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Part 53: Here We Go Again

Chapter 46: Here We Go Again

That's right, folks, the game isn't over yet! This is a Lunar game by gum; we're not going to let it end on such a sad note! Still, the question remains: how are we even to start finding a way to the

Oh. That was quick.

: I believe it has to do with a crystal at the top of the Star Dragon's tower. But to gain entrance, you need to use the same technique as at the Blue Spire. That is, you need to find two special Dragon jewels that control its door. Finding the two jewels to gain entrance into the tower is your only chance of seeing Lucia again. You must try, m'boy!

Now the Star Dragon Tower hasn't actually been mentioned by name, but we have actually seen it already. However, the hard part is finding the key to the damn door. Actually, we already have a clue for one of them.

Remember this? Well, he's got another eye, doesn't he? If the key to the Star Dragon's tower is similar to the Blue Spire, it certainly follows that we'd go back here.

However as for the other eye jewel, we haven't got a clue. Well, speaking of the Blue Spire, Gwyn had the other eye, so where did he get it?

: I have no idea where you will find the jewel for the dragon's right eye. You see, m'boy, I purchased the other eye from a traveling merchant ages ago. Confound it all! You see, he told me where he got it, but that was so long ago I've forgotten the story! Perhaps Nall would have some idea...

...thanks. Still, at least he suggested visiting someone who would be useful. All right, at least we have somewhere to start.

: Oh, don't worry 'bout me, lad! I've got all these books to keep me company! Lucia doesn't have anything of the sort on the Blue Star to keep her company. Hiro, you must try to get to her on the Blue Star at any cost. You two belong together...

Well, off we go.

So the game has actually opened up a little bit. Obviously, we've got to find those two jewels. But we can also check up on how our team members are doing, see how the rest of the world is doing post-Zophar, and explore the optional dungeons. Since first lead is Nall, so let's go to Taben's Peak.

: Say, what's wrong with Hiro? He seems kinda bummed...
: Hiro's down because Lucia went back to the Blue Star!
: So what are you gonna do about it, Hiro? Hm... That's a gutsy move. Gonna attempt to go to the Blue Star, eh? Since I'm such a great guy, tell ya what I'm gonna do. I'll give you this sword to aid you in your quest. Use it well...

: Hiro, you're the only one I trust with this sword. It belonged to the last true Dragonmaster, and my best friend, Alex.
: ...I don't know what to say, Nall.
: Just promise me you'll use it as he would have.
: You have my word. Thank you, Nall.

As Nall just explained, Althena's Sword is a huge damn deal. In the original Lunar 1, Althena's Sword was protected by two Dragon Angels who bestowed it upon Alex once he proved himself. And in the remake, it was stuck in Dyne's Memorial, and when Alex removed it from the stone, he became a true Dragonmaster. (Yeah, he was kind of a... fake Dragonmaster for a while? I never got that part.) Although, as you probably guessed, this sword is only supposed to be given to Dragonmasters, which Hiro is not. He'd otherwise qualify, but with no Althena, there's no Dragonmaster. So getting the sword is as close as Hiro can get.

: In order to get to the Blue Star you're going to have to outsmart the Star Dragon! He's guarding the way to the crystal that connects Lunar to the Blue Star. I sincerely hope you're strong enough, Hiro. Good luck!

All right! We've gotten Nall's blessing, and now we can-

Wait, we still don't actually know where to find the jewel.

: Hiro! Lucia is waiting! Why are you still here? ...oh yeah, since you came back, there's just one more thing... You'll need two dragon eye jewels to get into the Star Tower. You can probably find one in the ice tower near my cave, to the west. I'll make the tower visible to you.

Oh! Well, that actually answers my question pretty succinctly. Also, yes, you do have to talk to Nall here because otherwise the tower doesn't appear.

