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Part 35: Differences #1 (Covers chapters 1 & 2)

So here are the first Japanese to English issues that I can post up in this thread based on where we are in the stories. All of these were discovered by hardcore Lunar fans like myself. The best ones are coming up and all of these are available on Lunar-Net.

Now then, the Lunar-Net people did a lot on the translation thing. But, I don't want to harp on every translation difference as it would take forever. It is OBVIOUS translation is going to have many differences. Instead, I'm showing you my specific focus on STORY DIFFERENCES and interpretation differences between English and Japanese. A lot of this is Working Designs adding its own flavor to the game. Some of it is really good, and some sillier.
As I am leaving some differences out, you can find all differences here The added bonus is if you're too eager to see them all as they are revealed in the LP, you can go view them now. I shouldn't have to say this but they are a bit disorganized and contain SPOILERS.

Props to Kizyr for doing all of this, he's also the guy who did the Lunar: Walking School and Lunar: Magic School walkthroughs

In the first post you can see the English starting screen. Here's the Japanese one.

And unlike the English game, the Japanese game had captions for spoken dialog.

"Alex, you really look up to this guy, don't you?"

In English, The White Dragon is named Quark; Quark calls himself Tetrarch of the Dragon Tribe, like you all saw. However, in Japanese he does not have any title and his name is Fidy

"Ah... after a long time, travellers. I am the White Dragon, Quark [Fidy]."

Quark's Dialog is different when you meet him.
In English, Quark drops an exposition bomb on your crew by talking about fate.

But in Japanese he doesn't make such heavy hints.

"I noticed you before, the girl over there. Perhaps..., it's nothing. I was just surprised that a young girl came to this kind of a place."

That is all for now! Looking forward to the next update Camel!