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Part 16: An Uphill Battle

Chapter 15: An Uphill Battle

Last time, Cheeto and friends vowed to find and trash Mr. K's hideout for no other apparent reason than he might possibly have something to do with the Dark Alliance. Let's see how that goes.

: I'm detecting incoming Mobile Suits! A large number of them!
: This must be the hideout, then! Come on, guys! Let's go!
We take a grand total of five steps before...

We get stopped in our tracks.

: Hey, I know that voice! Li Fang, is that you, sweetie?
: You! You're the Peeping Tom from earlier!
: Imagine meeting you all the way out here! Must be fate!
: Fate...? Yes, it would seem we were destined for this encounter!
: Good! I'm glad you feel the same way! Now come, leap into my arms!
: Leap? I prefer flying kicks. Very well, I will humor your request!
Aw crap.

: This, my dear, is the fateful reunion of a man and woman romantically bound!
: Are you sure this romance of yours hasn't gone sour?
: Don't be jealous, Tremmie! Even you can't deny our love!
: You idiot! Why do I even bother!? Fine. You can explain later!

"Okay, don't worry guys. It's just a Guncannon. Look! It doesn't even have any firearms! We've got this fight--


Many expletives later, Li Fang falls.

: It was one against five! Don't be so disappointed. The odds weren't exactly even.
: That doesn't change the fact that I failed... Now hurry up and finish me off!
: If you're ready to give it all up, why don't you come with us?
: What?
: Join our cause! Fight with us!

: I would rather die than betray him!
: Why are you working for Mr. K? You know how crooked that guy is?
: How dare you insult him! Everyone in town respects Mr. K!
: Come see for yourself! We shouldn't be too far now.
: But if you're wrong, I'll see to it that you'll pay!

So, is this like one of those Wookiee life debt things?
: Great to have you with us, Li!
: Do not speak to me! I may be here, but I am not "with" you!
: Hmph! Playing hard to get now, are we?
: Tell me... What did she mean by "Peeping Tom"?
: It's nothing! Never mind the details!
: This man looked up my skirt while I was descending some stairs!
: Up your skirt!? Vargas! Explain yourself!
: For the last time, this is all a misunderstanding!

: It means a pervert...
: A p-pervert...!?
: Whoa now, Tremmie. Aeon, allow me to explain. A "Peeping Tom" refers to a certain type of petty criminal.
: Does this mean Vargas is a petty criminal?
: Oh no. You see, he's been an all-out felon from the start...

: That's enough, Gavenger! You're not making things any better!
: Ah... My apologies.

Look at her. She looks so disjointed.

She's also a temporary party member.

Do I really need to explain her strengths?

And this is her Mobile Suit: A Guncannon with a Z'Gok's claw. Because that makes sense.

In any case, away we go!

Hm... a fork in the path. If history has taught me anything, it's that the left path...

Pay dirt.

: My Gatling Punch Boost Attack can take out a legion of enemies! Not only does it decimate Mobile Suits, but it injures their pilots as well! This does not mean I trust you, but for now my fists of fury are yours!

Yeah, whatever. Guns are better.

The Gyan Launcher is actually pretty brilliant. It takes the Gyan's major weakness (no ranged ability) and fixes it (giant shoulder cannons).

By the way, remember Aeon's Bit attack from yesterday?

Hell yeah. Two down in one turn.

And this is the treasure they were guarding. Totally worth it.

A battle against two Gyans. This is where things start going downhill...

Their swords inflict Short Circuit status, which is like overheat but you can't do ANYTHING.

Goddamnit. After reloading, we take a side path I missed before.

Uneventful fight.

Anyway, we manage to beat the two Gyans this time (it was a yellow battle) and climb our way farther up the mountain.
: It's not they who are weak, but you who are strong! But tell me, what is a martial artist like yourself doing in a Guncannon?
: A Guncannon!? What are you talking about?
: The name of the Mobile Suit you're piloting. It isn't exactly ideal for close combat.
: Hmph... I'll have you know that this Mobile Suit is a Gundam, an extremely powerful close combat prototype!
Uh, no.

: That can't be... You must have been mistaken!
: I saw it in Eisengrad. I'm certain what it was!
"And anyway. There used to be a little whiny twerp in our group who piloted a Guncannon. It sucked so hard we sold for pocket change it the second he left."

: Don't be so hard on yourself. I don't know anyone else skilled enough to use a Guncannon in melee combat!
: Really? So my training has paid off, then!

More fighting. I like showing you guys combat scenes, even if it does inflate the updates a little.

Pretty soon we come to a save point. I think we all know that this means...

A sub-boss battle, apparently...
This is one ugly battle, for two reasons.

Reason number one. I'm an idiot and attack the Gyans with melee strikes, which is why Cheeto's health is so low.

Reason number two. Short circuit status. Dear lord in heaven I hate short circuit.

