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Part 22: Cross-Country

Today's a big plot update. That way, tomorrow we get right into some action!

Chapter 21: Cross-Country

You know what? I could warp back to the Unicorn HQ with Auto-Drive, but I think I'll walk. No reason. I just am. Got a problem with that?

: Heh heh heh! Surprised ya, huh!?
: Of course I'm surprised! What's Vargas's Gaw doing out here? And it's a mess!
: We came to help you! But we ran into some, ah, resistance. From the Eisengrad Army!
: Well, well. Maybe he's got a little good in him after all!
: So you flew over here on the Gaw! Now I get it!
: That's right!

Well... that's a mite unfortunate.

: Glad to hear it! How has everyone been!?
: We should be asking you that! Fritz said your Gaw got shot down!
: Oh, yes. Sorry about that. We came to help you, but were indeed shot down. As you can guess, a bunch of grounded Sky Pirates aren't much help at all! What? Hey... Aaaah!

: Do you two know each other?
: Do we know each other? We go way back!
: That's right! Birds of a feather, him and me!
: So, what are you doing with Cheeto here?
: Ah, you know. I was just doing my thing, yadda yadda yadda. And here I am.
Really not too far from the full truth, when you think about it.
: Oh, no you don't! You're not going to "yadda yadda" your way out of an explanation! You were a General in the Dark Alliance!
: Really!? Now that's something! You're all friends now, though, right?
: Well, I guess you could say that...

: True, he's a scoundrel through and through, but he's no bad guy! I'll bet someone tricked ya into joining the Dark Alliance, didn't they? He's not too quick on the uptake, see?
I missed Vargas.
: You got me, Vargas. When you're right, you're right...
: I've been meaning to ask you... What happened to that Gavenger guy?
: Yeah, I was wondering the same thing! How come Gavenger isn't with you?
: !?

: He what? Spit it out!
: He died, that's what! Gavenger's dead...
: Are you serious!? Oh, man...
: No... He can't be dead! Tell me you're kidding!
: I wish we were. But it's true.

: But why!? Why did he have to die!?
: I know it's tragic, but we don't have time to mourn his loss. We have to fight. The entire world is in danger, right?
: That's right. We have a job to do!
: Curse this war! It's costing too much! So, what will you do now?
: We're looking for a Mobile Suit called the Zeta Gundam. Gavenger wanted us to find it.
: The Zeta Gundam?
: That's right. It will help us take on Vladi Zarth!
: I see. All right! I'll help you! But if we're going to take on Vladi Zarth... We'll need to repair the Gaw. Any ideas how we can do that?
: There's a lady named Olivia at the Unicorn Headquarters. She might know a way.
: The Unicorn Headquarters? We might have hope yet!

: All right, then! Let's pay this Olivia a visit!

Vargas's Kaempfer was named by KungFuJesus

The crash landing sent the Gaw's cargo of treasure flying all over the place.

It's mine now. Now we just have to Auto-Drive back to Unicorn HQ.

If it's not one thing...
: What is it, Olivia!?
: The Eisengrad Army has occupied Unicorn Headquarters!
: What!? Why would they do that!?
: We can talk later! The point is you're in danger here! There's no time to explain! Find a man named Astona in the town of Diggins Rock! He should be willing to help you! Diggins Rock is on the east coast of this continent! Now hurry! You can't come here!

Well, crap. Off we go then, I guess.






: It looks like a G System...
: No use guessing. Let's go inside!
: Bazuli's right! Let's check it out!
Bazuli fits in our group just fine with his "storm first, ask questions later" mentality.

: I never enjoyed looking for anything but pretty girls before. Guess I've got no other choice now.
: All we know is his name. Let's split up and see what we can find out!

Not even the most technologically advanced city in the world is safe from the treasure hunter mastermind that is Cheeto

These escalators are a nice touch. They're a pretty cool novelty, but they're so slow it's painful.

: She's going to be a real looker when she grows up. I've got a sense for these things. Make friends with her now, and you're in for a treat later! I know you're pretty loyal to Aeon, but you're way too young for total commitment!
Vargas is one creepy bastard.

: If you need help, feel free to go up and just talk to him. Although I wouldn't bug him when he's in the middle of his research.
Oh, okay then. I'll keep that in mind. By the way, see that Rasta over there? Stay the hell away from him. Seriously.

Wait, what? You JUST said I could talk to him! You never gave ANY indication that he was busy!

: What? You're a friend of Olivia's? You wouldn't happen to be Cheeto, would you?
: Yes, I am! Please let me see Astona!
: No problem for you, Cheeto! Come on inside!
I'll never understand women...

: Quiet, Lyra! I told you I was busy with my research!
: But it's Cheeto! You told me to let him in if he came!
: Cheeto? So you must be the one Olivia told me about!

: Consider it done!
: Let me explain...
: Olivia already told me everything! You need data on the Hyaku Shiki to create the Zeta Gundam, right?
: That's right!
: Here, take this!

Oh, uh, thanks?

: Lots of goodies from before the Great Fall are in there. You should find some Hyaku Shiki Data as well!
: Thank you!
: I've already collected 49 units of Hyaku Shiki Data myself. If you can find just one more, I can create it for you with our G System.
: So... Astona? I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but why are you helping us out so much?

: Gavenger was my best friend! So it's only a matter of course that I help out his friends! Don't worry about it too much, okay? Feel free to ask me anything!
Ol' Gavvie's helping us more in death than he did in life... What a pal.
: Okay! Actually, there is something else I'd like to ask you.
: Like I said, whatever it is, I'll do my best to help! What's the problem?
: I'd like you to fix our Gaw.
: Did you say, "Gaw"? As in, that ridiculously huge aircraft, "Gaw"?
: Uh... Yeah. That's the one. Do you think you can fix it?
: Hm... Well, I can't be sure until I see how badly she's damaged. I should be able to do it, though. I'll give it a shot!

I was a little too quick on the screencap button. Just assume Cheeto's saying, "Thanks, homie!" or something.
: Now then, head over to the Lost City and get one unit of Hyaku Shiki Data! You'll find the entrance to the ruins northeast of Diggins Rock!

Next time: Plundering the Lost City of New York (or somewhere near those whereabouts.)