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Part 38: Differences #4 (BOOK READIN' TIME!)

The old version of Lunar: The Silver Star is vastly superior to the remakes in every way. Once people forget about the remakes I will begin a glorious new era of RPGs, right here...

Wait, I know what'll flood this page over:

It's a reference to The Wizard, like Camel said. Not the 80's movie, a video game.

In Japan, the creepy old witch wants to bang Ghaleon: "Ghaleon's a fine man. If I were just a bit younger... Yes, about 170 years younger, then I'd go for him... Hee hee hee..."


In the beginning, the Dragonmaster had some crazy power.

"But, this world was transformed into a land of green through the first Dragonmaster, spoken of in legends.", says Japan.

Truth is, Althena was the one who transformed Lunar into a life-harboring place, but the first Dragonmaster and the Four Dragons helped out to some extent. More about this in the vastly superior sequel.

Spoiler alert, old people die. One day, you'll all die too.

Man, that was depressing. "Those who understand how Vane floats in the heavens are no longer. Only the sparkle of them remains." We named some stars after those dead people in Japan.

The electric bills are ridiculous in this place called The Frontier.

"At the edge of this world stretches the land of the Frontier, where the Blue Star in the heavens does not shine." I'm guessing this light of the Blue Star, whatever that is, is still equivalent to Althena's favor.

Next time on Lunar's Cribs, Althena's Tower. No idea why a deity needs a home, but I bet she doesn't pay taxes.

"The Goddess Althena resides in the Goddess Tower at the heart of the world, continuing her rebirths, and always just as beautiful." Rebirths you say?

So, they asked Althena to pay taxes and rent, and she cried.

"When the Goddess' Tears which covered the world flowed, Vane floated into the sky." And when the water receded, it stayed up there. v v

There's more, but it's mostly bleh.