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by Camel Pimp

Part 34: Let's Call it Love

Of course we can. Were you fooled for one second?

By the way, when you die in this section, if you select checkpoint on the gameover screen it only sends you back to the beginning of this section. Quite generous, considering your last save is before the boss rush. I never used the checkpoint feature much as a kid, sometimes the game's checkpoint is really far back, but it's nice if you haven't saved in a long while. None of the other Lunar games have this feature, sadly.

Anywho, instead of marching up there like an idiot, let's ask our friends for some advice.

: You're the only one she has a chance of remembering because you two were close. You must try to use the memory of the times you shared to reach her. It's the only chance we've got of saving her, Alex. If Luna regains her full memory, she'll remain a girl, right Alex? Then we can all go back to Burg and live in peace and happiness again. Alex, you must succeed!

: Even though you won't admit it.

Wow, Mia that was... astonishingly blunt of you.

: You must reach deep into your soul to find the key that will free Luna!

Oh Nash, don't be silly. You were powerless to help us from the beginning.

: The only way we'll get Luna back is if you appeal to her deepest memories... Only then can she have a chance of breaking the spell of darkness from within!

: But I didn't think the stakes would be so personal... so terribly high. You must find a way to jog Luna's memory of your times together. Good luck.

She'll actually heal you after speaking. Which is kind of useless, as you've already been healed, but the thought's nice I guess.

: Well, okay, not exactly like any other... she's a little more deadly. But the point I'm trying to make is that you can reach her with love.

: A good spanking is more along the lines of what I'd really try first... to jog those memories of good times. But hey, that's my style, not yours. ......... Good luck, kid!

Uh, thanks Kyle. That was... something.

In any case, you all can sense a common theme here. We have to do something to unlock Luna's memories. But... what can we really do? She'll kill us before we can even get close.

But we do have something, don't we? Something that both Alex and Luna share.

I don't really know if she could hear that from down here, but let's press onward anyway.

Oh! That's... significantly less. We must have done something.

Now I know I don't talk about the Japanese to English differences in this LP, but this one's pretty famous. In the Japanese version, you do not have to play the harp. The lightning will only do this small amount of damage. All you have to do is keep healed up. As I understand it, that's also true in the remakes that Working Designs didn't translate. (If I'm wrong, please correct me.)

While this puzzle is kind of obtuse, I do like it. For one, it makes it so there's a reason why you keep the harp in your inventory. And for two, it cements the fundamental motif of music. It's legitimately clever.

In any case, now that Althena/Luna has now weakened her rage somewhat, we can begin our ascent for real.

As we get closer, the more we can hear of what I can only assume is Luna struggling to break free.

After our long climb, we finally reach the Goddess.

: Who are you? Your power shields you from my spells.

: Don't come any closer! Stay there. No, get back! Stay away! One more step and you die!

: Luna!

: Huh?! You...

: Aaaaah!

: Alex? It's really you! I was trapped in a terrible nightmare! It was dark and I was so cold and alone... But I never doubted that you'd come and rescue me. Not even for a minute. Oh Alex... Alex!

And with that almost unbearably cheesy ending we close out Lunar: The Silver Star. The remakes add a little tension with the final bit, and a small epilogue where we get to talk to everyone one last time. Sadly, there's nothing like that in the original, so we go straight to credits.

So. What do I think about this game? Obviously I like it, and I still do, even though I have to admit its problems, and it has dated badly. If nothing else, it's the first Lunar game I played, and it has hallowed out a special place in my heart.

On that note... no, I wouldn't recommend this game as the first Lunar game to newcomers. The remakes simply look and play better. This game isn't hard, at all, but it's obtuse at times and that's arguably more frustrating. Moreover, the game's lost potential is obvious, and the remakes do capitalize on what this version failed to do.

Yes, I do think the remake, at least the PSX remake that I played, is better than the original. Not that the original is without merit. The original has a couple of moments that I really like, and it's tone is very different, much more subdued. Which by and large doesn't work for this sort of game, but it is better for some parts.

One of the biggest differences is how they handle the main villain. The remake seeks to humanize Ghaleon, while the original does the exact opposite. For the final battle, the remakes give him a new set of armor that lets you see his face, and the original turns into a demon. Humanizing Ghaleon is more interesting than de-humanizing him, although I think some of Ghaleon's threat and menace is lost in the remakes.

It's strange, though, how much this game doesn't feel like a Lunar game, despite being the first one. A lot of it is visual; it's a surprisingly dark game, color-wise. It's weird to think of so many things that one associates with the series really started with the sequel.

Speaking of which... yes, I do plan on LPing the sequel. I really don't think I'll jump into it right away. And yes, I do plan on LPing the original version. Of course, perhaps I should hustle bunny and get on that before Crowetron beats me! (Not that I could keep up with him anyway. I'm pretty sure the only person I can beat on update speed is Spirit Armor.)

But for now... well, thank you all guys! I know this hasn't been an easy ride, especially if you were around for the first LP. For those of you who have stuck around this long... I have no idea what to say, really.

I'm planning on some bonus content. I might see if I can dig up this old interview with ol' Vic Ireland. Or I could just type the damn thing by hand... I'm hoping not to do that. I've been dicking around with running this game low-level. Nothing too interesting yet, with the exception of one boss becoming way, waaaay harder. Dunno if anyone would be interested in seeing that.

Seriously, though, thank you guys, I can't say that enough.