: Hey, and while you're gone, why not leave Ruby here? I'll take good care of her for you. We had a blast last time.
: Sheah, right! Remember, bud, I have pepper spray!
: You're still a brat, aren't you Ruby? But I kinda like the fiery type...
: Oh man! You two are made for each other! Sheesh!
: Ya think? He he...
: Hey! This is our problem Hiro. So stay out of it!
: Oh, um... sorry Ruby.... ...but you are cute together!

Heh. Now we can theoretically go get both of the dragon eye jewels now, but I have the slight suspicion that we may not want to go at it alone. Vane's nearby; let's go check up on Lemina, see if she's up for another adventure.

: Have you finally decided to join the guild? Let's see, where are those contracts... oh, is Lucia with you? She probably wants to join, too. ... What?! Lucia went back to the Blue Star?! ...alone? That's... terrible! Ah, I'm beginning to get the picture... You came here to get me to help you go after Lucia! I'm with you now. Let's see... that should only run you about 10,000 S. A special price for a special friend... what do you say?

You know, ten thousand at this point is chump change, really. Of course, I say that, but I don't even have one thousand silver. None of the enemies in Zophar's Domain drop silver, by the way. At least I can sell all the old equipment that I kept because I knew the epilogue was coming. (Ended up getting about a hundred thousand; not bad.)

: It takes a lot of love to go after someone regardless of the odds... I hope I meet a man just like you someday. Anyway, the price was just to see how serious you were. Did you really think I would charge a friend? C'mon! This one's on the house!

Sometimes I do forget that Lemina does, in fact, have a heart.

: ...huh?
: I just appreciate the fact that you want to give me and Miria some 'alone time.' I can't tell you how much this means to me... gha ha ha ha!
: ...Borgan, you are a foul-minded pig! Call my trip what you'd like, but I have no intention of helping you win my mother's affection!
: Don't worry Lemina. I'll keep an eye on... things while you're gone. Gha ha ha ha!
: Lay one hand on my mother and I'll... I'll...
: You'll what? Call me daddy? Gha ha ha ha!
: Oouuugh! Borgan! You digust me! Your mind is as slimy as your skin! I'll be back, and you had better not have laid a finger on mother...
: Such an excitable girl. A finger is not what I intended to lay... gha ha ha ha...

I had something to say about this, but I'd rather not think any hard than I have to about... martial relations and Borgan.

: Try hard, Hiro. Love is the only thing of true worth in our world.
: I will never give up!

That's the spirit! Anyway, once more for good me-

Oh, right, can't read her diary when she's actually in your party. This looks like a job for some temporal shenanigans.

: Zophar was all bark and no bite, it seems. Well, maybe it just seemed that way because the party fought so bravely. Anyway... I'm glad that one's behind me. Now, all I have to do is get rid of Borgan! That overgrown garbage dump is still here oogling my mother! I'll get that vulgar magic-using leech out of here if it kills me! I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow. Lee Lee.

If Miria didn't throw him out for that "lay" line (and she was right there, seriously), I don't think she ever will. Sorry.

: You know, I almost feel sorry for Borgan right now... What's wrong with me? I'm turning... soft!

I am physically incapable of ever feeling sorry for Borgan, so yeah I don't get it either.

Anyway, this might be the last time we ever see Vane, so let's have one last go-around.

: If she keeps improvin' the place, I might just apply.
: What, have they put out a request for whiny guys who like to complain?
: Hey! I think I'd be an asset to the guild! I know the magic of sniffle-stop! It's very useful in the winter...

You may laugh, but shit, I'd let them in if they could prevent the lovely symphony of a million noses snorting at once while you're trying to take a test.

: People are coming from all over to see the city where she was born. Maybe her dream of this town returning to full glory will become a reality!
: Maybe? It's happening right now! I told you I'd do it, and I have!

: I'll still help restore Vane to its former glory, though.
: Thanks, kiddo. That means a lot to me.

Aw, it's all heart-warming and shit!

: I just wish the guy hadn't been a stand-up comedian. He called himself the Prankster Spankster. I mean, he knew his stuff. But I could have done without the jokes... I'm really quite sensitive, you know.

I guess everyone got a happy ending.

