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Part 23: Rise of the Neo Zarth

Chapter 22: Rise of the Neo Zarth

Last time Astona sent us to find one piece of Hyaku Shiki data. One measly piece. Total bullcrap.

: We'd better start looking for the unit of Hyaku Shiki Data, then.
: That's what the man said.
: Well, if we're looking for one, this sure looks like the place!
: Why do you say that?
: Because this used to be where Rivage Zarth's Giant G System was.
: Giant G System? You mean, this is where the Great Fall started?
: That's right. Both the facility itself and the surrounding landscape were ruined. But part of the system should still be intact underground.
: Maybe we'll find other useful items there, too!
: Yeah, it wouldn't hurt to find some extra goodies! Come on, Cheeto! Let's find that Hyaku Shiki Data!
She's learning.

Well, here we are. A destroyed underground city that happened to be the smack dab center of the Great Fall. I don't see what could go wrong.

They need to make a whole new unit of measurement to measure from how far away I saw that coming.

: Yeah... It's one of them!
: What are you doing here? Don't tell me Akter's squad failed? Unbelievable. How pathetic!
: You...! You killed Gavenger!
: Gavenger? Oh, him. Yes, he tried to stop me. He should have known he was too weak.
: He's ten times the man you'll ever be! You're going to pay for what you did!
: You said it, Cheeto! I'm going to make him pay, too!
: I'm sorry, but I don't have the time to play with you children right now. I've finished what I came here for. It's time for me to head back.
: You're outnumbered six to one! You think we're just going to let you go?
: Ha ha ha! Don't worry, I promise I'll fight you next time!

: What? Where'd he go!? What's going on here!?
: Chill out! He used the shadows to cover his escape, is all. He's quick. He can move faster than your eye can follow.

: I've let loose a legion of Death Army units here. If you want to life, I'd suggest you retreat! Ah ha ha ha ha!
Why is it never easy? Why can't they just once forget to bring along the fodder?
: That stupid little runt...! Whatever! We can't leave now! I don't care WHO he left behind!
: Right! We have to find that Hyaku Shiki Data!

And so it begins.

The new enemies are really nothing worth noting. They're all Death Army versions of suits we've seen before. Death Hizacks, Death Marasais, Death Diases...

And their 100HP heal before every turn is a lot less significant now.

I guess this is to be expected. Honestly I'm more surprised that I can't clear a path with the millions of dollars worth of firearms I happen to be carrying. I don't think some rubble could withstand a MAN-SIZED BULLET.

Oh God. Full Guard Zakus. I knew I would be seeing them eventually, but I had hoped oh-so-much I would never run into one. They're not overly powerful, they don't have any fuck you attacks, and they have very little HP. Why do I hate them so much?

Of all the split-seconds for my Gamebridge to act up.
Well, just take a look at their info from my handy Mobile Suit Bestiary. See up there? BeamPrf BltPrf and MelPrf? That means they are immune, not resistant, IMMUNE, to beams, bullets, and melee attacks.

This is the only way I know how to damage them, since Bits is a special attack.

And there is no way I'm gonna waste that kind of TP for 600 EXP.




Just to show you guys, a Death Dias and three Death Marasais.

A short reprieve from the unkempt highways and miles of corridors we've seen around. Also, a sub-boss.


Again, yawn.

Alright, we've found an old storage room. (We've been here once, but I forgot to cap it.).

Ah, how convenient. Exactly 1 piece of Hyaku Shiki Data.

: Here's a piece of Hyaku Shiki Data!

Wait what?
: Well done! Mission accomplished! Come on, let's get back to Astona's! He may have also finished repairing the Gaw!

Screw that, I'm gonna explore more.

Big ol' parking lot leading to...

A sub-boss and some treasure!

The only part of this fight worth mentioning is the Zaku Shotel gave me some trouble


Anyway, we win, we take the treasure (which was a heat shotel), and we take a quick peek at our map.

We've explored about all we can at this point. All of the other paths are either blocked off or locked up. Back to Diggins Rock.

"Oh, hello to you too, Lyra. How was our dangerous mission into the Lost City, you ask? Oh, it was great. We almost died, you know how it is."
: What!? What is it?
: You can see for yourself! Go look at the monitor screen!
: We found the Hyaku Shiki Data, by the way...
: Not now! This is an emergency!

"Not too much of an emergency to steal my loot, it seems."
: Just leave the Hyaku Shiki Data to me!
: Got it! Thanks!

: Cheeto, come here!
: What in the world is going on!?
: Something terrible is happening! Just look at the screen!

A friendly message from our pal Rau Le Creuset Vladi Zarth.

