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Part 10: Backed into a Corner

Chapter 9: Backed into a Corner

Last time we were tipped off that Gavenger made the brilliant move of storming a Dark Alliance base alone.

: So, Cheeto. What's the strategy?
: Actually, Tremmie... He never bothers with strategies and stuff.
: Are you kidding? You don't just waltz right into an enemy base! Right, Cheeto?
: ......
"Well, I'll cut you some slack because you're new, but it really works a lot better than you seem to think. This is like, the fourth base I've stormed in the past week."

: How about working on that brain of yours?
: No time for the plan! We have to save Gavenger, now! Come on, everyone!
: See! What did I tell you!?
: Yep, I see what you mean.

Whatever, away we go!

"Hell yes. I absolutely LOVE treasure."

"What, more treasure?"

: Get out of here! It's a trap!
Not going to say it... Not going to say it... Not going to say it...

Oh dear lord. Look at his face. It's like the most perfect face I've ever seen.
: How stupid can you get? Blundering into such an obvious trap!

: Bah! The only thing that matters in the end is who wins!
: Come here and fight like a man!
: Thanks for the invite... But I've got better things to do.
"You know, evil super villain things. Like watching you guys on a monitor in my office for the next hour and a half."
: Don't worry, though. My men are happy to play. Ha ha ha! Enjoy yourselves!

: Hey, bro! Any bright ideas? What should we do?
: Fight through them! What else!?
: Fight through them? Are you crazy?
: Calm down, Fritz! This isn't the time to argue.
: I'm sorry... I led you here. This is my fault.
: You can apologize later! Right now, we have a battle to win!
: That we do! Let me fight with you.
: Are you okay?
: Yeah... More or less.
: Come on, everyone. Stick together and we can do this!

Gavenger's stats as of level 13. He's pretty balanced, just really slooooooow. Sure, he's not anything really special in battle, but I like Gavenger as a character.

And this is what we're gonna be calling Gavenger's Dom. Cheeseball IV named this one.

Oh, crap... three regular fights and TWO sub-bosses? This is going to be one hell of a fight.

: Select my Counter Zone Boost Attack and I'll protect you from Melee Attacks! Use it wisely!
Counter Zone causes the user to defend. All melee attacks would be forced to hit Gavenger, and then he would counterattack. I don't use it all that much, myself. Also of note: that bandage icon on Tremmie's head means "Hurt" status. It debuffs her reflexes, making her slower. She can also be hit with the debuff again causing Hurt+, which lowers her speed even more.

Two modified GMs and two modified Guncannons. Nothing about this battle is worth menti-


This is actually a really clever team. I'm impressed by it. See, one of the Guntank's biggest weaknesses is its complete inability to melee. This means all of my melee attacks would go uncountered. To amend this glaring weakness, the developers surrounded it by Counter Zakus. This variety of Zaku uses the Counter Zone Boost Attack, absorbing all melee damage instead of the Guntank. Seeing the strategy here?

Unfortunately the Guntank has ANOTHER glaring weakness. Chaff field completely blocks all bullet- or shell-based attacks.

My timing was a bit off with this shot, but the fading blue text says "GUARD". I completely blocked the Guntank's Boost Attack. Thanks Fritz.

: I don't know how we did it. I thought we were done for.
: There's no way I was going to lose to those guys! There's so much more we need to do!

: But tell me something. What made you come here, all on your own?
: I heard the Dark Alliance was planning a full assault on El Dar Samnia.
: What?
: There was no time. I had to do something.
: Right! You've got to let us help!
: Thanks. With your help, we may be able to pull this off.

: I wasn't forgetting you guys! Honest.
: Whatever. You're not the thinking type, anyway. But, listen. Why are you so set on fighting the Dark Alliance? You have to tell us that, at least, if we're going to help.
: Why?
: Come on, let's hear it!
: .......

Hey Aeon. We haven't heard a whole lot from you today.
: A powerful enemy has just appeared somewhere in the mines!
: A powerful enemy? It isn't showing up on radar.
: I'm sure of it! Somewhere deep in the mines!
: What are you talking about?

: Yes!
: We have to trust Aeon. The enemy is in here!
Well, boss battle incoming. Let's go!

OH GODDAMNIT! Another Sub-Boss!?

Yeah, whatever, just

Finally, let's finish this!
: Where? I don't see anything!
: Right below us! We have to get out of here!
: Below us? Another trap?

The ground shakes...

The floor opens...


: I was going to crush you all, but you didn't bite...

: We aren't going to fall for tricks by evil scum like you!
: Evil scum? You misunderstand. We're here to save the world.
Pft, nothing quite like misguided baddies.
: Is that what Vladi Zarth told you?
: I see someone's been doing his homework. Yes! Together with Lord Zarth, we will rule the world!
Oh, silly bad guy. There's a difference between saving the world and ruling it. You really are
: Don't let him fool you! You're just being used. Used as a tool by Rivage Zarth's ghost!
: Being used? No! We are the chosen ones!

: You've got a big mouth, kid. Fine. If it's a fight you want, you'll have one with Ironwall Zain, General of the Dark Alliance!

We shall see about that...

: It's more heavily armored than the Zock, and has even stronger armor!
: Any weak points?
: Try using melee attacks! But you'll need to pierce that thick armor to do any real damage!
: Thick armor? This could be trouble.
Adorable as she is, Aeon is quite misinformed this time. The Xamel has one big game breaking weakness.

You guessed it. Chaff Field. All I have to do is keep Fritz's EN over 4 before every one of the Xamel's boost attacks.

This battle wasn't fair.

Not at all.

: It's time I showed you what a Xamel can really do!

Ooh, he charged his energy up to 15. Scary. See, since Fritz has 10 energy and characters recharge 2 each turn, I can use Chaff Field 4 times in a row.

This game gets harder, guys. I swear. Really. Honest.

I mean, sure it's been looking easy so far. Just wait 'til I get my first Gundam.

: But no matter how strong you are... You will not stop Lord Zarth!
: Vladi Zarth? Where is he!? Tell me!
: He's gathering his forces... In Eisengrad.
: Eisengrad?
: Ha ha ha ha! Once we have Eisengrad... The world will be ours! HA HA HA HA HA! Eisengrad is burning as we speak! AH HA HA HA!

Whatever. Just die, you giggling idiot.

Crap. Cheeto blinked.
: We have to help! All of us!
: You think I'd let you go alone?
: Count me in!
: Me too!
: Right! Might as well tag along!

: Great! Let's go. We've got to save Eisengrad!
A little side note before I go. The Xamel dropped an awesome back-mounted cannon. How awesome is it?

It's so awesome I can't even equip it yet. We'll just put that in our list of long-term goals.

Next time: Eisengrad! Again!


The Xamel appears


RX-75-4 Guntank
Mobile Suit Gundam - E.F.S.F.
The Guntank was one of three top secret Federation Mobile Suits being developed as part of the V Project on Side 7. Its function is to provide long range support to the Gundam with its massive cannons.

YMS-16M Xamel
Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory - Delaz Fleet
The Xamel was originally built by the Zeon during the One Year War as a mobile artillery platform. It was used by remnant Zeon forces in the year UC0083 to capture one of the Federation's new Gundam prototypes.