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Part 17: Massing Our Forces

Chapter 16: Massing Our Forces

Last time, we defeated the third Dark Alliance General. There's only one left: Vladi Zarth.

"That treasure is still sitting there in the mountains, you bastard."

Do you really have to ask?
: Ha ha! You all want to become Sky Pirates, do you? Don't you need to report your progress, though?
: Point taken. We have to go back to Eisengrad and tell them about the arms dealer.
I feel so empty inside now...

: Why don't you come with us?
: Are you serious? I'm a Sky Pirate! They'd arrest me the second I got there.
: We wouldn't allow it! I know you're not a crook, Vargas.
: Why, thank you. But I do have my own men to lead as well.
: But...
: To each man his own mission.
: All right... Sorry, Vargas.
: No worries! Pleasure working with ya!

: This doesn't mean we'll never see each other again! Drop by anytime! Remember to bring a full wallet, though!
: One moment he's one of us, the next moment he's sucking our blood.
: Hey, just kidding! You're welcome as friends! Now then Cheeto. I may not be able to go with you, but feel free to take my Mobile Suit. Make good use of it!
: What? I can't do that...
: I insist! Just take it!

Cheeseball IV named this

: Yup, I've made up my mind.
: Thanks, Vargas!
: Now go get 'em! I'm rootin' for ya, kid!
I give the GM Sniper to Aeon, because it's a very good ranged suit and she hasn't had an upgrade in forever. Larper sadly goes into the junkyard.

Back at Eisengrad...

: I believe one of them appeared, just for an instant, inside the G System No. 3
: So... It's as we feared.
: I'm afraid so.
: Come on, Gavenger! Let's get back to Headquarters! We'd better report this before it's too late!
Headquarters, eh...?
: Sorry, but I can't go back. There's something I have to do.
: Oh, you mean those kids? All right. I'll report our findings by myself.
: I'm sorry for always leaving you like this.
: Don't be. I'm used to it. Besides, I have to look into that other matter anyway.
: I owe you one!
That's right, Olivia. You're not gettin' any of the Gavenger lovin' tonight. No, he's got some robots to blow up and pirates to brawl. Hell yeah.

: Who was that lady?
: Look... I think it's time we had a talk.
Oh God no. I know Cheeto doesn't have parents but in the name of everything that's holy in this world he doesn't need to have a talk.
: The lady you just saw is an agent for the Unicorns. She and I work together.
"You see, Cheeto, when a hardcore pirate-bashing secret agent and a disappointed all-talk-no-action secret agent love each other very much..."

: And if you work together, that means...
: Correct. I am also an agent.
: But why didn't you tell us?
: The Unicorns forbid the use of G Systems to create weapons. I had to conceal my identity in order to use it.
: But... Why are you helping us?

: The same? What do you mean?
: We are hunting Vladi Zarth as well. Defeating the Dark Alliance won't put an end to this war. The world won't be safe so long as that man is still in the picture. Since you also seek this man, we decided to assist you!
: I see.
: Sorry for hiding this from you.
: That's okay. We're fighting for the same reasons. So you'll keep helping us, right?
: Of course! I'm not going anywhere!
Good to know Gavvie's not going anywhere anytime soon. Now, time for business. We have to go talk to Char Hal.

: I hadn't heard from you in so long I was starting to get worried.
: Sorry about that. Our investigation took us to Tohai.
: Tohai? Is that where Vargas was hiding?
: Actually, Vargas wasn't the one involved with the Dark Alliance. It was the arms dealer in Tohai... a man called "Mr. K"!
: But... that can't be! Eisengrad's been trading with that man for years!
: I'm afraid so. And that's not all! Mr. K was actually a General in the Dark Alliance.
: A Dark Alliance General!? Him? A General? It's almost beyond comprehension. I want you to tell me everything, exactly as it happened. What exactly went down in Tohai?
Did you hear that? That was the sound of Cheeto completely BLOWING HAL'S MIND.

: This could finally make it possible for our Army to defeat the Dark Alliance.
: You mean you're going to attack?

: We can't afford to lose this battle. Cheeto, can I count on you to help us?
: Of course! Vladi Zarth may be the last Dark Alliance General! Our reason for being here in the first place is to take that man down!
: ......
: What's the matter?
: Hm? Oh, nothing... I need to return to General HQ to get approval for this operation. While I'm away, I recommend getting some rest before the big battle.
: Yes, sir!
: The Eisengrad Army should send you an official request for help tomorrow. Please stay in Eisengrad until I return.

Resting for free!

: Don't worry, Fritz... I'll fight for the both of us! Miss Natalie... It won't be long now. I'm going to make the enemy pay for what they did. Vladi Zarth! I'm coming for you!

: The Eisengrad Army is preparing to attack the Dark Alliance Base!
: The time's finally come!
: So, what do we do?
: There's no question! We go with them!
: But I doubt they'd allow us to come even if we requested to.
: Don't worry. Captain Hal already asked us to help him!
: He did?
: That's right. He said he needed us!
: You know what? This Captain Hal... He looks familiar. Have I met him before...?
: Have you?
: Hmm... I can't remember...

: Sorry to keep you waiting, Cheeto. It looks like you're all here. I have to talk to all of you. It's quite important. Meet me in the Operations Room on the 2nd floor.