I like the way Vladi thinks. Annoying teenage protagonist and his friends getting in your way? That's easy to solve. We'll wage war ON THE ENTIRE WORLD.
: Things have really taken a turn for the worse... And to top it off, he's somehow gained control of the Eisengrad Army!
: What's going to happen to the world?
: Restore order to the world? By any means? Is he serious?
: I know he fooled me once, but now I know what he's really after! He doesn't want order. All Vladi Zarth really wants is revenge on all mankind!

: Come on, everyone! It's time we went back to Eisengrad!
: Heh heh! All right! It's counterattackin' time!
: I'm going with you, too! This time, it's personal!
: Oooh! I can't wait to get my hands on him!
: Ha! Listen to all of you! It's hard to tell which side is the bad guys!
: I must agree!
Bah, leave it to the women to rain on our war parade...

: What about the Zeta Gundam? And what about repairing the Gaw? Eisengrad lies on the other side of the ocean! Do you plan on swimming there?
: We don't have time to waste!
: I know you're short on time, but we've finished the repairs! Your Gaw is heading here as we speak!
: Really? Now that's what I call good timing!
: Cheeto! Have you found the Hyaku Shiki Data?
: Yes! We gave it to Lyra!
: All right! I won't be able to create a Zeta Gundam right away, but I can do a Hyaku Shiki! Sorry to leave you guys, but I'd better get started! Cheeto, come see me in my room later! Don't forget!
"Later" literally means "right after this cutscene."

: I had plenty of data, so it didn't take me long at all! It may not be as strong as the Zeta Gundam, but it still packs a serious wallop! It's got a few quirks, but once you've figured them out, it works like a dream!
: Thanks! Now we've got what we need to take 'em on!
: Looks like it'll take me longer than expected to build the Zeta Gundam. I'll contact you once it's completed. Now, then, you'd better hurry on over to Eisengrad!
: Right!
: The Gaw should be here any minute now! Go outside and wait!

HitTheTargetsI'm giving the Hyaku Shiki to Aeon. The faster she is, the faster she can heal my characters in an emergency. Rick Dias goes to Bazuli.

: That's my baby, all right! She's as good as new! Just look at her... What a sight for sore eyes!


: Now you're talking! Full speed ahead!

Next time: Look out Vladi, here we come!

BONUS CONTENT: The Mobile Suit Garage
Kitfox brought it to my attention that I've really only glossed over the Mobile Suit customization of this game. Considering that's a major part of this game, it's actually pretty embarrassing. So, to make amends for my mistake: Mobile Suit customization!

Just about every city (I think Angelina being the only exception) has a mechanic. When you talk to him this menu shows up. We'll start at the top.

The first menu is the upgrade menu. We're given the option of upgrading three parameters: Durability, Attack, and Mobility. Durability brings up HP, Attack brings up Melee and Range, and Mobility brings up Speed. Each can be upgraded to level 8, with the upgrades becoming more expensive with every level. The Mod Lvl is the amount of upgrades we've purchased. As you can see, Goldbug is level 14/24.

The second menu is the Set Parts menu. Each Mobile Suit is made up of a torso (the suit itself), a right/left shoulder, a right/left arm, and a set of legs. Each Mobile Suit also has four slots for Optional Parts, which are all really straightforward.

Selecting a part brings up this menu. This is the list of parts we have. Yes, I have a lot. I'm a packrat. I sell old Mobile Suits' torsos but I keep the rest of the parts. As you can see, equipping Marasai Spikes would increase Hihat's Melee and Armor, but would drop its Speed. It can afford to lose some speed, so we're gonna go ahead and equip that.

Ta-daa! A shiny new set of shoulder armor for Hihat.

Finally we have the Paint menu. MS Saga gives you the option of coloring almost everything on the Mobile Suit. Generally, if a character in my team joins with a specially-colored Mobile Suit, I keep that paint scheme for all of their future suits. Tremmie has a Matte Red paintjob with Matte Blue on her mounted equipment and optional parts.

They're no slouch with giving us selection either.

And there you have it! Mobile Suit customization! Now you have nothing to complain about, Kitfox!

I'm just kidding. If anyone else has anything they want to see, feel free to post/send me a PM/IM


MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Anti-Earth Union Group
Many designs were considered for the AEUG's Z-Project, the secret project that would eventually give birth to the Zeta Gundam. One of these designs was later modified and became the Hyaku Shiki (Japanese for Type 100). It was lightweight, fast, and agile, making it perfect for Char Aznable.

Character Stats as of our return to Eisengrad:



Look at that speed!