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Part 20: Escape from Asia

Chapter 19: Escape from Asia

Last time, we were given the keycard we needed to open up the underground tunnel to America. Who knows what awaits us in this new land?

Well, that doesn't seem so bad. My map says there's only like a few inches between Russia and Alaska.

: The Card Key (L2) will open the tunnel door!
: You seem to know this place well. Have you been here before?
: Actually, yes. We fled here from America through this very same Underground Tunnel. Ironic, isn't it? I'm on the run again... Only in the opposite direction! Come on, let's get going! We can't let them find us!

This is really one of the only used for this key. Level 3 is the one we want for some cool stuff.

We take the elevator down to the tunnel.

And we're off!

Out of all the areas in this game, this is by far the most boring. It's the same damn corridor map over and over.

With the occasional treasure alcove.

We get to the halfway point in the tunnel when we're stopped by a mysterious stranger.

: That's Gavenger's Mobile Suit!
: But whoever's speaking isn't Gavenger!

: I'm Bazuli Maicoh, formerly of the Dark Alliance!
: You mean you're still alive!?
: Hey, I don't give up that easily!
: But what are you doing here? And in Gavenger's Mobile Suit!?
: Because he asked me a favor. He wanted me to deliver it to you!

: He... Didn't make it. I'm sorry.
: ......
: You know, if it's any consolation... He seemed to be at peace when he went.
: Thank you for bringing his Suit back.
: No need to thank me. I was just keeping my word. By the way. If I understand you, you're going up against Vladi, right? What do you say we join forces? I'd be happy to help you!
Fuck off
: What are you saying? We're enemies, remember!?
: No! We're all just fools who were tricked by Vladi! I know we used to be enemies, so I understand if you can't trust me. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm going to take that guy out! After all, he's out to cause another Great Fall!
: Another Great Fall!?
: That's right. He plans to use the G Systems to destroy this world and start over again!

: What? How do you know?
: I'm not sure. I just do. You can trust him.
: (This reminds me of when we rescued Aeon...)

Why is this the first time Cheeto's starting to put things together?

: How about you, Tremmie?
: Sure, why not?
: Really? Do you mean it?
: Yeah! We could use all the help we can get!
: All right! Now you're talking! Let's rock 'n roll! Thanks for the vote of confidence, kiddo! It'll be a pleasure riding with you!
: You're welcome!
: Now then, let's hurry on through this Underground Tunnel! Those chumps back there were looking for you!
: Right. We'd better hurry!

I guess Bazuli is a pretty good character. He has some decent stats and good techniques and boosts. I mean, hell, he even wears a dead wolf for a hat! I just always thought by being in Gavenger's old suit he just ends up being massively overshadowed. He's not nearly the defensive powerhouse Gavenger was. I won't be using him much.

: I can mow down an opponent before he can even think about a Melee Attack! Ha!

Over to the right is a treasure room. There are a good six chests and they're all protected. I have two hacking tools.

I stand by my decision.

Holy crap, it's finally over. Look at that map. Look at how boring that was.

I'm outta here.

: It's about time. I though that tunnel would never end!
: Which direction should we head now?
: If I remember correctly, the Unicorn Headquarters should be to the south along the coastline.
: Gavenger told us to go to the Unicorn Headquarters. We should be able to find a way to defeat Vladi there. Come on, let's go!

I'm sorry, what? There is NO WAY the tunnel was that short. Whatever.

As we leave Canada and enter the USA, we come across a new enemy type. I wish there was something more exciting, but that's it.

: Wait! We don't mean any harm!
: I know that voice! Is that you, Cheeto!?
: What? How do you know me?
: It's me! Olivia! What are you doing here? What happened?
: Please let us inside! We have to tell you something!
: All right. You're cleared for entry! Meet me inside!

: And where is Gavenger!?
: He... Gavenger is dead.
: Dead!? No... That can't be! Why!? What happened?
: He gave his life... He sacrificed himself... So that we could escape.
: That sounds like Gavenger. Can you tell me about it? Exactly how it happened?
: Yes, of course...


: In that case, I'll try to help you as much as I can.
: Thank you.
: Officially speaking, Unicorn Headquarters can't help you directly. But there's nothing stopping me from helping you on my own.
: Why can't they help us directly?
: Because Supreme Commander Dustov of the Eisengrad Army has demanded that we arrest you on sight!

: They claim you betrayed the Eisengrad Army.
: What!? But Hal betrayed them!
: Commander Dustov must be unaware of who Vizardt really is.
: You mean now we have to fight the Eisengrad Army, too? There's no way we'll be able to defeat Vladi Zarth like this!
: Don't give up, Cheeto! Where there's a will, there's a way!
: Really? So, do you have a way to defeat Vladi!?
: Come into my office where we can speak in private.
But... what about the whole arrest on sight thing?

: How come she knows Gavenger?
: Actually... Gavenger was a member of the Unicorns.
: He was what!?
: I'm sorry... I didn't mean to hide it from you.
: It's okay. I've hidden enough from you myself. Sorry for keeping you. Well, let's go talk to this Olivia lady, then!
And so we just... waltz on in to Unicorn HQ.

: Gavenger asked me to do a little research for him awhile ago.
: Research?
: Yes. He must have suspected events would turn out this way.

: That's the kind of man he was.
"I remember he used to say he wanted to face God in hand-to-hand combat. I always thought he was kidding."
: Why!? Why didn't he say anything?
: Do you think Gavenger suspected that Captain Hal would betray us?
: Who knows? But he may have noticed that there was some other force behind the Dark Alliance. So tell us! What was Gavenger trying to do?
: He wanted you to have a powerful new weapon, to help you fight your enemies!
: A new weapon?
: Yes. He asked me to look for a certain Mobile Suit.
I like where this is going...

: The Zeta Gundam?
: So that was Gavenger's final wish!
: That's right. I searched the world for data on the Zeta Gundam, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Still, it's too early to give up. We'll need three Mobile Suits: A Gundam, a Gundam Mark II, and a Hyaku Shiki. Once we have these three Mobile Suits, we can create a Zeta Gundam!
: Three Mobile Suits? That's a tall order!
: There's no need to find all three. I already have data for the Gundam Mark II.
: That leaves us with just one to find! We have a Gundam with us!
: You do!? That means all we need is a Hyaku Shiki, and we can make a Zeta Gundam!

You received Gundam Mark II Data x 50!
You received an ECAP (L)!
: You'll find the G System No. 4 to the south of here. Use that data to create a Gundam Mark II!
: All right!
: While you're at the G System No. 4, I'll look into the Hyaku Shiki. Once you've created the Gundam Mark II, report back to me!

The Gundam Mk II won't be the only new toy we get tomorrow.

Next time: Gundam Mk II, Rick Dias, and some... familiar faces!


MSA-003 Nemo
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Anti-Earth Union Group
The Nemo was manufactured as the AEUG's answer to the Titans' GM IIs. The result was in fact better than the GM II in its generator power and acceleration.