: I'm blazing through the damned things so fact it's putting me in the poorhouse! Old age sucks.
: Well, maybe your spirits will lift when Vane is flying high again!
: Oh, yeah, sure... Lookin' out the window of a flying city will take her mind off the fact that she's filling diapers like a baby... yeah!

And then... diapers. Yeah, thanks for sharing, lady.

: Actually, I'd rather read about it. It's too nerve-wracking for me!

: Magic is a much more elegant solution than karate for all defensive situations.
: I'm thinking that Borgan may have written this...

Oh, some of the responses you get from Lemina's book collection have changed, and as you can see, some of the books have. Borgan is a dirty liar, by the way. Karate is the most elegant solution to any problem.

; Oh, pooh! I keep meaning to change that. I'm not going to charge for book rental. It just doesn't seem right that the premier of Vane charge for knowledge.

That and I don't know how many citizens of Vane are lining up to read how to recycle sanitary napkins.

: Oh, sorry, I've already promised to lend this book to Ramus in Meribia. He wanted to read it.

: A heart full of love warms the lives of those it touches.
: This book is nothing but piffle. I don't know why I ever bought it!

All right then, enough of this then. Where to next? Well, at this point our choice is between picking up Jean or Ronfar. The carnival's actually a bit closer, but since the Carnival is also closer to where I want to after this, Raculi first.

: Oh, I see... the old ruins, hm? Why do you want to find them? And where's Lucia? Holy cow! She left you? Well now, I never saw that one coming! You musta had some fight for her to go back to the Blue Star! You know, she loves you, kiddo. And, for the sake of true love, I'll help anyone out. So are you asking for help?

By the way, yes, you do get a choice for each of the party members. I think it might be possible to actually solo the epilogue, but fuck I'm not doing that. Get your ass in my party priest man.

: Okay, I'm ready to help you out. I just need to say bye to Mauri.
: Oh Ronfar, off again?
: Dumplin', if he wasn't the greatest guy in the world, I wouldn't go. But he is, and I've got to help him out. I'll be back before you know it.
: Well, then, good luck, sugar buns. I'll be waiting...
: Okay Hiro, ya got a hired hand in your party!

: And, as one who was torn from her true love, I know that pain. If Ronfar hadn't come in my darkest hour, I don't know if I...
: ...Mauri.
: Please Hiro, go to Lucia. You are the one she wants.


: You hold the key to the happiness she seeks. Use it to free her spirit. You belong with her. Go...

And now we've got ol' Ron back. Now let's- wait a second. Isn't there someone else from Raculi?

: I know he said he'd be fine, but I worry...
: Don't worry, Mauri. He said he'd be back, and he's never gone back on his word.

So they have no idea where Leo is. I do, because I've played this game before, but the game itself hasn't really given us a hint yet. Well, let's see if they eventually give us one.

: Hm... I wish I could find a man like Ronfar someday...
: Keep lookin', sugar cakes, they're out there...
: Good thing they're not all just like Ronfar, though. I don't think the world could take it.

: This is the home of Ronfar, Leo, and Mauri who saved our world! They made this town famous!
: Hey, this is perfect! If I can get those three to live in Vane it'll be a huge draw for tourists! I can see it now: Mauri mugs, Leo lights, Ronfar rugs! It'll make a mint! And if I give them free rent... they'll come for sure!
: Oh Lemina, don't you ever give up? Sheesh, give a rest...

More importantly, how the hell does Lemina think that the lost rent income is going to be made up by friggin rugs? Ramus didn't do a good job teaching you, that's for sure...

: It was very strange... kind of like a blurry dream where I had no control. Oohh... I don't want to think about it any more. I'm just glad to be back.

: Our world has been led astray for too long... I've decided that my purpose is to tell others of the true teachings of Althena.

It's kind of interesting that despite how much the Cult of Althena dragged the name of the goddess through the mud, people still believe.

: My daughter says that is the power she would like to show the world. She's such an idealistic young thing. I worry about her...

