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Part 25: The Second Fort

Chapter 24: The Second Fort

Last time we stormed Fort Verde, and then Vargas buggered off in the Gaw to pick up the Zeta Gundam

That jerk said he'd be back before we stormed the next fort. Oh well, next up on my list is Fort Arid. Last time we were here we got ambushed by Tremmie.

Uh oh.
: Do you know a boy named Cheeto?
: Yeah, I'm Cheeto! What do you want?
: Aha! So I've found you at last!

Hey, look who's back.
: Hey, it's Li Fang! You're all right!
: It takes more than a Neo Zarth invasion to get rid of me! I heard that you're fighting the Neo Zarth. I want to fight alongside you!
: You want to fight with us? Really?
: Of course! I made a vow, and I intend to honor it!
: Thank you, Li!

: None will withstand the might of my Shining Gundam! My fists are yours to use for justice!
In that case, I have just the name...

Perfect. Anyway, onto the fort.

: That's strange. They couldn't have just left it unprotected.
: Well, just thinking about it won't get us anywhere, let's check it out!

Were you guys surprised? I was surprised.
: A trap! Aeon! How many readings are you picking up?
: Six! Six squads have appeared in this fort!
: Ha ha ha! They've seriously underestimated us! C'mon, Cheeto! Let's go get 'em!

There are five kinds of Death Army guys in this fort. Three are melee types (drill-arms, sickle-arms, claw-arms) and two are ranged types (vulcan-arms, missile-arms).

The ranged types can't even counterattack, so all six fights basically consist of shooting down the melee types first, then cutting down the ranged types.

This is why I try to wipe out the melee types first.

Anyway, before long we wipe out the last of the fodder squads.

: Hmph! Hardly worthy of my skills.
: Hay, you won't see me complaining about an easy victory!
: No, Fritz! I don't think this is over yet!
: What!? You mean there's more of 'em?
: I'm getting a powerful reading! Whatever it is, it's closing fast!

The hell is that?


: Major Rezner! You're alive! What a relief!

: Heh heh heh... Ah hah hah hah!
: Major Rezner? What's wrong with you?
: You're as foolish as ever, boy! How happy will you be to see me... After I send you to your grave!
She's covered in DG Cells. In G Gundam the Devil Gundam uses DG Cells to control the minds of humans and aid in its self-reproduction.

: Suit yourself! I'll put a quick end to your misery!
: Cheeto! Major Rezner isn't herself! But if we don't fight her, she's going to slaughter us!
: Cheeto! Accept it! We have to fight her!
: You're right. We don't have a choice.
I didn't like this battle at all.

I start off with the usual strategy of cutting Rezner's offense and buffing our defense.

Unfortunately, the Walter Gundam has the annoying little habit of using boost attacks two or three times IN A ROW.

This whole fight was pretty desperate.

: For someone who doesn't want to fight, you seem to be enjoying this!
: No, Major! We don't want to fight you!
: Don't let her get to you, Cheeto! Believe in yourself! If we don't fight, we'll all be killed! We have to fight! We must!

As always, this cutscene means the boss is ready to charge to full EN and unleash its super boost attack. Unlike before, it's not something I can easily stop.

And it's really fucking strong.

And she uses it several times in a row, and our defense buff doesn't mean shit.

Finally, thankfully, Fritz finishes her off. That battle was a real nightmare.

: W-what... have... I... done...?
: Major Rezner! Is that really you!?
: Cheeto... It's you... You're the one... who freed me...
: Are you okay!? Quick, get out of there!
: Cheeto... It's too late... for me... I'm sorry... for what I've done... I hoped... I'd be able to fight... alongside you... again...
: Major Rezner!? Say something! Please, Major!
: Thank you... Cheeto...

: The Major's energy reading... has disappeared. We've won.
: Why!? Why did this have to happen!? I've killed the Major! With my own hands!
Well, if it makes you feel any better, we can blame Fritz.

Yeah, it's yours. I just said that.
: You had to! It was the only way!
: War only leads to tragedy. But never turn your eyes from the sadness. You must face it! Sadness gives us strength. You already know this.
The Force be damned.
: You're right... We have to move on. We don't have time for mourning. Come on, everyone! Let's go! We're taking back Eisengrad for Major Rezner as well!

: Everyone, wait! I'm picking up some vital signs! They're faint but definite!
: Vital signs!?
: Major Rezner is still alive!
: She's alive!?
: Yes! I'm sure of it!
: All right, Cheeto!
: Aw, man! Look at us! We got all sad for nothing!
: We must help her out, quickly!
: Come on, guys! Lend me a hand! Let's get Major Rezner out!

Ladies and gentlemen, the most convenient plot point in this game so far.

: Major Rezner has been infected with something called DG Cells.
: "DG Cells"? What are they?
: A long time ago, there was an era called the Future Century. A Mobile Suit called the "Devil Gundam" wreaked havoc during that age. DG Cells are extremely dangerous cells created by the Devil Gundam.
: So it's like a virus? What happens when you're infected?
: The victim goes into a "fugue state," in which they rage without being fully conscious of their actions. In essence, the unfortunate victim becomes a zombie-like killing machine.

: I can't believe the records were actually true...
: Is there any way to cure Rezner?
: Honestly, I don't know. But I'll try and see what I can do. I won't let her die. You can count on me!
: Thanks, Marie! You're our only hope!
: I'll look after her. I'll let you know if she regains consciousness.
Well, I guess we can stop worrying about Rezner. And since Vargas is STILL MIA, we're gonna hit the next fort.

: It's approaching from the east!
: Huh? He flew right by!
: Maybe he didn't see us?
: Sorry, everyone! I kind of overshot you!
: Vergas! Did you get the Zeta Gundam!?
: Yes, I have it right here!

Oh what the hell.
: See you soon! I'll be waiting at Marie's Cabin!
: What is it with that man!? We're about to attack a fort, and he wants us to retreat!?
: You said it. His timing stinks!
: But it should be easier for us with the Zeta Gundam.
: You're right. We don't know what we'll run into next. Let's go get that Mobile Suit!

Goddamnit Vargas, you suck.

Next time: Sidequestin'. It's like that song Roadtrippin' but less about escapism and more about loot.


Walter Gundam


GF13-017NJ Shining Gundam
Mobile Fighter G Gundam - Neo Japan
The Shining Gundam was piloted by Neo Japan Gundam Fighter Domon Kasshu during the first half of G Gundam. It's special attacks, Shining Finger and Shining Finger Sword, were this Gundam's ultimate finishing moves. By focusing incredible heat in its hands, the Shining Gundam destroys its opponent's head, thereby ending the match in accordance with official Gundam Fight regulations.

Walter Gundam
Mobile Fighter G Gundam - Devil Gundam Corps
The Walter Gundam is one of four Mobile Suits created by the Devil Gundam for its protection. The Walter Gundam ended up being destroyed by Domon.