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Part 13: Because There's Never Too Many Pirates

Chapter 12: Because There's Never Too Many Pirates

After a well-deserved rest and receiving some gifts from the Eisengrad Palace (some legitimately, most not), Cheeto and friends were told by Hal to find whoever is supplying the Dark Alliance with weapons.

: To find the arms dealer who's supplying the Dark Alliance!
: An arms dealer, huh? Any leads we can check up on?
: We have a suspect. A guy called Vargas. He's some sort of Black Market dealer.
: Black Market?
: Know something about it?
: You bet I do! Marie the Fossil Shut the hell up Fritz is like the top customer there!
: What? I didn't know that.
: She told me not to tell you. She was worried you'd think less of her if you found out!

: Uh... Well... She's kind of hard to describe.
: Hah! Try impossible.
: She is very kind, though.
: Hmm... Sounds like someone interesting! Let's go see this Marie, then!

First things first.

Goodbye, Dorpo. You were a good frankenmech.

Pipgirl named this one.

: I don't think I know all of you.
: Marie, I'd like you to meet Tremmie and Gavenger. They're on our side!
: So, Fritz, this is "Marie the Fossil"? She looks pretty young to me...
: Step closer and you'll see.
: Fritz! What did I tell you about that stupid nickname!?
: Okay! Okay! I won't do it again!
: Better not, unless YOU want to end up a fossil.
You can tell Marie's fed up with Fritz's shit too.

: Would you happen to be Dr. Marie Origin Nakeshnek Tokita!?
Quite the name she's got there.
: I can see you did your homework, young man! It's been quite some time since I've been addressed by my full name!
: So you ARE Dr. Tokita! It's an honor to meet you!
: What? The Foss... I mean, Marie... is famous!?
: She served as the first Leader of the Unicorns and she's a leading authority on Fictional History! How could you not know that!?
I'm sorry, what? Fictional History? Why in God's name would you study FICTIONAL History? Why would that field even EXIST!? What, is UC/AC/FC just a bunch of crap and my huge explanation back there was pointless? I swear I'm not making this stuff up.

Tremmie chooses to ignore the totally retarded half of Gavenger's statement.
: But the Unicorns were founded fifty years ago...!
: AHEM! I believe you've got your dates wrong! In any event, I'm too busy for this kind of chit-chat right now.

: I haven't even told you why we're here yet!
: Oh, all right, Cheeto. I always have time for you.
Not being a dick has its perks.
: I need some information on the Black Market. Can you tell me where it is?
: The Black Market?
: We're looking for a man named Vargas. He's helping the Dark Alliance!
: Vargas? I know him, but he isn't a bad man.
: He isn't?
: No. Believe me, I would know! But don't take my word of it. Why not see him for yourself?

: They'll let you inside the Black Market if you show them this <Black Ticket>. The black market is held on the Northwest Peninsula! Head north from Eisengrad, and then west along the coast.
Screw Hal, Marie can talk in brackets.
: Thanks, Marie! The Northwest Peninsula, right?
: Just a moment, Cheeto. There's something I need to talk to you about.
: Yes, Marie? What is it?
: Do me a favor, Cheeto. Promise me you'll watch out for Aeon, whatever happens.
: What's with the serious tone, Marie?

: Of course I'll protect her! She's one of us!
: Good... that makes me feel better.
: What's this all about?
: You'll find out soon enough. Just remember your promise!

"She swore me to secrecy. All I can really say is... well... Fritz, never sleep."
: Don't tell me she made a pass at you?
: Knock it off, Fritz!
: Well, you were right about Marie. She is pretty mysterious. I wonder what else she's hiding.
: I still can't believe she was the first Leader of the Unicorns
: Did you spend your lives under a rock or something?

: How come you know so much about her?
: Yeah! But then again, I guess an old geezer like you probably knows a lot of stuff.
: An old geezer? Are you talking about me!?
: Yeah! Who else?
: Come on! I'm only 24!
: 24? Don't make me laugh. Who are you trying to kid?
: Yeah! There's no way you're THAT young!
: What do you think, Aeon?
: !! ......
: There goes my last vote of confidence.
: Look, who cares how old Gavenger is!? We have to get over to the Black Market!
Black Market! YAAAAAAAAAAY! Although, there's a little something waiting for us in the ghetto of Eisengrad first.

"On a cold and gray Chicago mornin' a poor little baby child is born in the ghettoooo! In the ghettoooo! Oh hey."

This guy won't even give you the time of day unless you have a ticket. There's some good data waiting for us here.

Like the data for our very first Zeta Gundam Mobile Suit!

pokecapn named this.

Sylphosaurus posted:

So, according to the map there was mechs in Sweden. Will we get a chance to visit my homeland and kick over the Globe?

Well, here we are buddy. The Globe is long gone, but we've got a black market base owned and operated by sky pirates instead!

: All right guys, let's go undercover!
: Wait, Tremmie! It'll look suspicious is we all go in at once.
: Any better ideas then?
: One of us should scout out the place first.
: I'll do it! Gavenger would just attract attention, and Tremmie is, well, you know...
"And Fritz would totally blow it and Aeon is just way too adorably corruptible..."
: What!? No, I don't "know"!
: Settle down, Tremmie. Let's let Cheeto handle this. All right, Cheeto. We'll wait for your signal.