: It can't be that big. I don't see anything.
: It's on my butt. I can prove it to you, if you want.
: Uh, no. Thanks. If you keep your zitty butt in hiding, we'll all be better off. Congrats on the puberty thing, though... that's uh, he he... really... um... nice.

: I thought you finally decided to settle down with Mauri? Does she know your[sic] galavanting around the country with these kooks?
: They're not kook, grandpa! And I have good reason for being with them...
: I knew Mauri should have chosen a more stable man!
: Hey! Who you calling unstable? You're back in diapers, gramps!

What is it with this game and old people in diapers?

And that's it for Raculi. Only Jean and Leo left, and we actually know where Jean is, so off to the Carnival.

The area where the Carnival is can be kind of hard to get to, since it's not so easily accessible. Also, you never went there on the Destiny because you never had a reason to.

First you go up from Dalton until you hit Azado here. Yes, I called it Nota in the past because I am stupid. It is not Nota; this is Azado. Go up the ramp here and head right.

Yeah, this is Nota. If you're a dumb kid you might be flummoxed on how to drive the Destiny through.

You just... drive through the city. I mean, the whole reason we went to the Mystic Ruins is because the Destiny parked its ass under the bridge, so it's been established it can do that. This really shouldn't a puzzle, eleven year old me.

Anyway, Jean.

: Jean, I always thought you looked best dressed as a dancer.
: Thanks Ruby, I like being a dancer. Say, where's Lucia? After all I did promise here that I would do a dance for her once we defeated Zophar. What's wrong with Hiro? His eyes seem so... distant, so lost... What?! Lucia went back to the Blue Star without Hiro? ... Hiro, are you sure you want to go to the Blue Star? Well, you know you can always count on me! Do you want my help?

That is the stupidest question in the history of questions.

: All right! This is going to be just like old times. Excuse me, while I go put on something a little bit more appropriate...

: But this is kind of a special case. We've got to find a way for you to get back to the Blue Star!


: I have to. My friends need my help.
: You have always placed others well-being ahead of your own. I hope your friends realize all the sacrifices you have made for them.

...kind of passive-aggressive there, Giban.

: Well, hurry back. You know that you are always welcome here. Jean, don't forget that this carnival is your home and we are your family...
: Giban, relax! I'm not going off to get killed or something! I'll be back before you even have a chance to start missing me!

Still, it's sweet tha-

: What more do you want from me? Just go! It'll never go good enough for you anyway... leave me...

And you ruin the mood. Thanks.

: Yikes! Geez, don't just walk up and scare me like that! I'm working hard to finish the new Magic Arrow so you guys can fly it.

f̕҉ù̡̡c͟͞k̸ ̶̡҉y͏̛ó̸̧͢u̴͞ ̶a̵͏̷ń͘͜͜ḑ̴҉̵ ̛͏̀͝d̢̡̡͝i̕͘e̴

: I've told you a million times, we're not going to fly on your Magic Arrows! ...ever!


: You don't say... hm...

Uh, in case you're wondering... I have no idea what this means here, and the game never brings it up again. I'm not sure if it's a deliberate change or a mistranslation or something. Fucked if I know.

: I will love you until the end of time, and yet, my love goes unrequited...
: You know, you'd be a lot happier if you just fixated on someone you could get.

In other news, the residents of Lunar are still utter goons.

: Dad, you idiot! We missed Jean's dance! All because of your stupid drinking! I'll never forgive you for this! Boo hoo hoo!
: I'm sorry you missed my dance because of your drunken father. I have things to do, but when I return, I'll dance just for you! How's that?!
: Really?! Oh, that would be the greatest! Didja hear that, dad? She's gonna dance just for me!

This update is full of heartwarming stuff.

: Hey, Hiro! Isn't this the song Lucia really liked?
: ...

-crow barred right next to depressing stuff.

: She was my one and only love. Her passing was a great loss to me... But, I don't cry anymore, because we are still as one, joined in a love that is eternal...

