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Part 24: Our Triumphant Return... Is Delayed.

Chapter 23: Our Triumphant Return... Is Delayed.

Last time, with the Hyaku Shiki and Gundam Mk II in our possession, we made the decision to strike Eisengrad and finish off the Neo-Zarth once and for all.

Doo dee doo...

: It's covering all of Eisengrad.
: A barrier!? You mean we can't get in?
: We've come too far to turn back now. I say we smash through it with the Gaw!
: No! The energy reading is too powerful! If we hit it, the Gaw will be destroyed!
: What're we supposed to do now!? Are we out of options?
: Don't give up! Where there's a will...
: Fritz is right, Cheeto! There's no time to be wishy-washy!

: Sounds like a plan, but where should we start?
: How about we ask Marie?
: Yeah, Marie! If anyone would know, she would!
: Cheeto, it looks like she's our best bet.
: All right, Vargas! Take us to Marie's cabin!
: Right! I'll have us there in no time!

Wait, did Fritz really just go five seconds without insulting Marie? Could it be he actually grew up during his time away from us?

: I doubt even the Neo Zarth would have the guts to mess with that old fossil.
Christ, forget I said anything.
: Oh, Fritz! She's not that scary!
: Ha! You haven't seen her on a bad hair day!
: Why do I get the feeling you just bring out that side in her, Fritz?

: So who is this "Marie" broad, anyway?
: You'll find out soon enough. I'll tell you this much, though. Whatever you do, you don't want to get on her bad side, know what I'm saying?
: Uh, not really, but whatever!

: I've been expecting you!
: Huh!?
: You've come to ask me about the barrier, right?
: You know how to deactivate it?
: But of course!
: Really!?
: A barrier like that requires massive quantities of energy to sustain. My bet is they're using all four of Eisengrad's forts to power it.
: I see. So if we could take out those four forts, that'd be the end of the barrier!
Seen and not heard, Fritz...

: So what? The more the merrier, eh?
: That's right! We've got some new equipment of our own! They won't know what hit 'em!
: Well... I'm afraid it's not that simple. Don't you understand? Your allies are the ones defending those forts!
: Our allies? What do you mean?
: The Eisengrad Army! They're defending the forts. You have friends in that army, don't you?
: Oh, no! We can't just go and attack General Sosei and everyone!
: Yes. It's out of the question. Isn't there some other way?
I don't know about that. Rezner is dead, Akter's kind of a dick, the Grand Commissioner sent an all-points bulletin for our heads, and Sosei... Actually, I'm okay with Sosei.

: They wouldn't entrust that to anyone unless they completely trusted them. The Eisengrad Army would never hand over those forts without a fight.
: General Sosei...
: I'm not certain if this General of yours is personally guarding the forts, but I do know the Eisengrad Army is there.
Well, I guess that's that. We're gonna have to rock Eisengrad like a hurricane. Considering our past brushes with the supposed strongest army in the world, I like our chances.

: Still, if we don't make our move, nothing's going to change! So, Cheeto... what's it going to be?
: We need more time to think...
: You're right. This isn't something that should be rushed. I'll tell you what. I'll let you have my wings! There are four forts in all. You can decide which to go to!
: I can have your wings? What do you mean?
: I mean I'll let you pilot the Gaw!
: What!? But I don't know how!
: Don't worry, I'll help you out! (Insert boring airship tutorial) All right. From here on, you decide where to take us! Now let's be off!
Now that we have free control over the Gaw, we can tackle a whole bunch of side quests. That's for a later update, though. I'm a bit underleveled for them at the moment.

One thing we WILL take care of, though, is some unfinished business at the Moon Ark.

Cheeto gets Sandrock, the Mark II is handed down to Tremmie, and the Gundam?

I can't sell it, so it's to spend eternity as a floating torso.

The first fort we tackle is Fort Verde. In times long past, Hal helped us fight a Gouf here. Remember that day?
: Aeon! What's wrong!?
: That black Mobile Suit is behind that gate.
: Him again...?
: Yes.
: We can still get away if you want.
: No... I'm tired of running! I want to ask him how he knows me.
: All right. We'll face him together!
Aww. Our little Aeon's growing up.