: What!? You have a ticket?
: Heard I'd find some good deals here.
: Heh heh! A customer, eh? If that's the case, be my guest!
: Some friends of mine are waiting outside. Mind if they come in too?
: Whatever... Just hurry up!
It's always so easy...

: Ooh, a secret investigation into the deep, dark underworld! I'm so excited!
Yeah, Tremmie, we're a regular Dateline NBC...
(Holy crap. I typed that line not ten seconds before that part of last night's South Park. I hate to recycle material, but that's staying in because it's so freaky.)

: Are we safe here? The people look scary.
: Don't worry! Folks like these love customers!
: Really?
: Tremmie's right. There's nothing to worry about.
: Guess money does the talking, eh?
: Come on, everyone. Let's split up and dig for clues.

"Aeon, Tremmie and I will look in the second floor of the creepy old mansion. Gavenger, you and Fritz search the haunted wine cellar!"

The Black Market is actually a little disappointing. All of the good stuff was WAY out of our price range. Although, we did pick up this little gem. Searching some more...

: Answer me!
: I'm looking for someone.
: So, you're the one who's been snooping around, looking for our boss!
: Damn! I'm trapped!
: Simmer down! There's no way out!

: Is this how you treat all your guests? How am I going to get out of here?

Well, here I am. Trapped.

The elevator won't open...

And Cheeto suffers from the disability many RPG heroes suffer that renders them unable to climb waist-high ledges. Finally...

: The elevator's moving!

: Let me guess. You must be Vargas!
: You mean you heard of me? Heh! I must be gettin' famous!
: So it IS you! You're the one supplying the Dark Alliance with weapons!
: Maybe, maybe not... What's it to you?
: I'm going to take you out, that's what!
: Ooo, I'm scared! And how do you intend to pull that little trick off?
: Who cares? You're going down either way.

: You got spirit. I like that. So guess what? You can go! Now get outta here before I change my mind.
: Boss! Are you sure about this?
: You tryin' to second-guess me?
: Not me, boss! No way!

: 'Cause you're cool, kid!
: Really? I mean, is that the only reason?
: You lookin' a gift horse in the mouth? Just consider it your lucky day!
: So... Are you really helping out the Dark Alliance?
: Look, kid. We may be Sky Pirates, but we have rules. We ain't exactly angels, but we never bothered anyone legit! And whether you believe me or not is YOUR problem. Now get outta here! This ain't the place for kids.
For the record, I like Vargas. Sure, he dresses funny and has purple dreadlocks, but that's what makes him so endearing.

: Talk to me!
: It's the Dark Alliance! They're messin' up our turf!
: What!? Gear up, boys! Time to teach those clowns a lesson!
: You're going to fight the Alliance, right? Let me help!
: We're talking about war, kid. Leave the fighting to the grown-ups.
: But I've been fighting the Dark Alliance, too!
: A squirt like you? Come on!
: Stop treating me like a kid! I've got my own Mobile Suit and everything!
: For real...? Fine by me! Just don't expect us to bail you out if you get in trouble.
: Don't worry! My friends and I can look after ourselves.
: Friends? Would that happen to be two kids, a chick with a loud mouth, and a big, heavy dude?
Oh man... we all got caught... We suck.

: Ha! I guess I'd better let them go, too!
: So you caught all of us...
: Well, playtime's over. You wanna help out? Meet me in the control room on the second floor.
Our pride thoroughly thrashed, we all meet up on the second floor of the base.

: Hey! Is everyone all right?
: No, we're not "all right"! First these creeps capture us, then they push us around!
: It's your own fault, you know! Teach you to snoop around like that.
: Look who's talking! You're the one who's sneaking weapons to the Dark Alliance!
: You know, you're pretty cute when you're mad!
: What!? Shut up!
: Wait, guys! Hold on! We were wrong! Vargas isn't cooperating with the Alliance!
: What!? If that's true, I owe them an apology!
: Them? An apology?
: You should have seen him! He was awesome!

: He knocked my men out cold, is what he did...
Hell yeah he did. There's a reason I use the Clint emoticon for this guy.
: I'm terribly sorry. I assumed too much.
: Don't sweat it. Wouldn't have happened if my boys handled themselves better.
I mean, look at that. Gavenger is so awesome Vargas can't even be mad at him for beating the crap out of his lackeys!
: No, that doesn't clear my conscience. Please, let me make it up to you.
: A man of honor, eh? Guess you could do some mercenary work for me, then.
: Mercenary work?

: Pull it off, and I'll consider us even!
: What do you say, Cheeto?
: If it means fighting the Dark Alliance, there's no reason to say no!
: Okay. It's a deal!
: So where do we need to go?
: They've been spotted on an island to the west of here.
: An island? What, do you expect us to swim!?
: Hey, we're Sky Pirates, remember? We can fly over there.
: Fly...? How are you going to do that!?

: Anyway, I'll be waiting right here. Come talk to me when you're ready.
That sounds cool, but I'm gonna do some exploring first.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Sure, he stole from the Palace, but he wouldn't even DARE steal from sky pirates!" Well, you haven't read this whole LP, have you?


"Hell yeah."

Next time: Exploring British ruins!

No bonus content today...


RMS-106 Hizack
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Titans Forces
Using technology gathered from the defeated Zeon forces after the One Year War, the E.F.S.F. created the Hizack as the Zaku for the mid-UC0080s. It was very light and although its generator wasn't powerful enough to support beam weaponry, it was a very popular suit with pilots and mechanics.