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Part 39: Differences #5 (The many names of Carol)

Glazius posted:

So we just got Tempest as a guest for that one dungeon?

Yeah, Tempest doesn't stick around. Shame too, he's pretty cool. Of interesting note, the village of Pao (its look) and the Pao Tribe people are all based off Mongolian nomad yurts and dress styles. Additionally, Tempest's japanese name is Temzin and Franchesca/Fresca's Japanese name is Pilya

Regarding Grimzol, and his pushoverness I think Camel's at right about the right level for that area too so there's no excuse.

There's like a whole bunch of translation shit on Grimzol/Grissel/Inca God.

Grissel here.

Grimzol on the save screen.

Tempest calls him Grimzol too.

It's mostly just vaguely called a demon in the Japanese version.
"5000 years ago... an ancient demon came to the Plains and spread disease. This plague is the curse of that demon..."

Cave is just Demon's Cave on the save screen.

Tempest just calls it demon.

But Nall calls it Karal, which I'm reading like "Carol" which is a pretty chicky thing to call a demon.

There are some other Japanese to English translation things I'll cover from these last few updates but it's gonna need to wait until after finals week.