You know what? Screw this game. I'm gonna play something else.

---30 minutes later---

Finally, with a little bit of smart strategy, I win the fight. And this is only a sub-boss battle.

: This is Mr. K's hideout! He's been seen around here, so I'm pretty sure of it!
: What would he be doing in these mountains?
: What he doesn't want to be seen! He conducts business with the Dark Alliance here!
: He's been playing us for fools all along. The townspeople, everyone... You have proved yourselves truthful.
: You mean you believe us now!?

So... is THIS like one of those Wookiee life debt things?
: What is causing this rumbling!?
: Look out! A massive object is approaching!

The first boss came from the sea, the second from the ground. This boss comes from the sky. I'm reading too much into this.



Oh, God! You're not Aina at all!
: Now that you know who I am, you won't be leaving alive!
: So you are the arms dealer we've been looking for! But why!? Why are you helping the Dark Alliance!?
: "Helping"? No, insolent child. I am not "helping" the Alliance.
: Don't lie to us! Your presence here is proof enough!
Cheeto got an F in recognizing context clues.

: I am Breakneck Kowloon, one of the four Dark Alliance Generals! My arms dealership is merely a front! This is my true identity!
: How dare you deceive me!
: You're the fool for being deceived!
: All the townspeople believed in you!
: Yes, and I am so grateful for their confidence. Where else would I find peasants willing to work for so little! Ha ha ha ha ha!

: No! Don't let him bait you! We'll take him together!
: Come at me together, then! My Apsalus will burn you all!

: If he hits you at maximum output with his main cannon, you'll be vaporized!
: It's that powerful!?
: Yes! Look out for his Boost Attack and defend against it!
: Defend against Boost Attacks, huh? I guess we don't have much choice!

This battle... Didn't start out so well.

The Apsalus's first attack one-shotted Gavenger even as he defended. It was around this point I wondered whether I was under leveled or I had gimped suits and if I was going to have to reload my save and grind for several more hours. Turns out I was fine, I just had a bad start.

Remember Chaff Field?

Gavenger recently learned a skill kinda like that. It's called Beam Field. Same idea, but it protects against beam attacks.

"That tickles!"

: It's time I introduced you to the full potential of my Apsalus!
It's around here I started getting worried again. At full charge, the Apsalus can use 400% charge, which is enough to one-shot even Cheeto while he's defending. I do my best to debuff his attack as quickly as possible, while trying to keep a constant beam field going.

Because 400% is one nasty attack.

It worked. Hell yeah, beat 'im on the first try!

: H-how could.... A young boy like you...
: Tell me Kowloon! Where is Vladi Zarth? You're a General in the Dark Alliance! You have to know!
: Do you really think I'd tell you...? Ha ha...!

: Hrgghh!

Just as proof I'm not making this up.

This guy went and died without even giving me a vague hint about the Alliance. What a rip off...

: Where is this Vladi Zarth!?
: Don't lose hope, Cheeto! If you keep after the Dark Alliance, you're bound to find out!
: But we've been fighting Mobile Suit after Mobile Suit. How many more do we need to destroy before we find out?
: Just keep up the good work, and we'll find him. Eventually.
: I'm glad to see you aren't bothered by all of this!
: It's called "positive thinking"! You should try it sometime!
: Vargas is right. We have to keep our heads up.
: In that case, Cheeto, we should probably report back.
: You're right. Let's go back to Eisengrad and talk to Captain Hal. We can decide what to do next after discussing it with him!
Because God forbid we act on our own free will.

: Is something wrong?
: I have to tell the townsfolk about K's true identity.
: Say it isn't so! I can't bear the thought of parting with you!
: She's right, though. The people deserve an explanation.
: In that case, let me escort you to Tohai. I'll help you out, sweetie!
: No thank you! I don't need anyone's help, let alone yours!
: You sound so cold and cute when you say that, ya know?

This takes a lot longer than one might think.
: And I will prove to you my true worth!
: All right! We'll be waiting for you!

Worst life debt ever...
: I'll be waiting for you, sweetie! Well, now that Li's gone... I guess we'd better go home too! Let's go back in the Gaw!
: The Gaw? Is it coming for us?
: I sent for it earlier with the transmitter. Should be here anytime.
"No! Wait! But... Five more minutes! There's treasure in this alcove! I saw it in the cutscene!"

and return to the Sky Pirates' base...

Next time: Eisengrad! AGAIN!


The Apsalus - I liked Aina better than Kowloon...


Apsalus II
08th MS Team - Principality of Zeon
The Apsalus was Ginias Sahalin's pet project for the Principality of Zeon and was piloted by his sister Aina. The intention of the Apsalus project was to create a weapon powerful enough to annihilate the Federation's Jaburo base even through all of the layers of rock protecting it. The project was abandoned by Zeon officials after it became clear that the war was going back into space and spending any more money on the Apsalus would be a waste.