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Part 13: Bonus Update 1

Bonus Update: You Can't Take Him Anywhere!

If there's one thing this game needs, it's more Ratpouch.

Let's start in the dungeon. If you cut him free before you speak to him, that is to say, if you use knife with leather cord before he promises his servitude, he thinks you're going to kill him.

Remember earlier, when I said he only gets your attention once in the game. I lied, he does it twice. The first only happens if you rescue him before you help Wulf.

Brilliant deduction, Ratty! This is probably his least useful insight in the game. Seeing as we'd have to have gone a fair way into escaping just to get to this.

He has some more stuff to say in this room. Being Ratpouch, he is slightly obsessed with drink.

I think Ratpouch needs to speak to his new master with just a little more respect, don't you?

Also, you'd think he'd have more anger toward his Skorl tormentor...

He moves away from the grille as he says this, that's why he's near the table in the screenshot.

Let's see how this young man responds to the atmosphere of The Severed Arms.

Ratpouch will try to get a drink twice here. You're seen the first time, when he threatened to tell on the landlord.

Gereint has a notice by the bar that reads thusly:

Can you prove your age? It is unlawful for young person under the age of 12 to be served with intoxicating liquor. You will not be served if you are, or appear to be, under the age of puberty.

Ratpouch goes ahead and tries to talk his way into it anyway.

Gereint: Try somewhere else, son. You don't look old enough to me.

Saving the best till last, Ratpouch meets Ultar!

Damned good advice, Ultar!

Mithaldu posted:

Also, you forgot to mention that you can actually kill Ratpouch. I forgot if that results into a game over though.

You're quite right, thanks for reminding me. Operate the rack a second time and this happens...

As you can see, it doesn't lead to a game over, but they sure do make you feel bad about it. It also renders the game unwinnable, so time to hit restart.

There you go, a little something extra for everyone reading the thread... all three of you.