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Part 37: Differences #3 (covers chapter 7)

KariOhki posted:

He sounds really bored here. Like he doesn't want to waste his time talking to Alex or something.

Like my posted above, he's the Great Sage Ghaleon, Alex is some low-bred hick from Burg who only knows a lick of magic. He's a waste of Ghaleon's time, he doesn't have time to deal with Alex. Since Lemia's off her rocker he's the one trying to keep things going and were it not for Nash's endorsement he'd never have spoken to your ilk to begin with. He sends you off to speak with Glumm instead because he's just too good for Alex. Damn aristocracy.

Speaking of Glumm.

Bitch don't even have a name in the Japanese version.

So yeah, finally, I can reveal one of the biggest changes to the game.

So, the fountain of transfer right?

In Japan, the fountain of transfer is shaped like a pentagram.
(Additionally, the tootsie roll guy is a lost adventurer in Japan.
"The town that floats in the sky... Hmm... I have memories of it from some adventures here and there from long ago... But it's no good... I don't remember it. Who in the world am I?")

But in the English version it looks like a Starfleet insignia.

(For comparison!)

This change was made at Sega's behest. Which is why I also think Hell Mel was a censorship thing because pentagrams and hell kinda have that whole SATAN thing and oh noes the children.

The Vile Tribe, sealed away for the lulz.

Japan informs us that the Vile Tribe were quite fiendish. "500 years ago, the Vile Tribe, who tormented people, lived in this world. But, the Goddess Althena, for the sake of the people, banished the Vile Tribe to the Frontier and sealed them there."

Leader and Premier. Not sure what the difference is but I view it as president and vice president.

The word used here is 'shuutou'--which is translated as 'Premier' in later games.
"The Leader of the Vane Magic Guild, Lemia Ausa, she's not young, but she's beautiful."

Here the word used for Premier is 'saishou'.
"And, the Premier of the Magic City of Vane, Great Sage Ghaleon, who was Dyne's close friend."

So... premier and premier. What I think is that Ghaleon is a Sage and Lemina is a Mage. Sage = Priest, so Healing Magic (defensive magic) and Elemental Magic (offensive magic) are separate and each "school" has its representative. That's my theory.

Vane's Library
Library, or areas with a lot of books are going to be full of differences!
Are you checking the library for an addendum update Camel? If so, I'll wait.