: Aeon, are you really okay?
: I think he knows the truth about me. I have to find out.
: I've been waiting for you, Aeon. I have called you all this time. Why didn't you answer me?
: I heard your voice, but I don't know how to speak with my mind like you.
: So it's true. You really did lose your memory.
: Yes. I don't remember anything except my name. Please, tell me! Do you really know who I am?

Hm, same purple eyes, same green hair, same goofy headgear, same outfit style... I'm totally stumped. vv
: Then please tell me! Who am I!?
: Very well. I'll help you remember. After that, you can do the recalling on your own, Aeon.
: Huhh... Nnnghh...! What... have you done...?

: Hmph. So Aeon's knight in shining armor has finally arrived.
: Keep your dirty hands off of her!
: Ah, ah! Touchy, touchy! Aeon is invaluable to me. I wouldn't dream of harming her.
: Tell me what you did to her!
: I merely gave her memory a little jolt, so to speak. She should gradually recall things now.
: Really? Is that really true?
: Of course. In time you will also remember your mission as well.
: My mission? What are you talking about?
: Don't worry. You'll remember soon enough.
Oh come on, do I have to use this stupid screenshot again? Fine...

Cheeto, you're dumb as a rock.

: I look forward to the day everything comes back to you.
: Hey! We're not letting you get away like that!
: Unlike you humans, I prefer to avoid fights unless absolutely necessary. But if you insist, I'll be glad to provide you with some opponents.

Here we go again.

: So what? More fodder, more exercise!
: We don't have time for this. Let's wrap this up quickly!
: Don't let your guards down, guys! We'll take them one squad at a time!
I couldn't agree more with Vargas. Time for a screencap montage!

Normally I'd feel like I'm ripping you guys off on some action sequences, but Bazuli couldn't have been more right. These guys are nothing but fodder. We basically grind through six battles to clear out the fort.

: Not so fast. There may be more of them.
: Aw, you worry too much!
[The ground shakes]
: !? Is that... an enemy?
: Watch out. He looks stronger than those others.
: Man! Is there no end to these guys!?
: Here he comes, Fritz!

Now, this guy CAN be very dangerous.

Not anymore, though

He can still hit very, very hard, but he's less likely to one-shot us. That's always a plus.

And of course with his offense down and our defense up, his fists amount to nothing.

Hell yeah

: It looks like it.
: Whew! We can finally take a break!
: Um... Cheeto? Do you have a minute?
: Sure. What is it?

: It's not your fault, Aeon! That guy is one of the Neo Zarth! He's all of our enemy! So you don't have to feel responsible. Say... Have you remembered anything yet?
: No, nothing yet.
: Well, if you do... I'd like you to tell me, okay? I don't care what happened in the past. I'll always be your friend!
: Thank you. I will.

: That barrier won't be getting any more power from here, that's for sure. Let's move on to the next fort, Cheeto!
: Cheeto... Come in... Cheeto!

: It worked! I thought I might be too far away to reach you! Cheeto. Twenty guesses why I'm contacting you!
: Don't tell me... you've finished the Zeta Gundam!?
: Ha ha! Bingo! It's ready to roll when you are! The only problem is, I don't have any way to get it to you.
: Not a problem! We still have the Gaw! I can fly over to pick it up!
: Cheeto, we should concentrate our efforts on neutralizing the forts.
: Yeah, but our enemies are powerful. We need the Zeta Gundam to beat them.

: You'd do that for me?
: It's a madhouse out there. We can't have the whole team running errands. I'm the only one who can fly the Gaw, so that means I'll have to take her!
: Thanks, Vargas!
: No problem. Just leave it to me.
: Great, so it's all set! I'll be waiting for the Gaw to arrive at Diggin's Rock!

: If you need repairs of supplies, drop by our Sky Pirate base! I'll be back by the time you hit the next fort!
It's like waiting for Christmas.

Next time: More hot fort-storming action!


XXXG-01SR2 Gundam Sandrock Kai
New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz - Preventers Forces
Gundam Sandrock Kai is the upgraded version of the original Sandrock with the ability to fight in space. Pilot Quatre Winner used this Gundam to coordinate a major assault against the White Fang.