: Daddy will be real mad. The last time grampa took me, he left me at the store. I think he's getting too old to go places by himself. Say, lady, you look like a magic performer. Can you make grampa come back?

...why is the carnival the place of the most depressing NPCs?

: Promised to show her to sights of the carnival. I musta forgot all about her once I got here. I wonder where she went?

: Mommy and daddy are going to put you away in a home. I heard them say that.

Seriously, most depressing NPCs, and I'm counting Zaback under Borgan.

In case you were wondering, we can finally bet the ten thousand silver bet at the hall of chance. No reason to really do that as all there is left to buy is items, and honestly I've got enough left over from Zophar that I don't need to buy more anyway.

By the way, the fortune teller will give us a hint where to go, but it's vague as hell. Also we already know one of the eye jewels is by the White Dragon Cave, and it's not a stretch to deduce the other's location. The only thing we need to know at this point is where the hell is Leo?

Speaking of that, we still haven't really gotten a hint about that, have we? So... what? If we were playing the remake, the town of Takkar would be abuzz with news of Mystere, but sadly, no such luck in this version. Honestly, the game makers probably just expects you to go around to all the towns just talking to people.

: Which ruins, I don't really know...

I'll just confess: no, I didn't go to every single town trying to find hints. As far as I can tell, though, this is the only hint the game gives you to Leo's location. I have no idea how you'd guess to go to Nota and talk to this one guy (and no one else in Nota mentions this) and deduce which ruins he's talking about. Actually, it's fairly easy to figure out which ruins.

These ruins.

Yes, we have to go through Mystic Ruins. Again.

: Funny, another person just went in ahead of you. If you hurry, you might catch him!

At least, one of the fairies instead does confirm you're in the right place.

Oh yeah, probably should inform them that their protector ain't coming back.

: I wonder why he neglects the beautiful garden he created? I even finished the task he assigned me. Now his ABBA records lie silently in alphabetical order, waiting for his appreciative ear...
: Since you don't have Ghaleon around here any more, I'll ask Nall to guard you! He'll probably have the Blue and Black Dragons look out for you, too! If you're lucky, maybe they'll torch the LP's, too! So cheer up, okay?!

You heard it here folks: Dragons, not a fan of Let's Plays.

: He said if that happened, this world would not stand a chance against Zophar... I wonder what he meant?

I think he had it backwards.

: Ghaleon said that? But I'm sure he'd help Lucia!

: Ghaleon knew all along that human power could defeat Zophar. His ruse saved this world. Now, he can stop tormenting himself with guilt. I wonder where he is?

He is but a disembodied voice now, waiting to dispense smugness and ham whenever he is needed most.

: Therefore, he could neither seal nor destroy Zophar by himself. I heard him talking about it the last time he was here.

Oh, and here's some all-purpose plot spackle in case you were wondering why he didn't just fight Zophar himself. (Although admittedly one can just guess this.)

: How heart breaking...
: ...

I'm certain he appreciates you rubbing it in.

: It made no sense to me. Do you know what it means?

This game has broken the fourth wall enough that it's becoming self-aware?

Well, we've stalled enough.

I'm so fucking happy to see you again.

How I've missed you.

Oh, and you want to know the best part?

We can't warp out. We have to go through this a third time.

I fucking hate you Leo.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

: You're looking mighty spry! What brought you to this dank old dungeon, anyway?

Fuck you forever.

: And, hey! What happened to Lucia? I thought you two would be joined at the hip by now! ...she what? She went back to the Blue Star? Why that's a travesty! Let me help you in your quest to get back to her!


: Ha ha ha ha! Why would you doubt my desire? Of course I'll help you get back to Lucia. You two belong together. But you already know that. I am in your service, friend. Just lead the way...


: I say we still owe him a little payback...
: But, I was under order from what I thought was Althena! You must understand!


I'll spare you the trip report from the way down. (Confession: the sliding platform room gave me more trouble than the mirror maze. Sigh.) Point is, we're a team again! Next time, we're gonna wrap up all the miscellaneous shit.