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Part 9: Safari

Chapter 8: Safari

When we last left our heroes they had been wandering blindly around the African desert for the past 12 weeks. The lack of food and water forced them to eat Fritz just to survive.

Or not
: Is this El Dar Samnia? It's kind of a dump...
: Maybe it's because of the Dark Alliance attacks?
: Let's go in and find that Gavenger dude.
: Yeah. Our first job is to talk to him and find out what's happening.

Oh God. Tremmie has plumber's crack. BANDAI!
: Hey, Aeon. Why don't you and I take a look around together?
: Of course. But why me?
: Hee hee! You and I have some talking to do!
: Look at her smirking... Well, I'm going to poke around a bit. You find Gavenger for us, okay?

: Yeah. Is something wrong?
: Could you tell me your name?
: Er, my name? It's Cheeto.
: Ah, I thought so. My name is Olivia. I am a friend of Gavenger's.
: You know Gavenger? Do you know where he is?
: Yes. He should be inside the Dark Alliance's base by now.

: Where is the base located?
: I'm sorry, but I don't know.
: What should we do?
: The Town Elder might know.

: The Elder's house is further inside the town. I have to go now. Please find Gavenger, Cheeto! I'm counting on you!
Okay then. Let's see what the town's Constable has to say.

: We keep asking Unicorn HQ for help, but we haven't received a single reply. It's only a matter of time before El Dar Samnia is destroyed.
One thing I've noticed is that these towns are always quite nice and clean considering they're supposedly under constant attack.

: This town is like a maze. I don't know which way to go!
He's actually right. This town is confusing as hell. Sure, getting from the entrance to the Elder's house is pretty simple, but if you're a seasoned treasure hunter like me there are about 1200 hidden passages all over the place to explore.

Oh, I found Tremmie and Aeon.
: Tremmie? What have you two been talking about?
: It's a S-E-C-R-E-T!
: Hey, Aeon. What did she ask you?
: Er... It's a secret!
: Just between us girls!
: That's right!
: Oh, brother...
: We hate pushy guys, don't we, Aeon? Go on. Scram.
Great, she's corrupting Aeon on me. I don't know if I can handle two Tremmies...

Sure, I could have saved my money by finding this now, but I wanted the suit as soon as I could. Now I can just sell the data I find around.

And here's the Elder.
: You're the town elder, right? I need to ask you something.
: Say no more. I know what you want. You're looking for someone, yes? A large man.
: Uh... Right! How'd you know!?
: My eyesight may be poor, but my mind's eye is keener than ever.

: No, I'm just pulling your leg. Gavenger told me a boy and his friends may come asking for him.
Yeah, you're real funny too. You and Fritz should start a goddamned comedy tour.
: Are you making fun of me!?
: Ah, the naiveté of youth.
: Quit messing around! People's lives are in danger!
: Now, now, calm down... "Haste makes waste," as they say. And, "more haste, less speed."
: Haste... makes Waste?
: Rushing things will only slow you down in the long run. You need to think and act carefully.

: Listen. The Dark Alliance stronghold is in a Mining Base, far to the south. Prepare well for your trip across the desert, or you may never make it!
: Is it really that far away?
: Oh, yes. You'll meet plenty of enemies along the way. It may be difficult to find. Let me write it down on your map.
: Thank you!
: Good luck, young traveler.
I hate my elders so, so much...

What the hell? This guy is behind the Elder's house? I've never seen him before. This town!

Cheeto, having a serious problem, blows his team's entire savings on Guncannon data. Since his purchase of what he called "the good stuff" left the group with a combined 11 credits, the four of them were forced to sleep in the streets that night.

Now I'd like to introduce the customization feature of MS Saga. You see, each Mobile Suit is made up of a torso, two arms, a set of legs, and two pieces of shoulder armor. The torso dictates the type of Mobile Suit we're working with while all the other parts can be mixed and matched to tweak your suit's stats.

Say hello to our first frankensuit.

: Gavenger went to the Dark Alliance's base alone!
: You serious? Is he crazy, or what?
: Cheeto! We have to save him!
: Hey, this Gavenger guy. Is he a friend of yours?
: No. We only met him once.
: Yeah? So why are you running off to save a guy you only met once?
: I guess it's because he's fighting to help other people.
: ....... You aren't too smart, are you?

: Actually, I find that cute in a guy. Okay, I've decided! I'm going to help you out. We're a team, after all!
: Thanks! Are we all set? Let's head for the Dark Alliance's base!
: Roger! Ready when you are!
: Okay! Lead the way!
: I'm with you, Cheeto! Let's go save Gavenger!

Huh... that's an awfully long ways away. I'm gonna take care of some other business first.

The locked door in the Moon Ark led to some special Zaku data, a large ECAP, and this.

I picked up some more Guncannon data by selling Wendell


I'm giving it to Fritz because Aeon needs to keep her speed to be our healer. Anyway, back to the task at hand.

Traveling through the desert we run into one of the cutest damn Mobile Suits ever... and we promptly wipe it out.

And there's the mine.

Next time: Spelunking!

No bonus content today...


RX-77-2 Guncannon
Mobile Suit Gundam - E.F.S.F.
The Guncannon was one of three Mobile Suits being designed to counter the Zeon as part of the Federation's top secret V Project. It is one of the Federation's first Mobile Suits, and it is designed to provide the Gundam with mid-range support.