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Part 14: I Swear to God, Fritz...

Chapter 13: I Swear to God, Fritz...

When we last left our heroes, they had just cleared up a big misunderstanding with Vargas and the sky pirates. Also, Gavenger was badass.

: Heh heh! Let's have some fun!

: I like you guys! I think I'll tag along!
: You have a Mobile Suit too, Vargas?
: You're talking to a master pilot. I ain't afraid of the Dark Alliance! Now, then, Cheeto! Lemme show you my wings!

Vargas's stats as of level 14. I don't have a lot to say about him. He doesn't really have any strengths, but he's not really weak in anything either.

: She can take us anywhere in the world we need to go. And I mean anywhere!
: Anywhere? Wow... That's great!
: What a feeling! There ain't nothin' in the world as cool as flyin'! It's the best! No sense standing around! Let's get in the air so we can take 'em out!

And awayyyy we go!

: That was awesome!
: Oh, yeah! I could get used to this!
: Ha ha! There's no better way to travel! In the sky, nothing gets in your way!
It's brilliant! Normal pirates are restricted to the confines of the ocean, but Vargas takes that element out of the equation. Literally nowhere in the world is safe from sky pirates!

: Nice. Anyone ever tell you you talk too much?
: All I'm saying is, big deal. So you've got a thing for high places.
: Ah. I get it. You're afraid of heights!
: Oh, please!
: Aww! That's kinda cute. Really.
: Knock it off!
: Know what? I like you better when you're mad!
: You really want to see me mad!?
: Aw, I'm just playing with you. Take it easy! Anyway, let's get to work. The Dark Alliance is holed up over there!

: You got it! That's where we made this Gaw!
: I have a bad feeling about this...

This all looks very familiar. Most G Systems are laid out similarly.

: My Arm Snipe and Leg Snipe Boost Attacks will hit even the fastest enemies! And my Snipe Assist can protect against being counterattacked! Am I the man or what?
Lines like this are why I love Vargas. Moving on.

: What the!? I'm picking up a bunch of energy spikes!
: The enemy must be creating more Mobile Suits!
: That really burns me up. The G System is MY business too!
: You use the G System for business?
: Yeah. We sell the weapons we make using it.

: What was that?
: Uh! I said, "we'd better go!"
: Did you, now? All right, then. Let's head in and clean out this joint!

Let's go see what's up.

Holy crap.
: What are these Suits!? Never seen anything like them!

I say again, holy crap.

: Cheeto... I have a very bad feeling about this.
: I don't know... Maybe we should pull out!
: No! We have to stop them from creating more Mobile Suits! We can do this, Fritz!
: Here we go again...!
"Okay, that's it. Fritz, I have had all I can take of your bullshit! This whole war, all you've done is make wiseass comments and second-guess every decision I've ever made. How many battles have we been in? Hundreds? And how many times have you proven yourself to be useful at all? Exactly two. So here's the deal. If I hear one more complaint from you. One more wiseass remark, one more snide comment. You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna conduct a little experiment to see what happens when THIS beam saber comes into contact with YOUR fatass body right here in front of Aeon, Tremmie, Gavenger, Vargas, the entire Death Army, Miss Natalie AND GOD! Do I make myself absolutely fucking clear?"

After dealing with Fritz, Cheeto gets ready for the fight of his life.

And they fight...

And they fight...

And they continue fighting!

Finally, they reach the G System.

: The G System's running, but there's no one here!
: That can't be possible. A G System can't make Mobile Suits by itself...
: We have to shut it down, fast! Come on, we're going in!

Whew... one last battle.

Now, I'd like to mention something about the Death Army. I didn't want to say it before because I wanted to work in that G Gundam tribute. Anyway, the Death Army and all variants (and we'll be seeing a LOT of variants over the course of our adventure) recover 100HP every turn. Now, later when I'm doing something like 300-350 every hit it won't be a problem. Now, though, when not all of my characters can even break 100 with an attack, it gets pretty annoying.

Cheeto is Dazed. It's this game's name for Confusion. In this shot I had told him to use a melee attack.

They got Aeon

And we keep on fighting...

Until finally...

Whew, the battle's over.

: The G System was running on its own. What's going on here?
: I don't know. For security's sake, G Systems have safety circuits that prevent them from operating without human help.
: Could the Dark Alliance have somehow bypassed the security system?
: Impossible! There's only one way to deactivate the security system. You need to have the biometric data of the designer: Rivage Zarth!
Uh... Gavenger? Guess who would have DNA similar to Rivage Zarth. Give up? A little someone called VLADI ZARTH. THE GUY WE'RE FIGHTING AGAINST. You're still awesome though, even if  you haven't played Bioshock .

: It's keyed to Rivage Zarth's body. Only he can deactivate the security.
: But that's impossible! He died in the Great Fall!
: I know. Still, it's the only way. What in the world is going on?
: Whoa! Why's the room shaking!?

: It's what!?
: This isn't good! Let's get out of here!
: Everyone, run!

