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Part 26: Optional Battle Extravapalooza

Chapter 25: Optional Battle Extravapalooza

Last time, we were stuck chasing down Vargas to Marie's to pick up the Zeta Gundam...

: Heh heh! I can hardly wait! Come on, let's hurry!
Hands off, Fritz. That there Gundam is MINE.

: Ha ha ha! Surprised?
: Of course I'm surprised! We just might be able to defeat the Neo Zarth with this thing!
: Tsk, tsk. Cross out "might". You mean WILL! So many people helped us get this baby, we have an OBLIGATION to kick some serious Neo Zarth butt now!
: You're right, Vargas! We're going to destroy the Neo Zarth!
: Ha ha! Now that's more like it! All right, then! Time I got back in the action!

Oh snap.
: You can wait here until it's all over!
: Li! Darling! Baby! What a pleasant surprise! You came all this way... just to see me? I'm touched!
: Have you even listened to a word I've spoken? I never said I came to see you!
: Ha ha! I see you're still as shy as ever! You really ought to be more honest about how you feel!

: You definitely need some work on those ears of yours! Can't you see that Li hates you?
: Now, now... There's no need to get jealous! I haven't forgotten about you, either!
: Hey, Cheeto! I'm with Li. Let's just leave this idiot behind.
: He... Ah... But I think we need his...
: But nothing! We've already wasted enough time on him!
: Ha ha ha ha! She's right! We should really leave him behind!
: Huh...? Wait! Are you really planning on leaving me here!?
: Ha! Gotcha! Of course not. We were just pulling your leg! After all, we need all the help we can get!

: the easier it is for the enemy to spot us moving around.
: Hm... you have a point. Okay, I got it! We'll limit our party to six people! Whoever isn't fighting can stay behind here at Marie's! Cheeto, why don't you decide who to take with you!
: What? M-me!?
: Hm, I don't mind, so long as Cheeto decides.
: No problems here either! How 'bout you, Vargas?
: I can't argue with that logic. That's fine with me, too!

: I'll go ask Marie for permission. Cheeto, come to Marie's room later, okay?

So now, since we now have more than six PCs available to us, we can choose to switch them in and out at Marie's house or at a save point. Also, Marie now serves as a garage where we can upgrade/name/paint/etc our Mobile Suits. Sadly, we're very limited as to who we can leave behind. After all, Cheeto, Fritz, Tremmie, and Aeon are required to be in our party for story purposes. Pretty much, we have two slots free to choose between Vargas, Li Fang, and Bazuli. I made my decision based on the usefulness of the characters' Boost Attacks. Vargas stays behind.

Sandrock goes to Tremmie because of its great melee ability. Gundam Mark II gets the same floating torso status Gundam got.
Anyway, wanting to break this new Gundam in before taking on anymore forts, we take the Gaw out for a bit of a cruise.

Oh? What do we have here?
: No way! This is the Mobile Coliseum! I heard rumors about this place, but I never believed it was real! We've gotta go and check this out! Let's go inside!
There's a bit of a secret here.

There's actually room to sneak behind the building here.

And there's a door right here in the back.

Secret treasure cache!

Back to business. Time for the first round of Coliseum fights: the Rookie League.

The prize for this tier is a Front Charge, an optional part that allows a Mobile Suit to charge 3 EN a turn instead of 2.

Now, you may be wondering, why the hell don't I just one-shot these suckers? Well, the answer is they're beefed up by a SIGNIFICANT margin. The most apparent change is a huge increase in HP.

They still drop like a sack of bricks, regardless.




The only thing about this fight is the sheer number of them. They get a lot of attacks in during the course of a turn and it can add up.


This is a tough'un. This guy's DAMN fast. Faster than Aeon, even.

That's easily remedied, though.


: Team Cheeto is the victor! Where'd they come from? What're they eating? How'd they get so strong? Who cares! Meet the new champs of the Rookie League! Team Cheeto!!! As their reward, Team Cheeto will receive a Front Charge! Team Cheeto also has earned the right to advance to the Master League! Will Team Cheeto be able to dominate the Master League as well? Who knows? I suspect this team has a few surprises up its collective sleeve!
That was fun. Let's get back to the Gaw.

What? There seems to be an encounter way out in the middle of nowhere. Let's see what it is.

This is by far the easiest optional battle. It has no fuck you attacks, no buddies, low HP, weak defenses, no ability to counterattack...

This is the scariest thing it can do.

Smoked that bitch. If only the other optional battles were as easy.

Speaking of which...

Now THIS, my friends, is a fuck you boss. The Guard Lancers have the ability to charge up the Big Cannon's EN, and the Big Cannon has an attack that will level us if we don't defend against it, and even then nothing is guaranteed.

So what is one to do? Take out the catalysts or stop the actual reaction?

I'm going after the Cannon. Holy crap.

Hacha! Suck on that!

And the other two fall like a house of cards.

Last stop: Madagascar

I hate these guys for one reason...

Jesus Christ.

Luckily Li Feng comes in to save the day again. Punchy is the best Mobile Suit ever.

Our reward for these battles? A buttload of experience and some kinda cool weapons.

That's all for now. There are more side quests to be had, but I want to level up some first.

Next time: Back to the story!


MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Anti-Earth Union Group
The Zeta Gundam was developed as part of the AEUG's top secret Z Project. It was equipped with a Bio-Sensor to more complement a Newtype's abilities. This Gundam was primarily piloted by Kamille Bidan during the Gryps conflict and changed hands to Judau Ashta for a short period during the following Neo Zeon War.

MSN-02 Perfect Zeong
Mobile Suit Variations - Principality of Zeon
The more famous form of the Zeong piloted by Char Aznable was in fact only 80% complete. The Zeong was designed to be used solely by Newtypes using a psycommu system to control the extendable arms equipped with beam cannons. Rather than the torso, the cockpit for this Mobile Suit was located in the head.