read it. You might find it interesting.

: "Although once I was known as the goddess Althena, I am now Luna, and I shall remain so. I have chosen happiness and love as a human. A mortal. As such, I will not be able to tell you this in person. I have seen your coming, but my life will end long before you are even born. I have but one regret, and you can correct it, for the sake of true love.

: Lucia is left to protect the Blue Star. Living, not for herself, but for others. She waits silently for the Blue Star to revive, and now, she waits alone. I wanted to teach her all about human warmth, love, and kindness.... But that chance has now slipped beyond my grasp. Hiro, you must free her from servitude and loneliness on the Blue Star. For me, and for love...

: Well buddy, what are you waiting for? This is it! Show time! Lucia's right here! I saw her goin' in to the guild mansion. Go for it, guy!

Wait, I was just there, and I know for a fact she wasn't- oh whatever.

: Much has happened since we first met at the Blue Spire. It... it seems like ages ago. You've shown me so much of this wonderful land. The cool breezes that blow in the afternoon. The warm sands of the beach... and most of all, the kind people, whose spirit cannot be broken in adversity. I want the Blue Star to be all of these things and more... someday. That... is my dream. I'm so glad that you were the first person I met here. Thank you, Hiro.
: ...Lucia, why not come back with me to Grandpa Gwyn's house? I'm sure that Grandpa won't mind. What do you say?
: ...all right, Hiro. Everyone's waiting, we'd better go.

Good, let's go, because if these two get any cuter I swear I'm gonna hurl.

: She even found true love and happiness with Dragonmaster Alex.
: I have seen the strength and joy of humanity. I want to see so much more. Maybe Althena had the right idea... human... hm... oh, who am I kidding?

: When you two are in the area, don't forget to stop by Vane and say 'hello.' Remember, you're honorary members of the guild now!

: I...
: Ah, ah, ah! Don't even try to make me feel better. We all know he's the best! Anyway, I'm headed back to the carnival. Promise me you'll stop by soon!

All this needs is for Jean to pointing finger guns at Lucia and saying, "go break yourself off a piece of that."

: If I had come to my senses just a bit earlier, I would not have put you in this terrible situation, Lucia. Know that I'm sorry, and that I pray you can revive the Blue Star.
: Knowing what you were, your words mean so much more to me now. Thank you, Leo.

: And Lucia... get this boy some decent clothes, okay? See ya 'round!

Ronfar, you are the best.

Sadly, though, I think it's time to go our separate ways.

: Hey, Hiro, if you're heading back to Grandpa Gwyn's, I'll go with you!
: Hey! What the heck are you tellin' Hiro that for? You just finished saying you'd go back to Taben's Peak with me!
: Oh..yeah...right. Well, I knew that. Well, Hiro, I guess you'll have to make your way home without me. But at least you have Lucia to keep you company! I'm going back with Nall to Taben's Peak. He promised to show me how to morph into a human form. Hopefully it doesn't make me as immature as he is.
: Hey, who are you callin' immature, you little pipsqueak?
: *sigh* OK, read my lips... YOU!

Yeap, they were pretty much made for each other.

: Well, chief, it looks like your gamble paid off big. You saved the world, and picked up a cheeky little babe in the process. Now that everything's calmed down, I think it's time for me to pack away the old magic ivories and settle down with Mauri back in Raculi. I know, I know, it doesn't sound like me, but hey... it's time.

: Hey, Ronfar, if you ever get the urge, I'd be happy to accept your magic dice as a donation to the Vane Magic Hall of Fame. It's going to be mega-cool, I promise! Think about it, okay? Now that I'm massively experienced from fighting that panty-wad Zophar, I'm sure I can revive the rich history and tradition here in Vane. By the way Hiro, I've made you an honorary member of the Guild, so come back and visit sometime, OK?

: I'll never forgive Lunn for what he did to me and the other children he corrupted with his terrible teachings... But at least now I can try to forget. Now that I've come to terms with my past. I can dance with absolute freedom, unrestrained by the specter of my terrible secret. Thank you, Hiro.

: Hiro, your strength is admirable. The fire in your eyes reminds me of days gone by. But before I can move forward, I must re-evaluate everything I once took for granted. I'm leaving to find something I only know in my heart. And when I find it, my life will begin anew.
: I'll never forget the adventure we all shared. If any one of us hadn't been there at the final battle, Zophar might have won. You all deserve the best in life, and I know you'll find it. Well, we'd better get started back. Goodbye!

: Yes, I suppose we should continue on... but...
: But what, Lucia? What's the matter?
: No... nothing. Forget it. I'm just glad to know that someone will always be here for me.
: That's kind of a weird thing to say out of the blue... of course you'll always have me around!
: You... you're right. From now on, no more bad thoughts! Okay, as Ruby would say, 'let's get this show on the road, Hiro!'