Or... hover, in this case.

: Aeon! What is it!?
: Someone... someone's voice... In my head...

Whoa. Trippy.

: There you are, Aeon!

: I don't know you! Go away! Don't come any closer!

: Why do you deny me, Aeon? Don't tell me you've forgotten your mission!
Destroying the world? Yep, she sure has. Sorry guy.
: Remember, Aeon. Remember....

: Cheeto...
: Are you all right!?
: I think so...
: Hey, Cheeto! Who was that guy?
: I don't know. It's the first time I've seen him.
: He appeared out of nowhere, and simply disappeared!
: He may have teleported here from another G System.
: Teleported? Is that even possible?

: the reconstruction of humans, or any life form, is supposed to be prohibited.
: So you mean whatever was inside that Mobile Suit... wasn't human?
Silly Tremmie. All it means is whoever was behind this has no regard for ethics.
: I can't say for sure... But it's possible.

: I-I can't do this... I'm too scared...!
"That's strike one, Fritz. Don't think I won't do it."
: Fritz! I know you can handle this.
: I'm sorry... It's all my fault...
: None of it is your fault! You haven't done anything wrong!
: That person... He knew me. But that's not all. I also recognized his voice. I... I might actually be... your enemy.
: How can you say that? You're my friend! You're one of us!
: But... I...
: The past doesn't matter!
: I-I'm just worried...
: Either way, I believe in you, Aeon!

: It's not safe for us to stay here.
: You're right. Let's head back outside, everyone.
One use of Cheeto's "Escape" technique later...

: So, what are you guys gonna do now?
: I guess we'll keep looking for the arms dealer that's supplying the Alliance.
: Oh, yeah, the arms dealer! Well, I do know someone... He's called Mr. K.
: "Mr. K"?
: He's an arms dealer in Tohai, a town far to the east. Ever since those Mobile Suits appeared, he's been raking in the cash!
: Mr. K the arms dealer, huh? Might be worth checking out.

: But isn't the fort sealed off?
: Hmm. Is there any way around it?
: Hey, we'll fly you across with the Gaw!
: You'll take us there?
: Sure! Consider it a reward for your mercenary job!
But... I thought this mercenary job was compensation for Gavenger kicking pirate ass?
: Thanks, Vargas!
: All right! First, let's get back to our base, though!

: It's a long trip, so I'll need to refuel the Gaw. Besides, it's been a long day. We could all use a bit of rest!
: Yeah, you're right.
: Tomorrow... again?
: Ha! Still scared, are we?
: Don't be ridiculous! Flying's a piece of cake!
: That's the spirit! I'm looking forward to tomorrow!
Alright! I can't wait!

"I swear to God, unless the next words out of your mouth are 'I'm sorry for being a fat, useless sack of crap' then just turn around and start walking away while you're still able to."
: Um, I...
: What is it, Fritz?
: Uh... never mind. It's nothing!
: Are you sure you're okay?
: Uh... Yeah. I'll, um... Catch you later.
"Yeah, that's what I thought."

We get to rest for free because the story requires we do so.

"Oh goddamnit. I knew I should have broken his legs when I had the chance."
: Any idea where he went?
: Fritz is missing!?
: I can't find him, either!
: Cheeto!

: Please look at this! It's a note Fritz left with the gatekeeper for you to read!
You received <Fritz's Letter>!

"Oh... oh my God. Fritz ran away. And it's... it's all my fault...


Okay, I totally deserve a high five for this. Aeon? Tremmie? How about you, Gavvie?


: We swore to avenge Miss Natalie's death together! Oh, Fritz...
: Fritz has been though a lot. You have to give him that.
: I... I know... But I never realized he felt this way...
: Come on, Cheeto! Cheer up!
: I agree! I'm sure he'll come back!
: Yeah, you're right. I can't let this get me down.
: That's the spirit! Now, let's go see Vargas!

: Of course I'm sure! It's just a little altitude! And if I'm not complaining, then no griping from you either, got it?
: Got it. Thanks.
My most beloved readers, we're free! Free at last! Fritz is finally gone and I couldn't be happier!

Next time: More freedom!


The Gaw - Vargas has a Jamaican accent. Awesome.

Another mysterious Mobile Suit - As if this game didn't have enough of these already.


RGM-79SP GM Sniper II
Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket - E.F.S.F.
One of the last GM variants of the One Year War, and also one of the most powerful, the GM Sniper II was produced in small quantities at the end of the war.

Death Army
Mobile Fighter G Gundam - Devil Gundam Corps
The Death Army is the Devil Gundam's legion of cannon fodder. They are a product of the Devil Gundam's abilities to self-evolve, self-reproduce and self-repair.

GF13-001NHII Master Gundam
Mobile Fighter G Gundam - Neo-Hong Kong
The Mobile Suit used by Master Asia to win the 12th Gundam Fight. No mobile fighter is a match for Master Asia's unstoppable martial art skills.