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Part 8: New Toys Galore

Chapter 7: New Toys Galore

When we last left our heroes, Aeon's spider-sense saved the day against the powerful Zock.

And so we travel back to Eisengrad because Cheeto can't make a single decision without Captain Hal's approval.

: Yeah. They were part of the Dark Alliance.
: You fought the Dark Alliance, and you won?
: We defeated a guy called Weaver. One of the Alliance's four Generals.
: Unbelievable. A young boy like you, defeating one of the Generals!

: In any case, it seems that you're gifted. Thanks to you, we can move forward with our master plan!
: Your master plan? What do you mean?
: Never mind than now. Cheeto! Will you help us?
"Well, I dunno... I'd like to know what the hell's going on."
: Of course! Just tell me what I can do!

: Let me give you this. I think you'll find it useful.

: What is this?
: Data on the "Gouf" Mobile Suit salvaged from enemies at the fort. There should be enough data for you to use a Mega G System to create a new Mobile Suit.
: Is it really okay for us to have this? Isn't this stuff a military secret?
"I mean, I know I have data on a special Zaku, let alone the GM I've already made using a G System. I guess what I'm asking is, won't I be breaking the law again?"
: Don't you worry about that! I'm sure it'll help you fight against the Dark Alliance! Just north of Eisengrad you'll find the G System 02 installation. The Card Key (L1) should get you in.
Dude, Hal can talk in parentheses. I'm jealous.
: Got it. I'll go check it out.
: I'm counting on you! Let's keep fighting the good fight against the Dark Alliance together!
Large military empire placing its faith in a 16 year old boy aside, we now have enough data for TWO new toys.

It's a really short trip. We can't use the G System outside Marie's anyway because my awesome battle with the Zaku broke it down.

: What's up? Is something wrong?
: I think... I think I know this place.
: Is your memory coming back?
: No, it's just a feeling.
: Okay. Don't try to force things. Your memory will come back eventually. You'll see!
: You're right. I'm sorry for holding you up. Shall we go in?

Yes. Yes we shall.

There's the occasional random encounter in here, but nothing worth mentioning. All easily dispatched cannon fodder.

Uh oh...

Huh... what's a Dom doing here?

: Let's get out of here!
: No! We can't run!
: Sure we can! We can come back later!
: What if the G System is destroyed? Come on Fritz!
: .................... Hm? It isn't attacking?

: It's just the eye. Take it easy, Fritz.

: Who are you!?
: The name's Gavenger. I'm not looking for a fight.
: I'm Cheeto! But how can we trust you?
: If I wanted to fight you, I'd have attacked already. Right?
: Yeah, that's true. Okay, then. I guess we believe you.
It doesn't take a whole lot to convince Cheeto.
: I appreciate it. I'm in a hurry. I have a score to settle with the Dark Alliance.
: The Alliance! You're fighting them too?
: Yes. That's why I created this Mobile Suit.
: Sorry for doubting you. We kind of thought you were one of them...
Hey Cheeto. I'm fighting the Dark Alliance too, but I need some help. I need your PIN number to... defeat them. That's right...
: No harm done. I'm glad we're all on the same page now. I've got to move out. See you later!

: Yep! That's our mission!
: In that case, I have a favor to ask. Come to El Dar Samnia. The city is under siege by the Dark Alliance. There's no time to lose!

: What? You aren't thinking of going, are you?
: Of course I am! You heard him! The town is being attacked the Dark Alliance!
Hey, Cheeto. I'm a very wealthy Nigerian prince. Unfortunately the Dark Alliance has frozen my bank account. Please send 50,000 credits so I can buy some Mobile Suit Data to defeat them. I will repay you with untold riches.
: Yeah, sure, but still... What about our own mission? Remember our promise? To Miss Natalie?
: Of course I remember! I won't forget that day for as long as I live. It's just that I don't want any more people to be killed. Like what happened at the orphanage.
: Yeah. You're right. Sorry, man.
: No, I'm sorry for jumping the gun. We're all in this together.

That's right, I managed to get Aeon blinking in two screencaps in a row. Argh.
: I'll need your help to pull it off. Will you come with me?
: Count me in!
: Yes, me too! I want to help Gavenger and the people who live there!
Will I ever be able to complete an update without mentioning how adorable I think Aeon is? Doesn't look like it.
: Thanks, guys.
: El Dar Samnia is on the African continent. To get there, we have to go through Fort Arid. It's to the west of Port Marley.
: I thought the Forts were locked down.
: It shouldn't be a problem. Gavenger will have gone through first.
: But you knew that already, right, bro? Ha ha ha!
Yeah, yeah. You're a goddamn comedian Fritz.
: What? Uh... Of course I did!
: Hee hee...! You're a lousy liar, buddy!
: All right, all right. Whatever. You got me. Let's get going!

Hell no we're not leaving yet. I've got some very important business to take care of first.

