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Part 19: Aimless Drifting

Chapter 18: Aimless Drifting

Last time, everything went to hell. We found out Hal was in fact Vladi Zarth, Rezner and Gavenger died, and now we're on the run trying to escape the Zarth army.

: It's gone...
He's punching out pirates up in heaven now...

: Gavenger... I'm sorry...
: Tremmie...
: We can't look back. We have to keep moving. No matter how much it hurts, we have to keep pushing ahead! We've got to find the Underground Tunnel in the east. Come on, let's go!
We don't make it very far before...

: Aeon! What's wrong!?
: I'm okay... We... we have to keep going...
: No, let's take a break.
: If we rest here, the enemy will find us.
: But, Aeon...
: Let's go. If we die here, Gavenger and Major Rezner will have given their lives for nothing.
: What should we do!?

: Are you SURE it's safe?
: Yes. Nobody knows about it. It's an abandoned village.
: All right, let's go. Aeon... can you keep up?
: Yes, I think so.

Just to give you an idea of where we are. We're way out in eastern Russia.

: Hang in there, Aeon! You'll be able to get some rest soon!
: Thank you.

: What is this place?
: It's a hideaway the Zarths used when they were sent into exile.
: A Zarth hideaway!? Are you sure it's safe?
: Don't worry. My brother doesn't know about this place. All this time I thought he was dead. I can't believe he's still alive. I'm sorry, Cheeto. I never told you I was a Zarth myself.

: You didn't do anything wrong!
: Cheeto is right. You're our friend, whatever your name is! You've more than proven it!
: Thanks, Aeon...
: That's right! We're a team, no matter what happens! Don't ever forget that!
: Cheeto... Aeon... Thank you. Look at me! I've got to get a grip on myself! Come on, guys. I'll show you my house!

: Who's there?
: Who are you? This is MY house!
: Oh! I'd recognize that voice anywhere!
: ... Helmsworth? Is it really you!?
: I knew it was you, Miss Tremmie... You must be freezing out there. Please come in, where it's warm.
That brings up an interesting point. How has Tremmie not succumbed to hypothermia? I mean, hell, she's wearing about enough clothing to cover the surface area of a postcard. And what about Aeon? Well, her clothes are more suitable for a temperate climate than Tremmie, at least. Cheeto is the only one prepared in the least for this weather.

: I never thought in a million years I'd ever get to see you again!
: I'm happy to see you too, Helmsworth!
: Kind words, Miss Tremmie.
: So what are you doing here, anyway?
: Shortly after I left, I realized I simply couldn't bear to be away from the Master and Lady's final resting places.
Oh man, this game just keeps piling on the .
: Thank you, Helmsworth...

: And why the sad face?
: I'm okay. I just need a little rest. A lot has happened today. I'm sorry I can't talk much now. I really would like to catch up...
: Don't worry. We'll have plenty of time later. I'll go and prepare your bed. You'll feel better after a good rest.
: Helmsworth, my friends here could use some rest, too.
: Of course, Miss Tremmie. I'll prepare beds for them as well.
: Thank you.

: Thank you for bringing Miss Tremmie here safely. If you don't mind, could you fill me in on what has happened to her?
: Of course.
: Come, let us sit by the fire and warm ourselves while we talk.

I love these screens. They save me so much time on transcribing.

: To think Miss Tremmie had to endure such tragedy again...
: Again? Did something happen before?
: The Master was murdered before her very eyes.
: That's awful! Who would do such a thing?
I'd like to take this moment to say, even though the plot of this game is transparent, the music is amazing. This scene especially has a great tune. I'd recommend this game based on the quality of the music alone.

: even today there are people who hate and despise the Zarth name. Many Zarths have been killed simply for having the family name. Even after taking new identities and trying to start anew. I managed to sneak the Mistress and little Miss Tremmie out of town. This is where we settled down. However, the Mistress, too, passed away soon after... Miss Tremmie and I, along withy the few who had survived, left the village and the Zarth name behind, going separate ways.

: No, Master Vladi was killed during the escape trying to protect the Mistress and Miss Tremmie...
Obviously not
: How would you know of Master Vladi?

: He's started a war. He's trying to conquer the world.
: Conquer the...? That can't be! Not Master Vladi!
: It's true! Tremmie saw him, too! We've all joined together. To fight him.
: This is terrible! Miss Tremmie having to face her own brother... She loved him so much! Why has it come to this?
: I'm sorry. I wish I could have done something about it.

: He had a heart for justice, and always took everything upon himself.
: I remind you of Vladi...?

: Well, you must be exhausted. You had better get some rest. Thank you for filling me in.
Well, there you have it. In the span of an hour or so Tremmie went from some crazy character who came right the hell out of nowhere to the most tragic character ever conceived.

: Oh, you're awake? How are you feeling?
: I think I'm all right now. I'm worried about Tremmie, though. Is she going to be okay?
: Maybe we should let her stay here. I mean, we can't ask her to fight her own brother.
: I'll miss her...
: Yeah...
: I want you to know, Cheeto... I'm going to help you. I'm going to try harder.
: What do you mean? You're already a great help, Aeon!
: So far, it feels like I've had to rely on you most of the time. But from now on, I want to be the one helping you!
: Aeon...
: Am I holding you back?
: No, of course not. I'm really glad you're with me.
Aw, that's cute.

W... Wait. Why is the screen black? OH GOD. THEY'RE FIFTEEN! BANDAI!

Okay, so first we lost Fritz. And, you know, I was happy about that because Fritz was a bitch. Then we lost Li Fang, but I didn't mind so much since she was only around for a half hour anyway. Then Vargas left, and that sucked pretty hard because Vargas is one of this game's cooler characters. Then Hal double-crossed us, which was kinda predictable but still sucked. Then Rezner stayed behind to fight a squad of Mobile Suits against which she stood a snowman's chance in hell. That sucked, because I liked Rezner. She looked normal. Finally, Gavenger died protecting us from Psycho Gundam, which sucked so hard I can't even begin to explain. I mean, I lost Toyota, but a Gelgoog can be replaced. Gavenger with all his awesomeness and defensive skills cannot. Now I have no chaff/beam field character. And NOW the game wants me to leave behind Tremmie? Fuck you too, game.

: I'll get our gear together. Meet me outside when you're ready to leave.
: (We'd better leave before Tremmie notices us.)

: We'll be leaving now.
: Your other friend told me of yours decision. Do not worry about Miss Tremmie.
: Thank you.
: Here, take this with you.

: This key will open the door to the Underground Tunnel, northeast of here. I wish you luck on your journey.
: Thank you.

: All right, then. We'd better be off!
: Do you think Tremmie noticed us?
: No, she was out like a light!
: Hey! Where do you think you're going!?

: Look, it's not like that at all! We were just worried about you, Tremmie!
: Worried about me!? You!? Hah! If anything, it's the other way around!
: But Tremmie... You looked like you were in so much pain...
: I'm fine! I'm a strong girl, you know! Besides, Gavenger asked me to take care of you two! Of course I'm sad... Even now... Even now, I feel like crying! But you know what? I'm not about to give up!
: All right. All right. Let's go, then... Together....
: Oh, come on... Now YOU'RE crying, too!?

You, me, and this whole thread, Aeon.
: Oh, not you too now, Aeon! Just look at yourselves! I'm... sorry. I should have known I'm not the only one who's sad! Anyway, stop worrying about me. We're all in this together, you hear!?

: Now, come on! We're going to the Unicorn Headquarters! We'll use the Underground Tunnel northeast of here to cross the ocean and get to North America!

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