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Part 36: Differences #2 (covers chapters 3 through 5)

It's that time again! Let's look at those J to E differences. But first, so Lunar-Net doesn't have that beastman that mentions people treating beastmen like crap up as a screenshot. Which means I'm going to have to boot up my game and figure out how to get a screen of it. Until then, take my word for it. (Or, I might be remembering it wrong!)

In other news.

Mel is a furry.

So hey, that first Island with Burg and shit?

That's Caldor Island.

Or... is it?

Japan says its Honmel Island.

Nash says he's a level three apprentice, but we clearly saw he starts at level 8. So he's a douche and a liar.

He's a little more clear in the Japanese side of Lunar, saying, "I'm a third-year student in the Magic Guild of the Magic City of Vane, and apprentice to <REDACTED> A MASTER WORTH GLOATING ABOUT </REDACTED>
So basically he's your typical jerkbag Junior.

Within Meribia

Blah blah blah, Governor Mel is one of the Four Heroes and FOUNDED Meribia, which would mean Meribia is a pretty young town. BUT IN JAPAN.

The city has been around for awhile and Mel is just in charge right now.

"The large city of Meribia on the continent is governed by Master Mel, one of the Four Heroes."

As you've seen from Camel's screens the magic-users are kind of major asshats, like Nash. Incredibly elitist and snobbish, like Nash.

They're also all from Vane, like Nash.

Japan says these tools just trained in Vane to become magicians and now they're here. "The residents of Vane have all entered the Magic Guild as magicians."
Still, it boggled my mind, if Vane is such a perfect paradise-on-Lunar why would you LEAVE it and be here talking down to us?

As far as some of your questions regarding the bartender and the coffee comment but I'm going to wager it was a tongue and cheek translation/censorship thing same as here:

Working Designs originally wanted to call Mel, 'Hell Mel.' But, Sega shat some bricks and made them call him 'Deadly Mel', Y'know, for the children.

In Japan, some say that he once chopped down an entire forest with one swing of his ax. Some say he got lost and a travel guide asked him for directions, some say he eats stones and pisses concrete. All we know is that he's called...

"Blood-soaked Mel." (Exact wording here is: "When he was young, he was very ferocious. As a warrior, he was called Blood-soaked Mel.")

As an ADDED BONUS, Working Designs originally made SEVEN different copies of Lunar: The Silver Star and each copy had many copies of it and was denoted by different CD art. It is going to take me awhile to fish up all the different arts but I'll find them somewhere. ANYWAY, one in particular was exceptionally rarer than the others AND had fewer changes.

I happen to have a copy of that one in particular, and Deadly Mel is still Hell Mel in my game. I'll get screens when I can.

Camel, what Emulator are you using? Your screens are coming out well, I'm glitching all over the place with the one I'm using.