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Part 11: Gundam Rising

aqu posted:

This thread needs more fan art:

Domgouf is SO going in the OP.

By the way, this page has gotten pretty huge. What are the chances I can get you guys to fill up the rest of this so I can start on a fresh page tomorrow?

Chapter 10: Gundam Rising

Last time, we defeated the easiest boss in the game. Before he died, ol' told us that Eisengrad was under attack. To Eisengrad!

: The city is still safe! They're fighting inside the base!
: Let's stop the attackers before the city is damaged further.
: Come on Cheeto! We need to hurry!
: Right! Let's go, everyone!
Cheeto and his friends hurry into the city, only to be stopped by...

Not again. We went through this LAST time!
: Do we look like we are? What kind of a question is that!?
: Tremmie, put a sock in it! You aren't helping!
: What was that? You trying to start something?
: You talk too much! I'm just saying, is all.
: Stop it, both of you! This isn't the time or place.
: I know it isn't! But we came all this way to help, and this lady accuses us of being with the Dark Alliance!?

Oh, you're still here?
: We aren't your enemy. We're here to fight the Dark Alliance.

Ladies and goons, the first normalish-looking character design of the game.
: Prove it? We don't have time for this! People are dying out there!
: ......
: You have to believe us. We're here to fight the Dark Alliance.
: All right. You seem to be on the level. So I'll trust you... for now. I apologize for my tone earlier.

: Major Rezner, can you give us a rundown on the situation?
: I just returned from a sortie myself, so I haven't been briefed yet. The Army's command and control is faltering, though. So things are looking pretty desperate out there.
: Is there anything we can do?
: If we can link up with General Sosei, we might have a chance.

: Will you and your friends help me find General Sosei? You're the only ones left!
: Okay. We'll go with you. My name is Cheeto! Nice to be working with you!
: Many thanks!

: The enemy have infiltrated our base! We don't have much time!
One side note about Major Rezner before we move on.

She's just a temporary party member, so we can't mess with her equipment.

: My Power Charge Boost Attack can pierce enemy armor! Use it wisely... For Eisengrad!
Rezner is one of those temporary super-members of our party. She's strong, fast, and immune to Acid, Overheating, and Short-Circuiting (paralysis).

: We can't hold out much longer!
: Hang in there! It's not over yet! Gather your troops and rally to General Sosei!
: Yes sir!
: Cheeto! The situation is worse than I thought!
: Right! Let's keep moving!

Every area of the base has a lot of these yellow fights. There's a LOT of fighting in this part of the game.

And every time I clear out an area Rezner tells me how futile it was.
: We're cornered! If only Captain Vizardt was here...!
: You mean Hal? He isn't here!? Why not?
: You know the Captain?
: Yes! We fought together once!
I'm not even gonna comment on this myself.

John Pastor posted:

"My old friend Hal- he totally told me I didn't need to say Captain anymore, dude- Hal told me all about the Dark Alliance. Then he gave me candy and we totally rode unicorns and he totally said I was the best pilot ever."

: Ah, so you must be the boy he mentioned in his report.
: So what's the deal? Where is he?
: He was sent to the Far East, to a group of islands known as "Japan." His mission was to search some ruins for data on a certain Mobile Suit.

: A Gundam?
: A legendary Mobile Suit from before the Great Fall. Legend has it a single Gundam defeated several hundred Mobile Suits.
: Indeed! We could've used the Gundam to get the upper hand here! But now... It may be too late.
: Don't give up! Hal will be back!
: You're right... Let us press on! General Sosei needs us!
More fighting. Fighty fight fight fight. Normally I really love the combat in this game, but areas like this tend to get a bit tedious.

A Kämpfer? I WANT IT!
: Major Nance Rezner reporting for duty, sir!
: You needn't worry about me. They won't beat me so easily. Major Rezner, the Mobile Suits beside you look unfamiliar.
: Sir! These volunteers heard about our situation and are here to help!

: I thank you, on behalf of our troops.
: I'm Cheeto, sir! Please let us help you fight the Dark Alliance!
: Gladly. We can use all the help we can get.
: Yes, sir!
"How does it feel being bailed out by a 16 year old kid piloting an unholy mishmash of a Gouf and a Dom?"

: They've got us surrounded! There must be hundreds of them!
: No more time for talk. I shall guard this gate. Intercept any enemies that approach!
: Yes, sir!
: Major Rezner! You help Cheeto and his unit.
: Yes sir!
: Good luck to you all!

: If we can hold and clear this area, we may still win the battle!
More and more and more fighting. The enemies aren't even anything interesting. Just a bunch of Doms, Goufs, and Zakus painted in dark colors, because black obviously means evil.

: Nothing on the radar!
: Aeon, feel any enemies nearby?
: Yes! This isn't over yet!
"Spider-sense... tingling..."
: Oh man... How many of them are there?

More than I care to count.

: What the--!? Look at them all! What do we do now?
: We can't back down now. We'll find a way.

: Damn! What should we do!?
: Hang in there! If we give up, we're done for! All we can do is hang on until Captain Hal comes back!

And they just keep on coming until...

: What!? Where's it coming from!?
: Above us!

: It's Hal! He's back!
: So we're saved, then?
: You bet we are! Everything's going to be fine!


: *hurk*

: A Gundam! There's a Gundam down here!

: It's a Gundam! A Gundam's come to destroy us!
: Did I leave the oven on...?


This scene is awesome. Words and screens can't do it justice. All of you absolutely need to watch the bonus content today.

: No. It was thanks to you that I was able to get here in time. I'm the one who should be grateful.
: If only we had fought harder...
: Nonsense! I'm proud of you. I'm sure the General and the Major feel the exact same way.

: Hey, stop it. You're embarrassing me...
: So, is our young hero nervous around the ladies?
: Hero...? I'm not a...
: Oh, make no mistake. You most certainly are. And not just Cheeto. We are grateful to all of you. Thank you. We will not forget what you did for us today.

: You're way too important to be bowing to the likes of us!
: Ha ha ha ha! I think this is the first time I've ever seen Tremmie flustered!
: Cheeto. We have so much more to talk about. But for now, leave the rest to us and go catch some sleep.
: Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!
: This is where we part ways. You have my thanks, Cheeto.
: And you mine, Major!
: It was an honor to fight alongside you.

: come to the Eisengrad General HQ tomorrow morning. I'll look forward to seeing you then.

Yeah, where the hell was Vladi? Bad guy etiquette mandates he should be present for his huge invasion of the big good guy city. Jerk.

Next time: The palace!

IT'S A GUNDAM! - I love this cutscene.


YMS-15 Gyan
Mobile Suit Gundam - Principality of Zeon
This Mobile Suit was designed to complement the Dom. While the Dom is designed to attack from long distances with its giant bazooka, the Gyan fights up close with its beam saber. The Gyan project was dropped when the Zeon realized this setup was retarded and adopted the Gelgoog.

MS-18E Kämpfer
Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket - Principality of Zeon
The Kämpfer is a very fast Mobile Suit built in the last days of the One Year War. Cyclops Team attempted - and failed - to use the Kämpfer to destroy the Federation's prototype Gundam Alex.

RX-78-2 Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam - E.F.S.F.
The Gundam is one of three Mobile Suits built as part of the Federation's top-secret V Project. The Gundam was so powerful it almost single-handedly turned the tide of the One Year War.