For every 50 pieces of Mobile Suit data we have, we can make a Mobile Suit. That is, of course, providing we have enough Large ECAPs for the job. We're fine, since we have two ECAPs and we're trying to make two suits. If you have more than 50 data, you can create an upgraded suit. It simply wasn't cost-effective for me to buy a billion pieces of Zaku data.

Normally you have to travel all the way back to a town to rename a Mobile Suit. I'm going to save you guys the tedium.

KungFuJesus named this suit.

Cheeseball IV named it.

Now, the fastest way to switch into our new suits is this device here. It looks like a save point, but it's actually used for setting Mobile Suit parts and switching pilots.

Lookin' gooood, Cheeto. I gave the Gouf to Cheeto to complement his high melee score. I gave the new Zaku II to Aeon because it's INCREDIBLY fast. This is a definite plus because as our primary healer it's imperative she has her turn first or close to first each round. Fritz got Aeon's old Zaku II as a hand-me-down. TO AFRICA!

I used a hacking tool on that box and it gave me two.

: I'll make you sorry you ever met me!
: Wait! Wait up! We're not with the Alliance!

: I'm serious! You have to believe us!
This girl doesn't fuck around. Time to fight!

: We can't let her stop us! We don't have any choice but to fight. Try not to hurt her, though!
: All right. I'll try my best.
: Man, what a pain! Oh well. Here goes nothing...!

This girl has a pretty tough Boost Attack...

But she falls like all the rest. And, hey, Fritz lived!

: Fine. Go ahead. Finish me off.
: Look, we already told you. We aren't with the Alliance.

: No kidding! We don't want to hurt you, let alone kill you!
: Really?
: Really. We're fighting the Dark Alliance, too.
: No way! Ah... Heh, heh, heh. I, uh, knew it all along! See, I was just testing you!
: Say what?
: That's right. Testing you. And guess what? You passed!
: We passed? What are you talking about?

: Team!? Wait, back up a minute...
: No, really. I don't mind. We'll fight the Dark Alliance together!
: We'll decide who we fight with!
: You don't have to act so shy. I can tell you're happy!

: Nice to meet y'all!

Here are Tremmie's stats as of level 13. As you can see, she's a balanced type fighter. Though, her main draw is something completely different. Look at her reflexes. She's a damn speed demon! She's going to be getting within the first three turns in every round, and she learns a lot of buffs that work into some very useful combos. For example, I can use her to buff Cheeto's Attack power in the same turn I have him use a powerful Boost attack.

: We're going to hang out with this loudmouth?
: Hey, what could I do?
: Oh, come on! You're big boys, aren't you? The enemy of my enemy is my friend! Strength in numbers! Right?

Fritz hates her. As a direct result, I love her. She stays.
: Hee hee! I knew it! That's settled, then! So are we going, or what? Let's go kick some Dark Alliance butt!

: I guess Gavenger did come through this way.
: Who's Gavenger? A friend of yours?
: No. He's just some weird dude in a Mobile Suit.
: What kind of description is that?
: Listen, can we just go? We have to get to El Dar Samnia!

Hey guys, guess what? I've been waiting for this update all week! Now that we have more than three party members...

Later, Fritz! Anyway, with that out of the way, I'd like to explain one of Tremmie's more useful Boost attacks.

See, she gets to attack first almost unconditionally. The enemy doesn't even have a chance to defend first. It's great for guard-happy enemies.

Though as a tradeoff it's not exactly the most powerful move. Hey, Tremmie. I'm tired of explaining things. Tell the people about rearguard.

: Build up EN while in the Rearguard, and then switch to the front to attack! What's more, people in the Rearguard gradually recover HP! What you have enough EN, switch! When low on HP, switch! You can also switch people to face certain enemies!

Overheat status ailment. This is a royal pain in the ass. As you can see, Fight is blanked out. All of her skills in the Boost menu are blanked out too. All she can do is use techniques, use items, defend, charge up her EN, and switch. I'm not bringing Fritz back into the fight. Aeon defends.

Whew, here we are on the other side of the fort. Hey guys! We're officially in Africa!

: How about some introductions? I don't know anyone's name yet.
: Huh? We didn't tell you?
: Nope.

: Cheeto? Charmed, I'm sure!

: Remember, we aren't friends just yet.
He's just sour because of how quickly I replaced him.
: Tsk! Aren't you a shy one? Well, you'll warm up to my feminine charms soon enough!
: Hmph. Whatever.
Look at how easily she gets Fritz all flustered. I like this girl.

: Hee hee! Another girl! We'll have to stick together.
: Of course! Nice to meet you!
: Hee hee...
: What are you giggling about?
: Isn't it cool? Having friends?
: Wait a sec! Let me guess! You don't have any friends, do you? Because you're too self-centered!
: Urk...!

Look at Cheeto. He's so tired of this crap.
: You're full of it! Besides, how would you know? Anyway, we don't have time to sit around and chat! Let's get going, okay?

Welcome to the team, Tremmie.KungFuJesus again.

Next time: It's like Rock Tunnel, but I can actually see.

No bonus content today...


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