As they travel, one of the game's two vocal themes play.

: Hm? Oh, Hiro.
: You seemed to be lost in pretty deep thought. What were you thinking about?
: Oh, nothing really... I... I was just wishing we could continue this journey forever... I know, it's silly.
: Oh Lucia. It's not that stupid. I've had that same thought myself. Ya know, after we visit gramps, we can take the Destiny and start another adventure! Whaddya think? Cool, huh?
: That sounds lovely, Hiro. I'd die to do that...
: Okay then! We'll call it a plan! I can't wait! This'll be great!

: ...wait! Hiro, I'd like to stop at the Blue Tower first.
: But... Lucia? Why can't we visit Grandpa Gwyn first?
: Please Hiro? For me?
: ...okay, Lucia. For you.

And when they reach the top...

: Lucia? Lucia?

: This world will be hard to forget. I've come to love so many things here. The bright green grass, the dazzling light of the clear blue sky, and the people... whose strength of conviction shines brightly on to eradicate evil. Yes, the inner strength you humans possess is the kind of magic that can revive the Blue Star. You have the strength and power to control your own destiny... and that's the greatest gift of all.
: Lucia? What are you talking about?

: Lucia? Lucia?!

: Wait! No! Lucia!

: During our fight with Zophar, he said one thing that was very true.

: He said that I couldn't believe. That I was incapable of believing in the power of humanity. And so, Hiro, I could not believe in you.

: No, no! Lucia! You can't!

: When I came to this world, I did not even know the meaning of humanity's power. So how could I believe? But you changed all that, Hiro. You showed me the power of your inner strength and made me believe. I return to the Blue Star far richer than when I left.

: For you see, I now know that one day, when it is restored, I can safely entrust it to humans who will care for it as tirelessly as you have cared for Lunar.

: And Hiro... I know that day will eventually come...

: Because I hold the most miraculous power of all in my heart: the power of love.

: Lucia don't go!

: Lucia!

: I will never forget this place. The people here, they will live on in my memory... forever.

: I must go, Hiro. Please understand why.

: Lucia...

: Hiro, I must go back... the Blue Star needs me.

: Goodbye, Hiro. I'll always love you.


: Lucia... I will find a way!

Hey, where did you come from?

: Hiro, where are you going?
: You should know Ruby.

: But... but Hiro, that's impossible! No one has ever done it! You'll get yourself killed trying. C'mon, Hiro, she's gone... just forget about her.
: Nope.
: Why can't you just accept the fact that she's gone?
: Because she's alone out there... waiting... And I intend to find a way to get to her, with or without your help.

: Hey, don't be like that! I intend to stick with you! And, Hiro, there's no way you can talk me out of helping you.

: 'kay?

: Thanks Ruby.

: Now, let's move! Our next adventure lies right before us!

: I will find a way, Lucia!

And from here, we cut to credits. The credits is also the only place this next vocal track will ever play.

Well, this was one hell of an ending. I guess I need to give my final thoughts.

In a nutshell? Lunar 1 is a good game, albeit dated. Lunar 2 is a great game.

And I'm not joking around or anything. Despite my snide comments here and there, I do love this game! I loved it then, and I still love it now, despite doing this LP.

Oh, I'm not even going to remotely state that it's perfect or anything. I've made several comments to the contrary. And it shows its age, certainly. It's also a twenty year old game (I am so old) but it holds up so much better than you'd think.

The story and characters are, when you get down to it, nothing special, but are presented well enough that I don't care. Cliche, when done well, can still be compelling.

One thing I really love about the plot in this game is that it doesn't really drag like Lunar 1's plot did (and many JRPGs of the era). Yeah, there's some over-long parts here and there, but for the most part, it feels like every single location in the game serves the plot and characters in some way.

My love for this game is probably why I was always a bit... underwhelmed by the remake. It had a hard act to follow!

However, comparing at least the earlier parts of this game to the remake via Crowetron's LP forced me to realize that the remake does mostly improve on the original. There are definitely some parts in the original that needed a bit more fleshing out (mainly the Mauri part) and, erm... it didn't hurt for Working Designs to re-write part of their script. Moreover, while I'm not fond of how much they streamlined the gameplay, it did need rebalancing. (Even if they took out my beloved Blue Dragon Vigor.)

On the other hand, the remake does add a lot of fluff and flab the game just doesn't need. That, and, well, after the huge changes that Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete gave us, the fact that the remake is pretty much the same game is disappointing. Still, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete is a damn good game, and a good version of Lunar EB.

Man, though, this is a hell of a place to leave off, isn't it?

Wait, what's this?