: However, they remain a major threat. They've deployed a large force to defend their base. We would likely suffer heavy losses in a direct, frontal attack.
: Okay. What would you like us to do?
: I want you to infiltrate their base with me and take out their last General.
: What!? That's a suicide mission! We'd be slaughtered before we even got close to the General!
: Normally, you'd be right. But, I have a plan! The Eisengrad Army will launch an attack and create a diversion. We'll sneak into the Base while they keep the enemy occupied.
: You want us to use the army as a decoy!?
: Yes. I've already received approval from General Sosei, who commands the troops.

Better get a group decision on this one...
: Before I answer, I need to consult with my friends.

: It will be a dangerous mission, but I think it's worth the risks involved.
He's got a good point.

Aww, I can't argue with Aeon.

: It's more or less what we always do, so I don't see any problems!
Hey... she's right. Let's just barge on in!

: Great! We have a tough fight ahead of us, but I'm counting on all of you!
: I understand it won't be easy. We'll do our best!
: General Sosei's troops have already headed out. I'm sorry I can't give you more time to prepare. But we need to leave right away in order to catch up with them. Our rendezvous point will be the army's advance base, just past Fort Taiga in the northeast! Our first objective is to reach Fort Taiga! Commence operations and prepare to move out!
: Yes sir!
You know, I think I know a guy who would be helpful on an infiltration mission

Aw, who am I kidding? He'd probably freak out and attack our Mobile Suits the second he saw them.

: Before we leave there's something I want you to have. Meet me at the Mobile Suit Hangar underground.
Well, thanks for the thought Zechs Hal, but I already HAVE a Gelgoog. Well, I guess a second one wouldn't hurt any.

Before I see Hal, I go to the Mini G System and make one HP Parts III (increases HP) and two enhanced wings (increase speed) with the small ECAPs we've been collecting.

Dude, you're already piloting a Gelgoog. It shouldn't be a surprise.

No way. No. Freakin'. Way.
: What's it doing here? So this is the Gundam...

I'm pretty sure they don't, but if this conversation is going the way I think it's going Hal can believe anything he wants.
: The power to change destiny?
: I'm sure you've already realized this, but you have a difficult road ahead. Perhaps the hardest you've ever faced. Don't worry, though. The Gundam will clear a path for you!

: You'll find out soon enough. But for now, meet me outside of town, when you're ready!
: Captain Hal... Thank you.

Pipgirl's suggestion was chosen for the Gundam. Congrats, Pipgirl!

By the way, I gave Toyota to Gavenger.
: Let's go and teach the Dark Alliance a lesson!
: Our destination: The advance base, Falldust! Falldust lies just beyond Fort Taiga, to the northeast!
: Okay!

: Now that we're all in this together, there's no need for ceremony! We're all equals in my book!
: Yes sir... I mean, I'll keep that in mind!
: That's the spirit! Say, why is it you're always wearing that mask? Why don't you take it off for once?
: Tremmie. Just because we're friends now doesn't mean you can ask him anything!
: Oh, come on! Don't tell me you haven't wondered the same thing!
: Tremmie. I would listen to Gavenger.
: No, it's okay... Don't worry about it.
: Enough already, everyone! Don't you know anything about manners!? Come on, let's go!

We've got a long way to go. Our journey is gonna take us to Siberia.

Oh, if it isn't our old friend the Boost Gouf!


: Falldust, our advance base, lies just beyond here.

This is the most boring base ever. No mandatory battles, not even any random ones. Lame.

: This is our staging area for the attack, our advance base, Falldust.
: What's a base doing ion a place like this?
: It was built before the Great Fall. It served as a command post in the wars before the Fall as it will again for us. As long as humans inhabit this planet, there will always be war.
: You may be right... But if we defeat the Dark Alliance, this one will be over. We're fighting for a reason!
: I'll give you one thing. One you're committed to something, you don't give up. Now then, let's go inside the base. General Sosei is waiting for us.

: Catch up with me later.
: All right!
Although... I'd like to do a little bit of exploring first.

First the Gundam... Now this... This really is the best day ever...

This goes to Tremmie because she's gone the longest now without an upgrade.

KungFuJesus named this after the most righteous of all the transition metals

: I have to survive this, for her sake.
Oh... I hope he lives.

Stealing from the military. Old news.

: On behalf of the Eisengrad Army, I thank you for your help! Normally, an operation that would endanger civilians like yourselves would be totally out of the question. But I believe this is the only way we can defeat the Dark Alliance. Please accept my apologies.
: There's no need to apologize, sir. We're here because we want to be. We're not turning back now!
: I appreciate that.

: The plan is simple. First, General Sosei's troops will surround the Dark Alliance Base. They will attack the Dark Alliance army as a ruse to divert their attention. Meanwhile, your squad will covertly infiltrate the base.

That's the shortest mission briefing ever.
: Very well! This briefing is over. Please note that I will be joining the infiltration squad as well.

: I have my orders from General Sosei. Or do you have a problem with that, Captain?
: None whatsoever. I was just checking.
: That's settled, then. Cheeto, I will be accompanying you.
: Fine with me!
: Very well. Let's get this operation underway! I'll go on ahead with my troops. You can leave as soon as you are ready. And remember: the fate of our world rests on your shoulders! We're counting on you!
: Yes sir!

: Please tell my wife and daughter in Eisengrad that I love them.
Oh... I hope he lives too...

Take a deep breath, everyone. We're storming the base!

Next time: The final battle!  This game is nowhere near over. 


The History of Eisengrad

"Relatively light damage and the nearby Mega G System made the restoration possible in a mere 20 years, a miracle at the time. However, the good times didn't last long. As Eisengrad's wealth grew, criminals intent on plundering began to menace the city."
And now you know!